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good morning welcome to capital breakfast it's Friday and we're joined by two fabulous people at the same time this is great we've got ray and David get on the shout out of our favorite guests ever the last time I spoke to you it was on FaceTime you were getting ready to party to go to Vegas because you had a little song out with Ray and then saw race and on Instagram that she's getting out to Vegas how was it I mean our trip in Vegas it was ok so I loved her because she has no shame you know she's asking me to tell her story is amazing so we're hanging out we we there's also studio in the in the hotel so we worked a little bit and then we always go out and Kevin Harris was playing so like oh this girl's show so we're going to the show and I'm like saying hi you know and calling ray red this is Karen dang telling him like she's really a dope writer you should meet her and Ray I don't know why because she's not especially a shy girl she's not saying one word yeah ok nice so because he's quite a legend so alright no problem so we enjoyed the show and then we're having a few drinks and then the transformation yeah so so from the little shy girl that was at the beginning of the show then after after the show Kevin comes to me we speak for like 40 minutes or something she's just staying in the other side not being part of the composition I don't know why she's I think like completely antisocial yeah and then you know second it's like okay bye guys and he's going away and then something happened she's like I need to speak to it and she's running security Johnson the security days about five times bigger than the manager assault Calvin Harris yes I'm security that was a montane I forgot one one thing of the story I forgot that she felt the need to come with a bag full of pasta in case you would be hungry that's why that's why we love you honestly like I don't know I don't know where to begin right one I kind of want to know one Calvin Harris is six foot five how big is his security Oh bigger no he was like a giant right and I bet they still struggle to like hold you down once you're in doe mode why why why the the beeline for Calvin right at the end do you know what I told him when I managed to get his attention I told him I'm a good writer as your friend right as your friend but he will never forget me and I did get to say I apologized the next day because I was ended up working in his house with one of his friends psychosis you do that and I said I'm really sorry and he said I understand it's fine do you see that girl with the pasta last night Wow okay that sounds like quite the story I'm not I mean I don't know how we really taught that to be totally honest I love this because every time we together something happens thing is never boring yeah that is it was meant to be wasn't it this union and it's worked so well because se has done so so incredibly it's been in the official pic top 40 at number 12 I mean talk us through how the collaboration came about who asked who to work together it was a complete I think what's what's amazing is that people always imagine that you know honest I like extremely organized we were we were in two different rooms in the same studio and she was working with the front of mine and our roads and and and I was going to have a tea so I went to the kitchen I saw my friend I said hi and he said you know that she's the best writer in the whole UK not denying it I write to say last night I am a great writer and then she came to see me I was working on a beat and she said this means good gonna try something and then we made the record and the record is out and then we here at Capital Radio in is absolutely smashing is I haven't quite naturally then really because we've talked to Calvin Harris before and even Mark Ronson they said they struggled to get Jubilee / and Miley Cyrus ought to try to have to keep pestering them so view adds a lot of a pest or anyone to go on a track with race try and pass through at Calvin's again you're great right away and a great writer say you know there's a because we do a lot of sessions of course you know and it's very rare to work with someone that can write amazing and sing amazing and that has the charisma to be an artist and you know it's it's really it's crazy because you know most of the time you would have like an artist that that feels like he has something to say you know blood doesn't necessarily write good yeah it has an amazing voice oh it's the other way around but like my favorite thing is to work with artists and she's definitely an artist yeah you know now right just a second ago you another track that you and David jumping on come on come on just a passing comment you rig arrived every great right Harrison yeah listen we're gonna be we're gonna be 15 days together in that house in Ibiza writing songs every day so for sure there's gonna be at least another record yeah I would say we're gonna provide hit records for the entire plan we've got really great writing vibe it's great yeah and he's one of my best friends now yeah I love going out with girls that are coming with a bag full of pasta yeah I mean he's back there hanging out and I be there and stuff and we asked to a bet it's a massive talking point on our show now ray I'll come to you David I'm not so sure because obviously I know you you back and forth in London and a law when love oil is my last time actually but do you watch love island have you seen love island David no of course no right right there's 20 episodes I've realized I've already spent 20 hours of my life right little below Dallas hit me would you think that's far top three that are gonna finish it I think amber and what's-his-name Michael I think they're a great couple I think she's been a bit harsh and a bit mean you think they're gonna win but I think they've got a good chance yeah okay right and I love Anna I know you love Anna even with her boy I feel like I was an alien yeah not like a foreigner an alien from a different planet what do you felt large it's not finally on it what do you feel like the series needs what we're waiting for I feel like Lucy needs someone yeah I feel bad for Joe I yeah because he apologized as well like on that date I think he did really like her I think it's sad but I think they just need to send in some like cute guys and just like Spicer just once the girls are going to Castle more there you go are they the girls games castleroy yeah that's the twist yeah oh by the end of this week I didn't watch it oh yeah well yeah you get it you can enjoy it your faces just dropped it's like you've just thrown pastor Calvin Harris amazing right also most of my interviews I have no idea what people I live in such a different place I'm a little bit like a weirdo you know what I got I need to my music and stuff and hey I usually don't really connect with no more people so so we moods right just as weight is in Rio so you're hanging out with Amory the other night yeah baby knows you Amory and Charli XCX amazing oh yeah I don't know she keeps coming we are very social people I saw you and I be said last week so how is it the best night thank you so much honestly you should have come say hello yeah she actually tried jumping on your scary guy yeah my favorite interviews ever and I'm so happy about this night you know what I'm you know what I think I'm gonna spend like there here is that okay yeah like I have so many stories to say yeah I need to express myself today what's your every story what's your ID Maurice done we just had a crazy party honestly this girl okay I thought Ray was super wild yeah you have a competition my friend named Al and but those stories I cannot even say it was a lot of fun I think she really is falling in love