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( Whoopsh!) Top of the morning to ya laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome, finally, to "God of War"! The 2018, new, revamped, PS4 version which I have been incredibly excited about. It's one of my most anticipated games of the year because I'm a huge God of War fan. Even when some people didn't like Kratos before cuz he was all angry and a douche bag, and he went around killing people all the time, I still loved it. I thought it was really great, just fun to play these games. But this is a very very different version of what God of War is or was in the past and they've made a lot of changes to it. I don't have my blades chaos anymore that I swing around all over the place. I have my axe. I have a son now, it's a different camera angle, It's, like a- a lot of stuff has changed. So, I'm very curious to know if I'm gonna hate this or love this because as a huge fan of the original series I'm very very wary about a lot of the changes that they're making. But I have confidence in the team who make this game That they're gonna do a good job in it. And also I want to say thanks to Sony for sending me an early copy of the game to allow me to play in early and upload videos and everything on it. That's awesome. I'm so excited about playing it I've been so giddy all day. I've been like, "Okay. I need to get this stuff out of the way so I can sit down and actually play this game." So let's kick it off and start with my big old dad of war here. (inaudible sounds of confusion) Select difficulty. Give me a story. Give me a balanced experience. Give me a challenge. Give me God of War. For those who want a ga- the game as difficult as possible. No, just give me a balanced experience. I'm not gonna be good at this God, Kratos you look so much older and cooler. I want that beard. (*sad music starts playing*) Do you love this tree? Ooh. I'm gonna chop down your love! Okay, I actually get to swing the Leviathan axe. Oh, yeah I should mention as well is that this is in Norse mythology now, so the previous God of War games are in greek mythology but of course we all know how that ended, Kratos killed everybody. Um, so now we're in Norse god like Odin and Thor and all those guys, so I hope that I meet Chris Hemsworth Yes You're so strong Why am I chopping down a tree? That character model is so badass He remembers his past His bandage is covering his wounds from the blades It's my boy! Oh, yeah they changed his voice actor, too It's so much deeper and gruffer now Ha ha ha. oOOo chills! The little like, peeks into the old soundtrack kind of God! This is pretty. You're gonna hear me say that a lot throughout this game. I guarantee it. Also just love- Okay. I love how effortlessly strong Kratos is all the time as well. He is a god Or at least he WAS a God, I dunno if he still is He is using it like it's nothing Boy! God, I want that voice. I have no idea what it must be like to have a voice THAT deep That when you speak, it, like, rumbles your throat. Because some people have deep voices, but not that deep Aw this is fun! Wow Christopher Judge, that's who does Kratos' voice and mocap. And Sunny Suljic, I think is the -is the BOY *Laughs* he's just holding it like it's nothing. Oh see! This is just winning me over already. My favorite environments in any movie or game or anything are Snowy forests. So just look at this! Holy God! Holy God of War This is already different. Kratos hasn't killed anybody yet. I promised I'd never go back to the cabin in the woods, but here we are. *laughs* Aww this is cozy. The handprints are all over the rocks as well. Cory Barlog, my dude. He was the game director on God of War II. So now he came back for this one, which is technically God of War IV? That your mom? Ohohoho he's so badass aww ~ Music is outstanding Such a good answer The Journey – The Marked Trees. Hunt with Atreus. Atreus is my boy. Okay so – Christopher Judge, can you read bedtime stories to me every single afternoon? or evening? God, this is pretty Holy Shit! I am way into this already and I- a few things I want to mention is that if you've noticed the game is done in ONE camera angle Or ONE camera shot. This was something that they talked about before was that when it goes from game to cutscene, it never transitions There's no fade to blacks. There's no fate to whites. There's no scene transitions. There's no nothing like that It's one camera following the characters around everywhere. And that is astonishing if they're able to pull that off for an entire game. Erm Also want to say yeah, the music was just fucking phenomenal! And I like how subdued the intro was. In previous God of War games, they started off with you killing a Hydra killing a giant, killing Poseidon, all these different things and it was all over the top, so they want to go for a different feeling and mood for this game. And already they- they have set the bar like straightaway. So, I'm interested to see where this journey goes Can I use my axe yet? No. I'm curious to see how the axe plays Me and my BOY! They look like wolf tracks Do I leave snowy footsteps? OH Hell yeah! Oh yeah! It's the first thing I always check whenever there's snow in games. I did it when I played Uncharted as well. Ah I'm excited about all of this. Hacksilver? The hell is- So, it also begs the question, between him and the boy everyone's saying that it is Kratos' son I don't know if it's actually his son because we have to find out how Kratos got from Greece to Scandinavia, basically. and why he's here and all these different things And I want to know if it's his – if it's actually his, like, birth son? Or if he's just calling him son because he took over and who the mother is. All these things have to be answered. Oh Maan! Kratos doesn't LIFT the chest anymore. He just shoves his fist through them. I love it Is that a boat? "New Artefact set" We found this little toy near the house. I used to have one like it. I think it may be part of a set. If we can find more, they may be worth something. That's