18 thoughts on “Czechs demand PM Babis quit in biggest protest since communist era

  • Those are people protesting against free elections! "You can vote here as long as you vote same as we do otherwise we will scream in the streets". Pathetic and sad people.

  • I smell the Jews and Americunts behind this. Reeks of typical Western/Zionist destabilization covert ops like they tried to pull in Ukraine, and Venezuela.

  • 250.000 people protesting and still little to nothing happens and opposition in Serbia wants to take power with 10.000 supporters… Only difference is that they have no proof.. Go on and win your democracy Czechia!

  • This is an important image for Canadians to witness. This is "we the people" showing solidarity for a more sensible refined Republic style of government. They want to get rid of the PM and Crown influence.

    (Wikipedia) 'The Czech Republic is a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic, in which the President is the head of state and the Prime Minister is the head of government. Executive power is exercised by the Government of the Czech Republic which reports to the lower house of Parliament.'

    Flawed system to be sure. It would seem everywhere the Crown and its parliamentarian democracy settles, corruption and trouble follows. As important to note is that most every democratic republic, the "we the people" style of system, is doing well and prospering. Canada needs to reject our own flawed democratic monarchy and adopt our own republic style system.

    Long live the soon to be born Republic Of Canada, the ROC.

  • My heritage from America at work,my family fled,in WW1,my grandmother/grandfather ,would be so proud,thank you,for my SPIRIT.

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