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can you guess what I lust after in this broken world what is left to want how hmm I always thought you were the smart one pity to what do I owe this distinct pleasure after all to be visited by a favorite awesome I have but one purpose here must we engage in violence you already have my respect I have no interest in your respect just your end come now fury I am no barbarian like the others no we need not meet as enemies a second time tell it to the charger they aren't here so instead I tell you queen of the horsemen powerful armed with the flame hollow across blade your feeble I am above your distractions not the truth is often distracting you speak as though we are natural enemies why must this be so I know my role in the universe I wonder if you ever stop to question yours you are a horseman mmm but why did you make that choice and if so was there some reasoning behind you don't even know why I fight do you hmm do you fight for your brothers oh of course not your antagonism towards them is well known do you seek to achieve some sort of balance oh you never believed in the greater good until it suited you no no what I see in your actions is a lust all 0 a lust for power and privilege and protection from the Nephilim is inevitable for ultimately that makes US allies doesn't it stand down what are you all of you doing here are we not four horsemen United we are here to confirm that the missions and the mission the other sins have been destroyed by my hand death were to reward and clear his name more importantly we have exposed a great conspiracy what conspiracy heaven and hell working in secret consort to bring about the apocalypse earlier than anyone would wish for the charred Council has dispatched us together to wreak havoc on both sides balance will be restored the wicked will be punished we are to unseat the rulers of both sides and in honor of your unwavering loyalty to the cause the council is decreed that you will lead the horsemen you fury will usher in a new age on earth of course fine everything makes some sort of divine sense to us mistress is this not everything you wanted finally come to you set aside the past sister today we leave in service I will be done this is not real what Oh it was worth a shot you think you know me so well is it not what you want worst the power to lead in the manner you see films what was an illusion could soon be reality if you set aside the wants of others and focus on yourself ultimately it is your choice to me so choose you should not have made them [Applause] even if I do he will always one and Archangel Oh you seal you phantom pulse is dead lust never to rise again we heard a deal stand down now why would he do that when he knows a deal with you isn't half as appealing as a deal with me don't listen I can return your sweet little angels to their former glory yes if you just protect me from this terrible woman Oh sale and won't it be glorious when you march back to the gates of heaven with your numbers restored and restore truth to that be fouled place your truth Archangel you see the seventh Legion live at home the storing glory ordeal oh well this be fun sorry dally with angels who gave you the power to raise the dead the one constant in the universe those who possess the most power inevitably crave more the rust is everlasting as for me know this I was merely upon a feeling you know all too well fury the angels who killed your steel pawns as well then who tell me the players in that game will reveal themselves in time what if I reveal something even more valuable hmm spare me and I'll give up the location of my fellows see then why would you do that what reason would I have to protect that sniveling coward hmm she has never experienced frontline combat she has never experienced the horrors of war she is the most pathetic of us get me to the edge of Haven and what you want will be yours attractive you're I'm tired of your kind under estimating my intelligence I'll find the rest of the sins by myself that's your core you were just an endless void that could never be filled how disappointing finish it I think not mistress lost school to power is intoxicating even more someone is fueled by grief who steals transgression can be forgiven once I have a better understanding of what's happened to the earth and what's at stake because of it you're of no use to her dead if we are to survive all of us alliances must be made alliance with him I don't know what to say say that you'll return the favor they may soon need it my word may hold my weight but my life is yours fury if I learn of any plotting against you I will relay the information did I just witness mercy so – a filthy angel justice have your head on a pike are you or are you not a water because you should know better this quest were on is about balance in the world and within me it seems lust showed me what I could become it is not what I wanted to be and what do you want to be yeah I think that's what I'm here to find out each new challenge of show more death what do you want both you and I are painfully aware of the endless parade history inflicts upon us creatures so pathetically focused on one single that these creatures are ironic completely devoid make your point Lord of follows it's just surprised refreshing to see something headed in the opposite direction you are coming into a greater awareness flaws Ewing chains flaws shall I list no thank you I've seen enough recently to know they are many which is exactly why it vibrates in my hand I don't understand know when and how you

5 thoughts on “Darksiders 3 – LUST Boss Fight | Sparing Usiel | Strife, Is That You?

  • For the Lust boss fight, I would recommend using a Fortification Shard (maybe not two like I did) or an Undying Shard. Lure Usiel away from Lust so you don't do too much damage to Usiel. What do you guys think of the four horsemen "cameo"?

  • 9:58 Nice Metallica reference,a lot of games do this one actually
    Anyway,i find Lust to be one of ((if not the )) coolest bosses of this game,and maybe all Darksiders. She has a great design,with some amazing armour and interesting attacks to counter Fury's and it all togheter makes the character really good.
    Thanks for the video and good luck with any projects you may have,cheers from Brazil !

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