not Kratos saying that is it? It's gonna be a long journey to the mountain, I wonder when we'll go "Father's taking me hunting" so this is Atreaus' journal. "We start the journey to the mountain. Mother's wishes were clear We let the pyre burn then take her ashes to the highest peak in the realms. I've got to show him I'm ready, and I won't get sick anymore. Mom wanted us to scatter them together. I won't let her down" Okay You won't get sick anymore Press circle to jump gaps Hmm That's my son The animations are phenomenal Um That's also something interesting as well. Old God of War games were like semi platform games Like jumping around and everything and you had to do puzzles and all that stuff. There's no jump button in the game anymore Damn, Kratos got wise He's not the ball of anger and vengeance he used to be More Hacksilver. Ha! And even more hack silver, okay, I guess that's my currency. Ooo! Boy, there are secrets over there Okay, I'm gonna take care of my son, gonna be a good dad Equip the Leviathan Axe- here we go That's awesome! Recall the axe Oh that is nice, so your axe is basically Mjolnir, Thor's hammer Jeez Kratos. I like that as well, he kind of got a little bit angry, but you could see him like pulling himself back. Shit oh Here we go, frost axe time Oh yeah! Fuck yeah! That's nice How do I block? Oo, I got like a, a come-y out-y shield. oh hell yeah, I can parry Wow this combat is way different to old God of War games Can I do this? I don't know if I can- yeah! Ooo, this is way different, I like it And I've hand to hand combat? oh, yes, sir. Wanna push the shit out of you Nice. Take my foot, take my foot! And then some of the axe back, oh that is supreme That's so much fun to do He dead? Oh Being able to throw the axe and call it back is so satisfying You get that sense watching the video because you get the little rumble in your controller as you do it as well ah I was worried about that I was worried that it wouldn't feel as foreign as the old games as the old games is all about button mashing and throwing your blades all over the place, and it was more about style over substance But this time it feels a lot. It feels like Dark Souls actually What are you I? throw Nice both stones Okay, that's different Hack silver I'm gonna say, I'm gonna be comparing a lot of what's different. What's new by the way especially early on again Yeah, but secrets this way Being a big fan of the series They can't help but compare it to the old ones and I know a lot of people out there Who are curious about the same stuff? We're gonna want to know – I? Like the name of a dedicated foot button Well, it's fun Hello what so it is stain More hacks on the edge boy Who is chess down there Grabby grabby No, we're not going back yet boy and you'd climb this Listen to your daddy He might have been your father, but he's sure ain't your daddy I Could be Michael rocker if I wanted to be says name I think so Climb the chain Hey wolves oh god, yeah Sorry it is time for you to die That's awesome I feel like Thor oh You better watch out Thor we're never gonna fight Thor in this game. He is a Norse God You can no longer use it we can We can oh, man Christopher George You're a good boy at Reyes Sorry god, I almost punched my child and then God of War will go that far I Also love that Now the game is in Norse mythology. This is what the original plan for God of War three was I think At some point David Jaffe and Corey bearlock wanted to do a thing where Kratos killed all the Greek gods But I think what they wanted to do for God of War three was the game was gonna start off with you killing Zeus and Then the whole of God of War three was you taking on different gods because they all filtered in I wanted to take over Greece After the Greek gods were killed They didn't obviously do that they just went with the Greek thing But now they get their chance to do that this game. They get to explore Norse mythology That's cool. Okay. You said it was that way, but there's more stuff over here that I can do I Also like that the axe is an actual physical thing, so it doesn't just ream aterial eyes in my hand Like I control it miles away And it still has to come back That's awesome. Okay. What's in here? What are you? Okay Where's that last one were you harden Nice and yes boy you should be in here An Eden Apple I don't know how to pronounce this there's got to be a lot of Norse and Scandinavian letters and runes and everything that I'm not sure about You have collected 103 is there an apples? Needed to increase your maximum health Okay Eden apples are the choice food of the gods Find that 9 total apples in the world in chest lock by magic every three you can I could increase your maximum health? So we're not collecting Gorgons eyes or anything like that anymore Part of war let's go boy God I love that low-hanging fog over everything makes everything looks so pleasing Fuck dude. There is shiny answer man We do what we please boy no excuses Ok there's the chest over there how do we get to that? How do we get down there I Asked like you're supposed to know as well we can jump off that edge over there Can I have my bow back now, can you hit it from here? We should get closer Kratos is all sage and wise now With mother a bunch of times never wanted to take me Why not it was her wish and it was time What a good boy, or should I say what a good boy? Hey fellas enemy health bear during combat an enemy's house is blaming to take damage good no shit Shylock Oh they mad they Super mad at me now Cuz they attack them probably I Think my boy ends up helping me in fights later on Hey you Wanna hit great great great grace my boy. Let him come to harm Come on Ha ha I didn't hurry you though I feel bad about that here, let me kill you to make up for it alright I Like that one that one freezes them Ha ha ha ha Boy oh, there's another door here, I wonder does this lead back out to where the chest was Huh, it sure didn't we do Wolf or boys hey fellas I don't be combos yet. I'm just doing basic shit That's awesome. I am in love