with them not me with a visa she said that's me no really and I've been in love with ABC so so everyone that is like me I'm like super happy you know so she she came to a few parties and of course we have a record together so she was like she was really happy and I I met a be just a little bit awkward mom and you know I like you don't 10,000 people everybody my favorite artists I love us so much please take a look at our Marie she's sitting right there like ten thousand people super shy and screech and I was funny wait yeah she's really nice too I'm sure you guys are friends yeah both amazing people I love it right there's so there's so many talents around at the moment now this is the thing we were talking about special talents on the radio show this morning I mean do you have a David do you have any hidden talents what's the talent that you have but not many people have no talent at all yeah that will explain all that will explain all the number one records all the ridiculous amounts of show news great crowd hyper as well like getting on the on the deck you were standing on the table and I FIFA or in Vegas and you were like screaming at everyone it was amazing no I'm uh I'm just spreading love and unhappiness I love it I love it well for real you know I promise you yeah I hate doing from oh you can ask Marco des hey I'm always in a bad mood when I do promo and I don't know what happened because my my favorite person right here great yeah is with me I was so happy she was here cuz usually everything is so boring and today I think we have we are the best team yeah can we keep this team and we do all the promo together yeah all about the Saturdays to again yeah I think I think we should go to every radio together are they are they and you come you come with that we do radios might be going on we would get to China to jail unless you have the hottest radio host I've ever seen sunny sunny dancing house just dancing all night I promise you I could stop down yeah I'm gonna let you my phone number so you Kevin Hart and everything I think this is my favorite interview that we've ever done right do you know was ridiculous right I was David about a special talent it was because we had to segue because I know that you have a special talent you're a great writer that we've figured out already but you're so good that you think you can write song on the spot now we've seen you do this up a couple times so I say you think we know you can so this is your talent kind of yeah so don't explain a little bit well it might it depends that I feel like music just comes like I don't know I just I like writing songs yeah sometimes if you gave if you gave me a subject I could probably come up with yeah like a it might be terrible might be great but a song or this get this is I think you are one of the best on the planet of doing this right so we wanted to kind of put it to the test a little bit okay right so this is it we've been asking listeners to send in their suggestions of topics okay and it's up to you to try and make a song about it right so what would you require what would you require Georgie would you like a beat to it would you like she can also play amazing okay all right so this is your okay so here we go so this is from the way I need to film the most embarrassing moment of this is so much pressure I feel really bad like how can you do this now I've got this think of all the stories that David she's got the stories in other ways I got you ready you don't even know what it's about and I don't you got it right Sarah Sarah what does a ray needs thing about hey guys just tell me we're in the work I'd like to hear me sing a song about how sunny it is because it's Conny sunny where I am I didn't understand anything she says it's very sunny very hot it's big weather at the moment okay oh my goodness the pressure all right hmm I don't wanna be my skin bah-bah-bah we were in the room so we've actually all got cuts on that cell yeah yeah okay I've got text and Dan you're going to make up a song about David Guetta okay David got always amazing annie is my best friend I know but you know you know hard it is I see I have to say for the listeners that I made it clear that I didn't want to do the best okay no but know what you don't know because there's another I know two people that do that India and I've worked with hundreds of writers yeah okay and probably no offense I think the most haunted person in the entire planet is SIA but except from SIA yeah I know two people one is ester dean that that you probably know yeah she's like a beast and her that they don't really want to listen to the music first and they just say okay I'm ready play you play the music and it just comes out and you don't understand high as possible because they don't know yet where the music is going but they're already fitting it and the song is just coming out instantly yeah I swear this is this is so unbelievable and and she does this she's one of the two people that I've ever seen this what you think right when you when you're doing it what you thinking about um I don't know I just I'll just like we'll just press play and then you hear the song and you just sing melodies yeah but I don't know I guess it's a music boys done it yeah I just yeah mate well listen it is serving you pretty well but we do have one more would you like to take on one more all right one more this is gonna be good this is gonna be David this year one yeah this is ivor novello stuff this so Olivia Texan she said I think ray should make a song up on the spot about how Anton from love Ireland has his bum shaved by his mum fortunate enough mum and bum rhyme so that's rad you want to set this on you want to take you what you're aware of this though right you saw this yeah that's what he said why'd you even shave your bum like yeah it's not okay David for context there was a man on love Island who went on to the show and told the nation that his mum shaves his bum for him okay yeah yeah so you're looking for the right chords to inspire you minor cuz this is not I kinda st. Anton I just want to let you know that your mum shouldn't be shaving your bones and I just wanna let you know you've let the nation down sorry huh tell me you have this recording I want it everything you know what David we've got a present for you for coming in today now obviously we know how good you are hyping up records right we know how good you are we've seen it on my yeah May when you're on stage you're vibing it you'll get in everyone dancing right I've been there you know seeing it when you're on stage it's amazing however we wanted to put the test to a listener so I've got a listener on the line right now who is gonna introduce and get people hyped for your song oh okay I've got Dave on the line are we ready for this we've got big him up so let's get the song going right now here we go Dave go for it mate then you ready for your Friday morning right back together ticket DJ in the world when I say food amazing guys thank you so much for coming in today thank you for playing the freshest record of my career just by the way that was my first number one in the UK there you go listen guys this has been an absolutely phenomenal I'll go as far as saying this I'll put it on the light it's my favorite interview I think I've ever done I know this trick let me tell you something o single show oh thank you guys I can't tell you how much I appreciate this is the best show I've ever done in my life everybody I know the trick David David all I'm gonna say is that the other week I did an interview where I was fighting with Halsey over Batman right that was that was up there with a good interview because it was horrendous this hand on heart o my mom might is you

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