22 thoughts on “Dale Ratzlaff: Does the Sabbath continue in the New Covenant?

  • (Exodus 16:25-26) "And Moses said, Eat that to day; for to day is a sabbath unto the LORD: to day ye shall not find it in the field.  {26} Six days ye shall gather it; but on the seventh day, which is the sabbath, in it there shall be none."———-This is before Exodus 20. & the tablets given to Moses.  How to answer that?

  • Can you believe this statement??!!

    Often it is said Jesus died for our sins because we could not atone for our own sins, but this is not strictly true. We can atone for our own sins by dying an eternal death. The wages of sin is death. and we can pay those wages in full if we so choose. We can atone for our own sin if we want. William Earnhardt

  • I wonder how Adventist reconcile Heb 9.22 and satan being a partial sin bearer? Last time I checked, satan never shed any blood for anyone….

    22 And according to the law almost everything must be cleansed with blood; without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.

    As the priest in removing the sins from the sanctuary, confess them upon the head of the scapegoat, so Christ will place all these sins upon Satan, the originator and instigator of sin…' Great Controversy p. 485.

  • Obedience to a false prophet who has been proven to be false countless times is damnation. You (Adventist) hold her writings on par with Scripture even when it contradicts Scripture. I know this to be true because I was in that cult for seven years. You are aware if even one prophecy fails that disqualifies that person as a prophet? You can't even begin to count all the failed prophecies and ridiculous council she spewed. Hers's one I'd like you to explain, the Closed Door of Probation. Do not give me that nonsense that she was continually growing in knowledge. When a prophet in the Bible gave his final prophecy it came to pass. Nothing ever needed to be augmented or erased by a future prophet. Ellen White was a shame plain and simple. She specifically gave a date and kept changing it so Church family members in Adventism could be saved. Or how about satan being a partial sin bearer? How about her racist writing about the black race being amalgamated? or, this ridiculous comment, I quote, " "In heaven there will be no color line; for all will be as white as Christ himself. Let us thank God that we can be members of the royal family." Ellen White, The Gospel Herald, March 1, 1901, para. 20. (And no, she didn't mean "white" as being pure like Christ.)

  • The Adventist are frauds. They would be put to death for "their" Sabbath keeping , Ex 31.14. The Sabbath of the Old Testament isn't subject to Adventist Sabbath Day approval. You either keep it as prescribed in the Old Testament or you don't at all. Technically, they have broken all the Commandments according to James 2.10.

  • Your knowledge is mind boggling Dale Ratzlaff! Is conscience the only reason for leaving your Seventh-day Adventist ministry? I grew up witnessing many SDA pastors struggling in so many ways and most of all finances. You opened up controversies and published them giving you the perks you’ll never have just pastoring a church under a conference system such as Seventh-day Adventist. The controversies you brought up to the world bring different waves of thoughts that perhaps one may say that your motivation is more than conscience. May the Almighty God give you peace that passeth all understanding.

  • Dale Ratzlaff, sour grapes after leaving the SDA. The sabbath was instituted after the creation. Ceased and sabbath are the same. He make it so confusing!

  • You lost me at the 7 day week… clearly you do not have the light and the right explanation of why Jesus tries to correct the understanding of the Sabbath.

  • SDA should be spelled SAD. Many many authors of Bible knowledge, warn of Adventism teachings being that of a CULT. If Dale does anything, he turns up the heat under Adventism way way too low. Dale, you are dealing with a grand deception, and we all know where that comes from. The truth is Adventism is of the dark, and 300,000 people each year filter in and back out of this CULT to be lost forever, because they reject the true Divine message, hidden in the SAD doctrines of Adventism.

  • The spirit of religion is the counterfeit of Holy Spirit. It is the same spirit the pharisees had, proud in self righteousness. They dis those free in Christ. That evil spirit killed Jesus. Saint Paul was the best law keeper, but when Jesus revealed Himself to Saul, he was changed, to be Paul. Jesus FULFILLS the law, the shadow was the law, the REAL only source of salvation is through the FINISHED work of re-demption on the cross. The SDA church adds to the gift of salvation. It is a mixture of truth and errors, muddy waters. That church does not save you. The 10 com-mandments do not save you. They reveal the sin-ful nature, to point us to Jesus, the perfect law keeper. The SDA's reject the pure truth of the New Covenant. Who the Son sets free, is free indeed. Dale speaks truth, read his books, to become enlightened and be set free from cultic SDA fear tactics and legalism.

  • God Bless FAF! Fear mongering is Not of God. Adventists say the Pope started Sunday worship… Wow, they must have missed scripture where the disciples worshiped Christ on resurrection day… If this day is set aside as a condemned day of Devil worship as Adventists have stated… Ellen the false profit was "shown" It is LIES .Christ would have clearly and openly rebuked them. God rested on the 7th day in Genesis.. Okay go look at the scripture.. there is ZERO time parameter of day number 7 …( and there was evening and morning, one day this is purposefully shown in each day,,, one 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6… why not 7??? this is NOT an oversight or mistake of Gods word!! It is not there because it is irrelevant. ) this is purposeful prophetic insight to perpetual rest given by Jesus… Today.. every day we wake is TODAY… Adventist offer a day of Gods creation to Satan.. ALL DAYS BELONG TO GOD!!! What SHAME!!! God is not happy with the condemnation of believers for worship on any day. His love on our hearts ensures good work every day.. HIS WORK according to how He has purposed each of us uniquely with particular gifts… fruitful work.. this is perpetual work.. are we to shut down the Holy Spirit because it falls on a saturday, or sunday? Blasphemy!. The fall in the garden … the root of all evil is NOT resting in Gds given graces… His work of creation… Eve took what Gods grace did not offer. Gods grace is NOT earned, it is given… Eve did not earn her gith to be in the garden. God placed her there , by his gift of love and grace. She turned from His free graces to seek a way apart from His grace… We rest in Jesus EVERY SINGLE DAY. it is ALWAYS GOOD TO DO GOOD WORK! The pwoer of the Holy Spirit works in us to care for friends , family, strangers and ourselves.. this is continuous work , and it is GODS work… Adventism = fear of work from friday to saturday night… fear and condemnation of sunday worshippers. Saturday "keeping" to them is the sign that a person is saved. they will condemn for not keeping commandments. yet will do abortions in their hospital under the proclamation of christ healing ministry. commandment keepers indeed. the old covenant indeed has been abolished… Gods love / AGAPE. is pushed aside and minimized. otherwise there would not be abortion. all other sin is forgivable for them except the breaking of the Sabbath Day. We cannot be forgiven of our sin unless we accept His grace freely and trust Him completely to guide us every moment to His work… HIS work puts ours to bed… perpetually. Adventist also say that in order for God to be able to set the erfect new heaven and earth. Satan will have to bear the sin of humanity.. So.. they give Satan a day of Gods creation. AND they have also claimed Satan will bear the sin of the world… Stan has one thin left since Christ has overcome the world.. The organization of Adventism is the work of Satan. Many do not know… I pray all will be liberated from this horrible deception. . Satan deceives and minimises the work of God… Give God ALL of your time… not just one day… We do this because He , Himself bore our sin. We are perpetually grateful and humbled .

  • All the Law and Prophets was totally satisfied and completed in Christ, so that God would be able to write His eternal law of love on our hearts

  • if no one kept the 7th day sabbath before Moses then why do over 100 languages use "Rest" as the day for the 7th day of the week?

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