with that. Axe I was worried I'd miss my blades of Kratos But now I can see how foolish I was Now freeze freeze with me, what's in your arm? Do it again all right your Butchie Enemies will drop valuable resources I didn't need health Three or four toys three or four boys that's gonna be the meme for the series boy Between this and there like III trailer and some of the other trailers I've seated the game he says boy a lot Okay this environment is So good. Oh wait, this is the area from the III place? He jumped down here and fought a troll on this ice and then the whole thing collapsed And then he went in here so I guess that's different Look at why The mountains they are a very pretty boy But we've got places to be in things to kill also kratos still has the the ohm symbol on his back where he keeps his axe the thing that's holding his axe in place is their own symbol, which is like the God of War symbol I Don't think it's really the God of War symbol, but that's the symbol of the game always uses Don't you to aim Oh Neato than if I pull it back oh That's gonna come in real handy for some puzzles later on I bet Yeah, but all the secret treasures are over here, but I want them they're gonna make a strong and powerful I want more of them apples. I'm hungry I've also heard that this game is really really long Which I'm also very curious about because the other games are like 6 7 hour games but apparently this game is like 30 hours long so I Might be in trouble What do we have in here secret door here It's Scottie the giant wolves have chased the Sun in them where did they come from how did they get up there? What's happening there you're eating both they eat the Sun and Moon and then everybody yep, that's Ragnarok boy No, that's not what I wanted Yotan our shrines, you'd nur You'd nor I don't know I can speak some Scandinavian Danish and Swedish, you can kind of read them But I don't know what they mean Every shrine tells the story of a giant of legend the Giants are left behind shrines to tell stories from their history I love these stories when mom told them let's see how many we can find okay? Oh? We actually get information on what it says or do we Apparently not Okay But um Lower added there. We go Wolf Giants skull chases the Sun and hottie the moon What happens when they catch their prey looks like a massive fight Odin Thor the world serpent could it be? Yeah, that's that's Ragnarok It was a little different in the Thor movie because they had Sirte Come down with his skull helmet crown thing you punch that into the fire, and then that gives you Ragnarok The game actually has red barrels that you can destroy But in original Norse mythology, I think it was skull and hearty Which I am NOT going to be? the best at remembering But there's also what I liked about the god of war games even the original god of war with Greece You got a feel for what the law actually was that did a good job of teaching some of it to you So hopefully this is the same Is it your dear? Wait for my mark Relax do not think of it as an animal it is simply a target I'm gonna call you Evan Hansen so it's d rev enhances dirty yourself Good good job boy It's still alive Your knife No finish what you started I can't I You can't do it oh Shit oh, no oh crap What oh Shit dude defeat the cup mother Press square to command atreya so Hallel sudras, okay? The number of hours of trades can shoot his indicator in the lower wrecker okay hold on mr.. Giant. We're a tutorial I'm just gonna have to go through this. Well. You just wait around. Thank you. Thank you for your patience Okay, so I could just press squared to shoot arrows as at Reyes oh No He got hit Hopefully your trace can't die Now Oh Yep, yeah, okay Do you have a specific weak point I am half health oh That's nice, oh just help stone right there ow The oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god? Oh? God thank God the boss health bar is located at the bottom of the screen wow. Thanks game I Like how's the dude the more the dude uses the the big fire pole the more the place actually goes on fire. That's awesome Okay, I'm trying to dodge high heat in the next one damn it Clay block Oh, I need more health so more health around here. We go. He's tossing around his fire boom Hold yourself boy I wonder if the stuff on his leg is like a weak point Okay, I thought you told me to press in a certain direction for her Whatever. I'm just going to kill you now Okay, I can just dodge away and sprint back in wait at it, okay or three Oh Geez Boy Boy look at me look at me boy boy look at me You are not ready What Are you serious I? Found the deer I Proved myself How men are ready we are going home I Haven't been sick in a long time I can do this You are not ready Damn Cheese hey That's a very scary commanding voice As if your dad actually sounded like that and talked to you like that I'd be shitting my pants all the time bestiary updated Died the cop mother. I don't know how to say this I think the troll we just fought was yep Mother used to always tell me stories about him to try and scare me if I wandered off too far It's also funny because he said you're not ready to fight trolls I think she'd be proud of me, but father thinks because I got a little angry that I'm not ready I Get it. Whatever. I just helped him kill a troll I know. I'm ready mother told me lots of stories about trolls This one's name translates translates to death merchants with a name like that. I think it's safe to assume He was pretty evil I'm glad we killed him So his sicknesses is anger Duh That's it. That's an interesting theme because kratos of course being the angriest man ever Trying to cope with his anger and trying to get better at it An enemy's stun bar is located below their health bar Attacking an enemy in quick succession and fixed stun damage causing the bar to fill mr.. Burrows filled The enemy is stunned press or you to grab a stunned enemy Oh Lutz what happened at the end And that's a good point to bring up as well old god of war games were all about QTEs Whenever an enemy was