Dare to Hope – Lucille’s Story

after eight years of teaching in my small town without a single sick day I phoned in sick and went to the hospital in the city I was told I had lymphatic fluid on my lung they were drawing out one liter of fluid at a time through a needle in my back for days and days I continued to throw up had a lot of pain but I remained optimistic about it all months later I celebrated my birthday still flat on my back in hospital that day looking around that sad looking hospital room at my family I realized that they were all living my life not their own we had to move to the city to be near the hospital my husband had found a new job where he could care for me for days at a time the children took turns staying with me in the hospital when my husband worked I needed someone with me at all times as I would quit breathing and we could not afford private nursing with the move trips to larger cities for surgeries and even a trip to the Mayo Clinic in the USA I bargained with God a lot those days just let me live to see all my children graduate constantly a voice came into my head saying don't worry stay with me the voice helped me to pray and to control the endless thoughts running through my mind one bright spot in that time was being able to leave hospital than attend my eldest son's graduation through it all the doctors and nurses and all the staff were amazing and fighting just as hard as I and my family were to keep me alive after yet another surgery to remove the fluid that now filled both my lungs I was told to get my affairs in order and right parting letters to my children because I did not have long to live that day I woke up I mean I really woke up as to what to do I realized that they needed more than just medical support I had an email list for hundreds of members of my church from across Canada and emailed them to pray for me more than that every one of my specialists treating me were members of my own church my doctors prayed with me and helped with a huge prayer service and miraculously I started to get better I'm still handicapped and unable to work but I am very much alive believing maintaining a good attitude and entirely trusting my medical team was how I made it and this is still how I tried to live every day with my second life I travelled to one quarter of the world teaching people about respecting the earth and the importance of faith I now bargain with God to let me live to see all of my grandchildren graduate my incredible medical team is still a huge part of keeping my dreams alive

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