David Killed The Engineers in Alien Covenant

all right guys mr. H here breaking my normal weekend silence why the red band trailer has dropped for alien covenant and when 99% of this trailer is exactly the same as the first that was released we do have one specific shot I wanted to touch on among the set reports that came out recently we hear that David has a workshop a science lab of sorts if you will we get a shot of this place in the first trailer where the xenomorph is seen jumping from above to an unsuspecting victim this is the very same shot where a lot of people were convinced we could see Shaw later confirmed via set reports that were released that it was in fact an engineer that had been flayed and dissected so this leads me onto the brand-new scene another engineer another shot of David's Shop of Horrors his science lab in full effect we have a grotesque yet almost sculpted engineer half skinned and pinned together the figure has been stood and pinned in the exact position of the Statue of David sculpted of course by Michelangelo so this is a great reference of the massive ego david has seemingly developed not only has David skinned this engineer but he has moved him in position and you know as the Statue of David likely admiring him during his work so this could also be a reference to the very same reference that was conceived during the original statues molding and you know after David and Goliath you know the Giant Killer so perhaps this is some sick and twisted irony david has toppled the Giants the engineers and thus sculpted one as David so himself and you know the original statue and also is a reference to his own slaying of the engineers so this leads me onto the background of this shot we see some sketches adorning the walls we had seen some of these vaguely in view from the first trailer but now we are getting to see some really interesting items the presumably David has been working on we can see something that looks very vaguely like a face hugger or it is face hugger esque and some kind of you know pod tree as well and this combined with other things we seen in the other trailer it really does add some weight to the theory that David may be behind some nefarious creations so what do you guys think did you notice this David and Goliath reference do you think it has a meaning personally I really think it does and I cannot wait to see what else David has been up to so let me know your thoughts down below in the comment section and if you did enjoy this video then please consider leaving it a like and subscribing to set up to date on all things a lien and predator I also do Theory videos and breakdowns so I be mr. H and until next time I'll catch you in the comment section

47 thoughts on “David Killed The Engineers in Alien Covenant

  • hey guys and girls! hope you enjoy this video, i appreciate the title may be misleading, but i TRULY believe that this is a direct reference, I'm not sure anyone else has even noticed this engineer is in the statue of david position. which had true meaning behind it anyway. i think ridley scott has outdone himself here!

  • one of the explanation for david's term of perfect organism might be that xenomorphs have a intelligent hive mind, just like the tyranid in warhammer 40k, they might eventually evolve biological starships and mass bio weapon

  • I've had this fantasy when I was in high school. if I can go back in time. How can I change the course of the history of Native Americans in United States? To turn the tide of history against the advancement, the onslaught of a more technology advanced people. I would use their weapons against them but first, Know thy enemy, and know thyself.
    Like a more sophisticated Rambo, David have done his soul searching, he believes what he knows as these so call engineers and their view of their place in the universe. David now needs to act. He must use his large bank of knowledge. his massive understanding of the human history of war as a weapon against these more technology advanced people. for that. he needs to be a self taught scientist, weapons maker and an engineer himself. To gather as much information as possible about these people. David became a self-taught engineer. a David to a goliath warfare is about to begin. David knows that the humans made him and the humans want to know who made them? David's love one of the people that made him and he is willing to kill to defend his own view of what is the most precious thing to him. shaw.

  • So excited – https://www.poetryfoundation.org/resources/learning/core-poems/detail/46565 This is Shelleys 'Ozymanidias' which David quotes as he's releasing the ampules – Listen to it before seeing the movie. It'll make your skin crawl:) From wikipedia – "Both poems explore the fate of history and the ravages of time: even the greatest men and the empires they forge are impermanent, their legacies fated to decay into oblivion."

  • David is an android built to serve humans. Why would he care a jot about Engineers? Especially given that the first one he met ripped his head off (admittedly they seem to have weak necks – their heads are always falling off). I think he just exterminates them because they're in the way of the humans and quite possibly dangerous.

  • I believe if David, his personality and behaviour become the main focus of the movie, than it might actually be really really good. I think this is what Prometheus should have been about, him beeing simply curious without the human traits of empathy and typical emossions. Kinda like what Ash was in Alien. This is a very common topic in Science Fiction, where is the difference between artificial and human intelligence? Or in other words, do Androids dream of electric sheep? I hope Covenant won't be just a boring gore-fest like Prometheus, where some space zombie kills someone who's completely uninteresting and useless to the plot. That's not what I really look forward to in good science fiction. So there is hope for Covenant, if they make David into this creator and researcher who's trying to satisfy his curiosity and ego.

  • I think David considers himself godlike, especially now that he seems to be creating life forms. I remember his quote in Prometheus "sometimes to create, one must first destroy." At the time, I assumed he was referring to what the Engineers planned to do, but now I'm wondering if maybe he was actually referring to his own plans.

  • I think you should have used the term "posed" the engineer as David rather than "sculpted" after having vivisected and skinned the engineer.

  • This is evidence to me that if there is life out there in space we won't see them until we are perceived as a threat by aliens…once we get close mastering galactic travel , we may be in trouble

  • I find it interesting that the Engineers created humans, who created David, who then created a monster by infecting that one asshole's drink. All of the creators in descending order have some kind of problem with their creations.