weak You would be able to go up and press circle and you would do a QTE to finish them off usually in an extremely violent Manner so this time. I just clicked or three and he did everything himself So our three is dependent on stone now instead of low health That's interesting arrows and barehanded attacks afflict X inflict extra stone damage craters can switch me bare Hannah. Oh So if I do that Okay, I didn't do any just now okay. We'll try it on you Before starting wears off that's an interesting Man That's an interesting idea Interesting Nice we did it boy Okay, you can go that way I can go down to magic door Hidden chambers Still can't get the doors open huh quiet Bitch What was that though I Don't know the Merrick trees Hidden chambers there are seven locked doors throughout the world find them all okay I'm guessing I need something way later to come back and do that Trotter's I Don't feel like I need enemy lock on the game already does a good job of blocking on Hey Sunfire, what happened I? Know but all I know is I have a frost axe so I Was just putting that in the ground to scare you Woo so same move over and over again though, that's kind of boring Europe it's the Ice King from Game of Thrones. Oh So I can't use my axe against you because you're a frost frosty boy. Oh Nice it's a river And I told you not to speak shit What is this thing it looked like a river, but it's voice sounds so strange even father doesn't know so it's a river then Destroy this destroy this dad powers activate Nice I'm so handy in a pinch Okay, we're home I Do not know now be silent we are almost home Our home that snow is gorgeous. Oh, I want to go out into a cabin in the woods in the snow oh The pyres gone down She's gone Mama's gone Inside boy oh You're about to get spanked Seems to get her ashes cuz she wanted us to spread them I want that beard This is a cozy little cabin very dark in here though I Can hear you you lost control That thing was trying to kill us. It's not you don't get anger in a fight anger can be a weapon If you control it use it you clearly cannot When you haven't been sick in a long time I'm better now Fine Come on in he want me to hate I wanted to try mm-hmm Oh Will you try again Why are you doing too slow try again, yeah week again again Your anger you can get lost in it the batter head is difficult And you are trace are clearly not ready Do you know More importantly. I know what you are Boy eat the floor now. Well you told me never to go down there Who is that? No get in Just tell me what I want to know no need for this to get bloody My friend That's how much should be bigger Gently the one a Long way from home aren't you? What do you want? Or you already know the answer to that Whatever it is you seek I do not have it You should move on And here I thought your kind was supposed to be so enlightened So much better than us so much smarter And yet you hide out here in the woods like a coward oh You do not want this fight I'm pretty sure I do More mistake leave My Home oh I'm going to have to kill me for that to happen I warned you I know You would not listen Fine might know hotel It's kicking off Who the hell is this guy Come on then Hey, can I use my axe oh hell yeah? We don't waste my time use fists He's all going He'll the stranger oh Here we go the hell is the stranger I guess that's why they call em strangers cuz I don't know Yes Who are you that's the question oh? My face. I love that face. It's my favorite face Yeah, oh and the trees break as you play Tell me what I want ow Why are there two bets cuz I like to switch beds every night Like a Dragon Balls fight. I love it Nice Oh Damsel can try again. It's Logan you talk too much What's range time oh Yes spurt rage Goddamn burn rates go Dude this is awesome Boobies shit seriously sleep sleep the Dragon Ball Z character I can do it, too Oh hell yes now you don't know you don't know today alright ran off yeah, I Want that I don't want anything if what's your friend you to me Don't think I can block that Block down oh My poor face. What do you hate my face? Oh? Perfect Not today buddy boy, no, okay, maybe today, maybe a little today Damn this is fun Oh Shit Wow Holy hell that was so cool Maybe ever like punch each other and watch him fly through trees. That's so awesome He's dead now, and I win you know he's probably not dead because they never go down that easily. I'm all covered in blood Oh Yep, Oh cray cray Nice When Odin sent me, I just needed answers Whatever you I'll keep coming that old body will get out, but before I end this I Want you to know one thing I? Can't feel any of this What oh geez My god okay anybody out there who was wondering if God of War wasn't going to be as epic anymore Hell are you didn't have to be this way Odin sent you But I have the high ground With pleasure Oh What's up, that's new what did you learn to do that? Okay, I can't block these anymore for some reason I Can block that okay I don't care. You keep saying that like I'm supposed to give it here This is fast That's supposed to lose this mi I Keep fighting like I'm not anyway No stop that Stop that Jesus oh he broke my yard he broke mid dirt, yeah Yeah, you are got him Spot that every time I bounce you back you get ready to do that attack Not before I end you good sir, oh nice cray cray that's the shit I want I've seemed to be winning Oh God Wow the combat in this game is way more methodical than it used to be Shit, I tried to block it again Don't kill me No no do it Oh God Oh God I break a lot of necks That was awesome There's my axe Oh fine after all of the star Hey What do I do? Now there are signs. This is not ready to kill your ashes to the top Is he purposefully trying not to use his god powers Without you so said that's the second wife kratos is lost But we cannot stay here You're okay, there was so much I thought You're all right I am all right come Gather your things we are leaving That I wasn't ready you or not so we have no choice now Yes, sir The mountain it's gonna be a long trip. Yeah, yes, but an important one Yeah, I Know so