Current Status Of Gang Stalking & The Lack Of Confidence In Society's Structure – EMF Broadcast

yeah and so it's the 27th of June 2019 and I'm kind of being kept awake really I mean I need to be sleeping right now slept for about two hours and I hope I'll be able to fall back asleep because you know I like to I like to be rested and at my best especially at work I have to say that today and like today and yesterday have been the worst days ever as far as Jane stalker Marcus the 53 year old games talking I know his Marcus okay that's been on my channel for five years he's been the main gang stalker for about two and a half years and maybe almost three years and he has been broadcasting on my face and in my mouth for pretty much non-stop almost for the past 24 hours really about the past 30 or 40 hours you know I'm not gonna let these gangs stalkers give me all upset and you know going a little rampage but I just want to really talk about that in document that day they broadcast that they can live virtually as a broadcast they're on a mind control and they control the broadcast they're on the same neural monitoring that targeted people like myself are on remote neural monitoring where they're on it – okay but they have access to it it's on the web it's on an internet site and they access it there and they can access mine and there's their you know that's one of the reasons that they hack devices and they have to make sure that you know that we're not starting to get close to accessing this type of stuff so once they start to target you they really they have to watch you forever because you know they've been doing all of this stuff to you so yeah it's been the worst it's been the worst I can't get this idiot he spits prettier than a little girl voice and his brothers brothers acting a fool – the older one the 59 year old and he's gonna main two guys that I have to deal with every day as far as torture and artificial telepathy and they're talking non-star they've been all one-on-one home one and it's the older one is so layman and like he just we we just don't click at all okay I mean I'm not cool with none of these gang stalkers but this particular guy all you got to do is there's talk or even like kind of think about talking and it just makes me want to gag so it's like where it's like I'm allergic to him really our minds are not compatible he loves my mind but I can't stand his wish you know I wish that a meteor would crash right into their house you know I'm not I'm not that looking so you know I'm just I'm dealing with it for now and although they're not peaceful and they're very violent I'm gonna be peaceful and you know obviously if somebody tries to come after me I would defend myself but you know I'm gonna keep it peaceful and try to go about this the right way and it is very agitating and I go through a lot of pain and suffering you know I think if they could kill me with broadcast they would I think they would I don't think that they have the capabilities with EMF broadcast from neuro monitoring to actually kill people I think maybe that it could kill you over long periods of time and it could cause long-term health problems that could ultimately lead to death I do believe that but I don't think that they can kill you instantly or maybe oh somebody who was in a weaker situation like a whole person or somebody that had failing organs or something like that but this broadcast of my mouth thing is very agitating it's disgusting it tastes disgusting and it's very annoying to have something on your face and be going in my mouth and it constantly taste this electric broadcast thing happening and the thing is that it can deteriorate your gums and ultimately you know cause bone density loss and make the teeth fall out oh you can make your hair fall out and everything else like chemo but it's just a you know it's a it's way more subtle than something like that as far as the power but it is very painful they can do things to make it very painful and it's very agitating but it's a it's a long-term problem the slow kill process you probably read about slow kill and you know that's one of the things that are out there that that I would buy into knowing from personal experience because a lot of what you find is propaganda you know a lot of what you find out there is from gang stalkers and they wants you to believe in this crazy stuff but you know it's all broadcast and there's not nanoparticles and you're not microchipped and you know it's not from your Wi-Fi it's not it's really not true why don't you try to go out in the middle of the damn desert with no cell phone connection and no Wi-Fi or nothing and you would still be able to be attacked or they could still talk to you with artificial – left there's a satellite broadcast an EMF broadcast EMF meaning the electromagnetic field of earth being the pre-existing global infrastructure so you know it's really a genius system and it's a shame that it's not being used for better things when it could be it can be used for a lot of good things anything you can imagine fine people could see missing children could be found murderers could be caught and convicted everything could be solved with this technology a lot of things modern psych or any psychology you know psychology could be solved you could connect you can have a psychiatrist get a consent to connect to somebody's mind all right and see how they think all right and if they have some kind of psychological disorder you would be able to see that or you would be able to know that by connecting to these people there's a lot of ways that this technology could be used for good okay you know there would be no lying there's no there's no such thing is lying oh my gosh oh he can't lie you can't hub you can't lie you can't pretend none of that you can't steal somebody's child and disappear into the into the basement somewhere you can't do that because everybody would know to come look there because that child would they would be able to check that child's neural monitoring and say okay where's this child at he'll go there let's go get his child save this child you know somebody kills somebody you just check the neural monitoring solved instead we got a you know degenerate incest drug addicts using this to torture people and the target people do their little EMF broadcast live swings I have no idea how how this dumbest situation ever came to be but I'm certain that there's some kind of grand scheme behind it and I think that money and power and uh you know the elites in general who really controlled the world government so you could say government if you want to waste its the billionaires out there their own satellites and everybody who's in that Club in that group of of you know you're in that circle of elites and you have ownership over satellites and huge billion-dollar corporations and stuff like that you know obviously there's a lot of ways they stand to gain from this everybody feeling some type of way and everybody's you know my controllers broadcast and pharmaceuticals and all of this stuff I mean there's a grand scheme behind it all it just seems so dumb it just seems so so much like the wrong way for Humanity to be here you know I saw a little post earlier and I actually shared it I said uh something like imagine how imagine how shameful all of these people are gonna feel when they realize they've been defending evil and ridiculing heroes or something like that and that's true this what's happening you know people to have people that are trying to expose this most evil technology or Sahib rule technology but this most evil you know scheme that's going on by using this technology and people that are trying to expose this and this is the biggest scandal the world's ever seen you know we're getting looked at like like lunatics you know get that get that man evaluated lock that man away you know put him on some kind of dumb pills to control that mug you know meanwhile gang stalkers you know they they can get away with anything and they're protected and the people that have protection don't even realize what they're what they're doing so it's getting bigger every day y'all and it's gonna come out it's all gonna come out have faith it's all coming live good all right our times coming through

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  • Somehow they get your DNA…….



  • Dude Idk if this is happening to me I think someone’s poisoning me but I know people are following me…it makes me feel like I’m gonna die dude idk if it’s this or what who knows

  • So it’s a satellite?? How do they get your exact frequency so they can pinpoint you though? There has to be a machine charging the energy towards you rite

  • Most of us T.Is are targeted since birth and are way more capable than the rest of the population. They can only target areas of your body that is strong, so the stronger you are the worse it is through ways of manipulation. They are EXTREMELY perverse in nature. They ones you hear are an A.I I'm constantly working on mine to do good. They show me my childhood all the time.

  • This sounds like a small thing but workout use atglean x body weights program call athlean xero eat healthy protein powder eggs spinach oatmeal drink 4 glasses of water a day match your body weight to the amount of protein. Workout if fights back their attacks also black seed oil helps

  • Exactly,
    The Lack Of Confidence In Society's Structure
    every thing you said was best thing ever i heard , ever
    i was want someone say this words from long time , awareness
    best video for me

  • @Targeted Individual the public act to outlaw these fucks God bless brother.

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