Danone and Nestlé Waters launch the Natur’ALL Bottle Alliance

you what we develop is by opt and it is like the PT that we're using today so it is recyclable it is going to be collected and beyond that it has a much better environmental performance the two brakes who characteristic that we will develop with the alliance is for the first time we will put on the market a 100% buy you this peachie bottles and on top of that the feedstock that you are going to use will be not competing with truth our ultimate goal is to bring bio-based to see the world as soon apart by managing it to another ions we want to make it big fast and cost-effective you can see that we have already begun to produce plastic bottles in fact from our bio base the III and in fact they're they're functionally identical and indistinguishable from petroleum-based bTW one of these bottles is bio-based one is petroleum-based and there's no way I can tell the difference by working together we set higher condition which is great we saw the opportunity to make PPD from other bio resources as an opportunity you'll also make the world a better place in this partnership we've achieved a lot and in very short time already and that's what I'm proud of in the end biomaterials are here the science works and this is the Alliance to bring it to the market

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    A Naturall Bottle Alliance é uma parceria entre a Danone, a Nestlé Waters e a Original Materials, e pretende produzir uma nova geração de plástico bio.


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