weird this Sun just fell out and died Strange man covered in tattoos came to the house and attacked father. It must have been some fight. Everything's broken father Said I wasn't ready earlier, but something about killing this stranger changed his mind I guess who was he what did he want with us. We're nobodies But you're not nobodies He's previous god of war and if you're his son Like if you're actually his son is like his His flesh and blood, then technically you're part. God as well, so you're not nobody's We're gonna find this dude's dead body down here Did you kill him I did what had to be done Man Kratos is very different Never leave me alone again alright alright. Oh, that's nice I Think I'm gonna fall in love with your relationship throughout the rest of this game. Just saying don't do anything to make me sad You've got to kill people before haven't you Here used to it. We do what we must to survive like the dudes on me back animals I get their food Draugar they're supposed to be dead, but people They're trying to survive – close your heart to it on our journey. We will be attacked by all manner of creature Close your heart to their desperation Close your heart to their suffering do not allow yourself to feel for them where you will not feel for you He's right Has this been here all this time Now you guys don't live too far from this It's one of the things why don't you help me up there? I can get a better look Got it Go at Reyes Or should I say go boy, okay, nowhere to go from here except across this bridge Okay, maybe I can do something I Break these boxes Did that help I can you know you can't get across Syl okay, maybe it's this wheel thing I'm gonna do that after I break more boxes though. Hey trace I Broke another box did that help? No Seems weird no matter how many boxes I break He's still kind of get across the bridge Okay go made it Press corps to command him to drop the chain also to command him to fire arrows randomly at wooden boards Okay, so I need to okay Thanks, I'm full of them I used my brain Screw the hanging pocket look at this God's care nothing for them men should not pray to monsters all-too-real Kratos Kratos has a strong vem and hatred towards the gods Go back down to get it I See what you're trying to get me to do game, I see it wait how do I get down Oh? More hack silver shocking There we go I froze it again at Reyes tell me how smart I am again to be full of compliments See something up there well, they can't be my cares because I have zero of them Okay, that's time hop on my back hop on my back jack It's so cute father Well we see others on the road yes Friendly no Don't try and rob us possibly Yes damn Kratos has seen some shit. He knows not to trust anybody No, I don't want to go down, let me stay up here what time this Wow Look All this time there's been a protection stay around our entire woods, but The staves broken there You cut those down, she hadn't locked the tree she wishes for her pyre Why'd you do that Come No looking back now hmm so she Was a protective stave around the forest this golden ring Going all the way around so nobody could find us, but then the trees that she hand marked to chop down for her higher Broke the stave see there's a little cabin down there, and that's where he fought the dude Hmm so that's how he suddenly came to find us then cuz obviously the stave was broken curious Maybe the mom knew more than we let on maybe she's more important than we think So how long will it take to get to the mountain. I do not know Before once your Falls, I do not know, okay, okay? I Do not know and boy the two were the two things that kratos says a lot Hold on wait for my mark hold on watch this shit Now you may fire Yes Son and man-boy together we can defeat anything I think they take more damage when they're in the air Nice destroy their faces Don't you dare It's so cool threat indicator, okay Yeah
I get how the threat indicated worse flashing red signifying incoming attack flashing purple indicators signify an incoming projectile oh Whoa oh that's the sorry ending sorry I'm busy quick turning You have the projectiles okay, okay, so kill you first you guys are super weak So is the boys attacks just to stun enemies I? Wonder if you get stronger later on where I can actually do some serious damage I See him Okay, so the super weak ones I split in half Alright got it boy. Don't even worry about your daddy C got it Damn comebacks morning I Think that the combat actually has purpose to it now If you water help distract them whoever is not my focus should be yours but only when safe to do so Yeah, boy There's a settlement ahead yet nor Giants you can read the writing some Just the language is mother now Hmm welcome you'd knock you deny our had a settlement here Giants so close to home, but how long ago They're all sort of connected so sometimes I can feel my way through stuff. I shouldn't know Yeah No, I do not Wait what's down here this where we came in oh it is what am I doing? Go on in circles vice. Oh yeah, this is something that I saw on the way in Are there any more Look up where you can't you see look up there ah Thank you boy Julio Julio the little mist everywhere so nice like the little volumetric lighting coming through here next to the shadow That is very tasty I Love videogames, man you're so much fun I Have a lot of hack silver accurate reaction boy The same Animations over and over again. That's sad Indeed the older games you had Space your shots speed cost accuracy. God. Speed is key In the older games you had a finishing move for almost every single different monster there were so many different So many different animations now it seems to be the same ones over and over again What's behind door number one Hell's torch a light runic attack and extremely quick burst of energy that interrupts and knocks back all nearby enemies You've acquired the hell it's such highlight and allow you do because my weapon the weapons insert, okay, ooh? So this is where I get extra attacks Interesting equip runic attacks are indicated with the e