  • Agree. Thanks to Ridley Scott we see depth and introspection in this franchise (I hate using this word). Otherwise, it could have stayed on the course of a mindless monster flick. The creation of the engineers introduced a whole new tangent which I for one appreciate. It seems Scott knows it's going to take 3 or 4 films to flesh everything out until it reaches the 1979 Alien.

  • I am very excited about this movie. I saw Alien in 79. I couldn't wait. The second as well….from then on, though…..This is what we have all been waiting for.

    Anyway, Shaw and David blast on over to Paradise. His head gets repaired. They brought back Black Goo ~ Spore version. Shaw gets really pissed finding out that we were just an experiment and responds in wasting the Engineers in a fit of revenge one by one.. Inquisitive David is a MoFo. He is just playing Dr. Frankenstein and gets Shaw back for taking away Davids playtoy experiments little by little and turns her into an Alien Queen. This sets her up to do some serious egg laying. some of the eggs get sent out in a ship piloted by an Engineer space jockey…one of the bad Engineer types NOT into reseeding ,This engineer wants to play GOD not too unlike David ! Tries to mess with the eggs (unload them, move to experiment with and ) , gets a facehug and later in the process has a chest burster birth. a ship~with a homing beacon running inside a certain mining ore ship runs across it later in 1979

  • i live where ridley scott grew up. u can go up on a hill on the outskirts of town and look down to the industrial sites. that view is where scott got the idea for the landscape in blade runner. do u know how many lasses knickers i got into telling that story when i was a teenager?

  • I think that as soon as Weyland-Yutani Corp. knew about the black goo, they told David to create the Xenomorph as the ultimate biological weapon.

  • But why would an Android made by humans want to start a new life form? Maybe because he hates human beings? Did he send to the Earth the Derelict ship that crashed in LV-426 with the Xenomorph eggs cargo on it?

  • I waited so much to see Prometheus, the prequel to Alien, the perfect plot, desired answers to "what happened on LV-426, the alien ship, the engeneer fosilized in the command chair". DISAPOINTEEEED ! In your face viewer, plot is the same yet no direct relation to Alien. WHY THE HELL…
    Now this ? U think this sequel is going to be related ? I think not. Maybe also will be key scenes deleted from the movie like Prometheus engeneer dialogue (why the hell would u delete that most anticipated scene in the whole movie?!) WTF :)) "we are searching for our creator, the journey, the adventure. We found him, lets wake him up. What does he say ? Deleted scene. He takes a piss on everyone

  • I have little desire to see a gross-out film. Real and scholarly Science fiction is too hard for Hollywood types to handle and I guess won't sell tickets to morons. So let's try David as Hannibal Lecter with jump scares. Dumb

  • When David killed all of the Engineers on the planet, did he destroyed the towns an buildings too? Why is on this planet nothing? No towns, no animals, no buildings?

  • Interestingly,or disturbingly, just as it was from the bizarre artwork of swiss h.r giger that the alien look was spawned so to the grotesque appearance of the engineer at :47 is from dr gunther von hagens of germany and his experiments in plastination.

  • Fantastic Mr H. My head exploded watching this one. Great eye spotting engineer in statue of david pose. Keep up the great work bro.

  • Nobody is asking how David, who was last seen in PROMETHEUS with his head detached from his body, being rebuilt AND wreaking havoc, killing all life on the planet…? Can anyone see any logic whatsoever behind it, because I sure cannot… why would David be rebuilt, who did it, why would he go so much outside of his programming, and please, robots that go evil are boring already… There better be a much better reason for Paradise Lost than a retarded robot going bananas and killing everything and everyone outta 'curiosity'…

  • The AI characters are the villains of the entire Alien universe. The xenomorphs are just weapons, not the villains. I think the AI characters have a hidden primary mission to develop the xenomorph weapon so they can be used as soldiers/weapons by the corporation. He's using the humans as incubators and beta testers to improve the aliens. I would love a continuation of the Alien franchise that takes place on the other side of the movies, that show these xenomorphs in a war against some ultra "evil" opponent to the humans. Where it turns out that the "evil" corporation was right to develop these weapons and the human sacrifice was not in vain. As long as the ultimate "big bad" aren't the Predators, I'd be stoked for this ultimate conclusion to these movies. Maybe an "Alien" + "Halo" crossover where the Xenomorphs are used against the Covenant. I just wrote a billion dollar movie. 😄

  • I was looking through your vids but I'm not sure if you did some review on the three new Aliens novels… do you read them? I like it Alien Out Of the Shadows… maybe you can talk about them

  • I think David created The Engineers, or at least the precursor to what eventually evolve into The Engineers.

  • Well there's a script floating around that basically makes David the person (er, being) behind all of this. He's the one who's been tinkering with the black goo and perfecting it with his experiments to create the aliens we're all familiar with. In fact, presumably he's turned Shaw into the first Alien queen via his experiments, that's why they're keeping Shaw's fate hush hush.

    Also at some point he replaces Walter, which is how he gets access to the Covenant crew (more "raw material" for his experiments). The Walter "commercial" is to get us used to the character so we're shocked when it turns out to be David, IMO.

    If this script is legit, I'm not sure how I'd feel making David essentially the mastermind behind all of this, and essentially retroactively the "creator" of the Aliens. I wanted to know more about the Engineers, personally.

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