Curling – Meet People and play with Friends

curly is a great way to be people are the trillions for over 30 I never heard before I didn't know anything about curling and I just joined the rowing club I was actually placed on two because I was in curler I didn't really know I found it easy because it's a game that anybody can play as long as you got some tape on your shoes and a little bit of competitive spirit I know you'll be just fine before the league started the club representative gave lessons to the very foundation I should step out on the ice how to get into the pack how to throw it was actually quite easy to just jump in and everyone's really supportive and people will take you under the wing a little bit too I know I like my skin my first gift was great and Miller showed me the ropes as soon as you're connected with Victor Lee Club it seems like you're connected with the whole community we try very hard in our club to make new Kroger's welcome it's definitely the right atmosphere like it wasn't too serious everybody was just here to have a good time I think it's a little bit more laid-back leads for everyone at every skill category even before the game starts it starts what I meant it's such a friendly sport that you don't want people feeling badly about it and it's going that bad maybe shaking hands we want to go sit with the people who just played nice to get to know those great comradery is the lounge after a game so the winners of the game 5 say around long enough to wonder there's a sort of a gentlemanly code it teaches good values to win your foot I've coached for many years and I find particular kids that get involved with her hands are great and they grow up to be great people a lot of my best friends are also curlers and pretty much every bond spiel that I go to I see people that I know and enjoy spending time with you go to a box feeling you know everyone you're playing with you know you're friends with like you're friends with everyone curlers love you meet new people new connections curling is great for them I've met a lot of my parents curling is all crap a lot of doors and friends have made through met a lot of great friends I think if you're looking to get any of the funnest most supportive people and robot a lot of people raised you

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