symbol press circle to returns and weapons tab Also I have a light runic attack and a heavy runic attack what's this wooden grip I can get different grips for my axe Hell yeah, so l1 and r1 I do a push looks like it just blinds everybody um 30 second cooldown does to stun and One damage and then I can upgrade them with exp Very interesting Runic summon currently empty runic summons are equipped here ruining someone's can be found in the world who you get summons oh? I even have different armor I Can actually customize armor now oh That's fun, I like when games do that with a bunch of axe attacks executioner's cleave hold r2 for brutal cleaving axe attack the deals massive damage Hold R 1 for an axe attack that hits enemies multiple times. Oh look at that oh I want that one heavy attack finisher Oh That'll come in handy, but your boy wants this I Can hold or one and do like the Thor attack Ok awesome, let's test it out ok. Let's test it out That is so awesome I Can't go through we call the axe. I never lost the axe What's happening I can't do anything I'm doing Oh hold on wanna impress oh Well that's what it is, but no you just made me waste it then Okay, I get it. I thought I was telling me to do the other one. I was like I am doing it Thanks It's fine Oh God Shrek I'm looking down Just hold on silly boy Slow down your haste will cost us Sorry This looks like a bad place uh Mortgage rather, but these aren't moving But they did a trance Don't don't don't Ah for fuck's sake Enemy difficulty enemy difficulty is represented by the color number near their health bar Weird health bars range from green to purple depending on how powerful. The enemy is compared to Kratos. Oh This attack is fine Okay, so not all of them are actually alive Just some of them Nice yeah, she used my thing fuck yeah This is awesome Can't get me with your fire Here we fucking go hell yeah Oh, that's fun stop it There we go God Does not matter if you fire only once control Dose is right. He's actually giving out some solid advice Watch this ha ha ha Does it say read it oh This used to be a market place the Giants used to gather here to trade with the gods a long time ago Trade grounds found what used to be a market place for gods and Giants would meet and trade must have been before the war Up here oh geez I was expecting something much much bigger. They kick you off the edge. That would've been awesome Now you just do this Yes, oh, I'm runnin with him nice Okay, I don't wanna be locked on anymore Thanks. I Wonder if I can throw you off the edge like this By Oh awesome whoa oh I'm watching out you watch out Okay, I need to use my fists for this Cuz stunning you is apparently way more useful Wrap No, I'm almost dead When Ice those attacks are super handy Whoo Okay that could have gone better, but it could have gotten a lot worse. I didn't die so that's good I Really really really like to combat in this game What is that what is this The eyes of Odin oh it's an Odin Raven The Raven God's eyes and ears are everywhere Odin's Ravens killed dispatch Odin's winged spies Nice, okay, I could hear a little or does it know what it was Okay this guy opened up a path You look cute. We are Hey look at me raps as little legs around me What is it we will see stay close I Know, but it doesn't sound good Whatever it is sounds gross Eventually yes a Revenant sure oh Yeah what oh crap when Okay it might not be worth doing this to her. Okay. Never mind Poison Okay keep sitting here keeps keeps earlier It's so close so close Her stone went away fine Bestiary updated like on the little notes that I get Mother once told me that some witches trade little bits of their soul here and there to become more powerful in say sailor Magic I think that that's Ari. It's like a D hate earthy. Th sound like as the sound Eventually they lose every part of their humanity and become revenants they can disappear in an instant and these particular Revenants are able to spread poison some touch and breath Sounds like some people I know Some people really need some fucking tic tacs I told you boy. I know nothing more of it go down I Looked at it. What a job he just latches onto my back Leeloo. You look gremlin Oh Crap Okay, he might be too strong for me when we see what happens punch the ever-loving shit out of him Okay, we got him don't pass half health, that's good Keep your distance he's very strong oh Yes, you got 21 xp for fighting him But he had a purple health fire you said that those guys were hired Pulpit fire tea bubbles bar whole Don't touch it. It's gross. This is nasty. Don't stick your face in there. Whatever you do. Also I got Well now I do what would you say those things to me I Already got it. Thank you. Oh wait. Maybe you weren't actually talking about that well What are you some kind of Dark Souls monster Well now you're dead That it's so satisfying let me poop some little bag Thank You poopy bag man Wait where's the way forward I? Want secrets are Always, go the way opposite to progress. That's how you find the secrets soft fertile fine steel spiral fine That's not that you're just making up words It's fine fine. It's very fine very fine room Okay that seems like progress If we encounter man you will stay out of it understand You will stay Speak no more of this Brings up my rage ooh nice okay, Oh another urn Okay, you didn't see that Colby yeah Um oh you say I was one more pot where would I be? Where oh where oh where is potty oh Where oh where oh? Where is potty? You can't be that difficult. You're only the second one I've ever found Maybe yeah, maybe you have to go to a different location to be able to see it I see it I'ma get this watch Also this You bet your glorious golden asset did i'm kratos god of thrones apple Yeah, I just need one more engine Apple, and then I get to upgrade my health Secrets everywhere, I love that my condors hidden collectibles Gives me stuff to do all Right you guys. There's no way this guy is alone Hey, I see it, I'm just wearing I think you got it Yeah, I knew there had to be more You know well I'm going to turn into a rage bear and kill the shit out of this guy How does that suit you Okay, let's throw him into her Nice and if memory serves there's another one here Full rage again yeah, baby Whoa how that takes up a lot of my rage though So if I use that right at the very end I get another attack For very little rage cost It's all about economy One of these shitheads around That was awesome Almost there almost there I Killed her Nice I was actually wondering if he could kill people a stupid to it Good for you at Reyes There's another one of these No ah These enemies become enraged and super aggressive when you were Frosted father should do his best to avoid their frost blast attack If these things do manage to freeze us we should stay on the defensive until it passes He's giving me little tips the little gameplay boy tips Okay, can I Nope go down one more there you go Nice That's cool this axe is fun honey pots hanging around Not that I can see oh That I can see it's just another lemon tree Love me and my boy adventures Good question alright, let's go boy Thank You Kratos and boy toasts Oh What sorry whoops Coworkers there untouched humans Start to pit you're nice get it go and start the pit mosh wait Wait us. Oh, they're gonna eat us What if they change like the others we'll have to keep them alive strip off their meat No this far you may try I Just killed like all of you Okay Kratos is still a monster Nice it's like a clay pigeon shooting Ah come on let's go stuff to your head uh Oh He he killed one dress oh no he talked about killing men before boy Close your heart to it Come then we have a lawyer oh shit Oh Zombies Gonna wait here when daddy goes to work It was sad though the trace didn't want to kill men It reminds me a lot of the last of us actually in ways between Joel and Ellie Feels like a lot of the same themes I'm perfectly okay with that does that game is awesome Nice very nice He did back it is finished Then collect yourself we must find a way out a way out, that's a different video game Alright escape the ruins. I know where I'm going. I just need to check to make sure I'm not missing anything That's Jane no Trace yeah Go drop the chain go a job to chain, okay? Oh he's all sad now Oh That's Reyes the Jane Jane right You are in your head boy Let it go You would have killed you I? Know I had to do it. I do know how much We will go home boy what to give up this easily so Close to the start wait. No. I'm not giving up. I can do this. I just have to you know catch my breath Come on up. I'm ready hmm Strong coming-of-age story between man and boy Even though craters is so much more than a man Even when he was mortal he was so much more than a man Wait which is the way forward Well can't be that way cuz Kratos is too big Damn, my beautiful biceps Can't make it through a door Listen to me To be effective in combat a warrior must not feel for his enemy the road ahead is long and unforgiving No place for a boy You must be a warrior That voice is rattling my insides, and I love it What is this The hell is that Man and his op JA Hi Can't you dislike Auckland to cross the bridge It's because she's scared of something in the trees over there these look now What? Father throw your accent those trees on the other side of the bridge the ones with the white trunks All right, you must be smart or something boy No no never ask What's yours Say Yeah You're not gonna believe me, but That axe you gotta It was me what made her me and my brother was one of our best so don't let nobody else go work on except for us – You got a handle or special or she'll wreck beyond fixin I Get enhancer for you right now, if it so pleases you somehow did excuse me So what see you you all right? I do not believe you come boy There's a room in the shape of a fork under the grip That was our brand my brother and me before we split I got half of it right here see Look you want to hit me straighter or not very well, I expect an improvement I like this guy he's fun So where's the other half of the brand? Oh my gum brothers got it, but I got all the talent look What in the Dwarven shop from here you can upgrade equipment you already own a craft an entirely new equipment Barak has given you a frozen flame a rare resource resources found in the world can be used to craft and upgrade your equipment Okay Yes, okay Oh That's nice runic attack damage can be increased by increasing Runic you only gets at cooldowns can be reduced by increasing cooldown blah blah blah blah. Yes, I get it a great weapon oh I went from five damage to twenty Actually I went to 26 Holy crap then you go from 25 to 40 ooh the X is now at number two find another frozen flame to upgrade it further Hello in all games. You collected like red Souls from the enemies that you defeated And then you were able to just pump those into your weapons, and you upgrade them that way But now we actually have money and XP and like resources and everything I kind of like it I like I like this stuff in games sometimes. It's a little like padded out and sometimes it kind of goes a bit too far But I don't know I like I like collecting stuff oh Can I can craft stuff you You know I don't want that oh Bring up my strength. I want this. I like look when craters are showing off all his muscles Be too careful Cooler my armor actually changed See no one does more defense, but I like having more strength Hey, oh, I can upgrade a tray assist stuff as well enemies near take increased damage and reduces the talent bows arrow recharge Time that one's nice, but I don't like that it does more air damage. I don't often knock enemies into the ear Look at him. He's all cute and yellow or red increases the traces melee damage enemies choked by a trace will take increased damage Has he been choking people a lot Increases the traces recovery speed from enemy attacks a trace, but sometimes find health stones and craters his injured ooh, this one. Please I Know you're all blue I almost have enough so upgrade his bow greece's arrow damaged. It makes new talent bow skills available for purchase, ooh Upgrade my armor or upgrade his bow I Don't know enhancement sockets I'll upgrade this Cuz this one I can do now Don't look now, but our friends you were hiding in the trees are back for more go on. No yes Okay, I like that I'm doing a lot more damage now I Did not hit that button to do that attack what happened hey, buddy boy. Oh Yeah, what's stronger? Oh that was close Nice nice nice nice screw you This road leads to the mountain My wares again Cool Okay, I want to see if there's anything I missed back here. Well. We have actual like shops and resources and Upgrades and armor and everything. I love that stuff. Oh Go down around there But how Huh, I guess it's a different path Not the path I walk, that's for sure Thank You Brock next time I'll come back and defeat your Onix and get my gym badge Faces of magic Okay, we didn't see if he had anything to buy here to buy tab as well and a sell tab what if we can settle the armor I already heard and then get So artifacts lost toys Sell your toy lost toy artifacts at the shop for hacks over. They serve no other purpose. Oh Got a fine. Yeah, I Could have done that and then had enough Can't buy anything oh Man now I still can't upgrade the ball because now I don't have the steel dammit Okay, let's see ooh map is cool Sister Mountain where we're going um okay skills oh? Damn I upload more skills now because I have this I upgraded the ax while evading hold forward and press r1 to form a quick attack It hadn't come in handy for Metaxa quick succession But uh sustaining damage to power up the Leviathan accident flicks frost damage with every hit well It's printing press are wanted for man leaping attack. That's handy as well because I often Throw my axe and then run at enemies pull the axe back and then have to do something afterwards after learning a precision ax throw weak points and headshots press triangle During the flash to recall the Leviathan axe oh And cause the next row are melee attack to explode on contact Aim and hold or to to charge up the Leviathan attack can cause an explosion. Oh that might be handy as well These are all useful But I only have 600 and all these costs a thousand hmm Wait I have oh God I have my hand-to-hand combat as well This is my spirit and rage stuff Double tap I want to break an enemy's block. Okay. That's not really useful yet at Reyes is stuff At raise will help Kratos when enemies are in certain vulnerable states or when Kratos is attacked oh? That's the melee damage Well the trace is choking an enemy he can perform a combo move of Kratos launches or hits the enemy far away Huh a traitor's can perform a variety of high stun damage attacks when enemies are near I want this one I Think choking out the enemies is gonna be handy. Anyway as well and enchantments you've equipped armor that contains an enchantment socket ah So it can even boost my armor further symbol of perseverance +2 defense There is a lot in this game This is cool. I like this I like upgrades oh Maybe this is the way I think that's the way forward But I think this is the way secrets And I like the way secrets a lot more than the way forward oh It just goes back down here You left me to fight alone People are one thing Everything else you fight until I say stop, or we are dead understand Pull your weight, or we go home I need one more steel and I can upgrade his bowl back here again. Yep Tunya man Dark Souls Because he was afraid to fight after having killed the man, that's nice. That's nice attention to detail Leaves trace have you ever seen leaves so fine in your life, no you haven't All right pushing on forward What I'm going to leave this first episode of God of War here, I love this game I had a lot of reservations about it because of how much had changed it is very very very different from the old god of war games and still has some of the same DNA with like the the visceral combat and they over-the-top moves and some of the so Fighting that I'm that stranger guy hitting each other up into the air and everything that was all just so cool. I love that That's awesome, but some of the changes I really like I like the new take on Kratos and his relationship and everything because if we just got the same thing again It would have been boring a lot of people want that a lot of people want to see the same old stuff just with updated graphics I Probably still would have liked it and still would have played it and still would have enjoyed it But I I don't know I I like the new take on it. I like the combat it it feels like it's a lot less just getting in and Slashing at a bunch of enemies over and over and over again It feels like there's actual weight and heft and feedback to it now It feels like I actually have to dodge attacks this time because I'll die a lot quicker It feels a lot more fun to play and I like they I like just the way the axe works And I like throwing it and being able to call it back. That's just so awesome game looks astonishing The fact that everything is just one camera angle is already Like I forgot about it until I want more I was like oh yeah It didn't even change once yet the fact that there's no brakes and anything anywhere keeps you involved in the game and it works really really well for Wade the game is actually playing out now, and I like the relationship between Kratos and the Sun I don't know overall. I'm just enjoying it a lot, and I like the Soundtrack is already phenomenal the sound effects are really really nice. Everything's just a really nice package This is a very very good video game, and we're only what two hours into it So we have a lot more to catch up on as we're going through But I'm really looking forward to the rest of this. Let me know what you guys think but for now Thank you guys so much watching this episode If you Liked it, PUNCH THAT LIKE Button, IN THE FACE!!!! LIKE A BOSS!!! And High Five all-round!!! (Whoopsh!! 2x) But thank you guys and I will see all you dudes… IN THE NEXT VIDEOOO!!!~~ (Outros- I'm Everywhere By Teknoaxe) Boy… hi

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