Day 23 – Freedom & Forgiveness – 30 Days of Yoga

Hi, everyone. Welcome to 30 Days of Yoga with
Adriene. I’m Adriene. And it’s day 23 and I want to feel free. So let’s hop on the mat
and get started. All righty. Today we’re going to begin standing
in Samasthiti, a four part equal standing position, where we draw the feet together,
and challenge our balance, and really spread awareness through all four corners of this
beautiful bottom of the totem pole. So we have a video just on Samasthiti. It’s one
of my favorites because it’s one of our silent videos. So you can check out it if you want
to go a little more in-depth. But for now it’s about bringing the feet together, really
drawing a little attention and awareness to the soles of the feet, and then kind of drawing
energy up all the way, as we’ve been doing during our practice, and bringing the palms
together at the heart. You might shift your weight a little front,
and a little back, maybe even a little side to side just to gather your bearings. And
if you are challenged with a little bit of vertigo, or you’re feeling really off-balance
here, you might just keep your eyes open. Otherwise, go ahead and close your eyes. And
wherever you are, be here fully. So wherever you are today, whether you’re tired or ready
to practice, let’s just be with that. Be with how you feel, as we ease into our practice
today with an acceptance, and even a forgiving quality. We’re here. Day 23. It’s crazy. We’ll just take a couple moments here to find
our footing. Notice how we feel. And play with the breath. Notice the quality of air
in the room that you’re practicing. Again, notice your energy. You might notice the sounds
around you. Just kind of heighten the awareness here in four parts equal standing. You might
take this moment to set an intention or reconnect to your overall goal, why you did this 30-day
practice. Now, we’ll keep this conversation with the
breath going, this awareness spreading, spiraling out throughout the body. As we soften the
knees and open the hands, and just come into a soft body warm up here. So we’re starting
with the wrists and the fingers. And then moving to the elbows, just nice and easy breathing.
And then to the shoulders. I still have my strong foundation of the feet. And the neck.
And then I’m going to bring my hands to my lower back, fingertips pointing up. And I’m
going to inhale to slowly open my heart up towards the sky. And then exhale, bend the
knees, slip down. Inhale. So we’re bringing into the torso. Open up
to the sky. Exhale. Soft knees and slip forward. And one more time, opening up and then releasing
down. Awesome. Shift your hands to your sides just for stability. I’m going to lift the
right heel up, and begin to rotate the right ankle one way and then the other. It’s warming
up nice. Changing it up a little bit. And keep the left hand where it is. Take your
right hand, slide it down. Maybe grab your right ankle. We’re just going to do a little
quad stretch here. You can always do any of these standing, balancing postures at the
wall, or hold on to a chair, the back end of your couch. It’s not cheating. It’s being
present, accepting. Cool. Now, we’ll switch. And same thing. Easy breezy. Just rolling
through that left foot. And then taking it for a little ride, checking in with the left
ankle. I’m not collapsing into this right hip but I’m staying present and aware as I
warm up the body today. And then I’ll slide my left fingertips down. Keep that right hand
on the waistline. And we just stretch that quad. Stretch the front of that left hip crease,
maybe use both hands. So to each his own here. Stretching it out. And then we’ll release.
Shake it out. And if you’re not at the front end of your mat, which I’m not, we’re going
to walk towards the front. And inhale. Reach the fingertips nice and high. Take a nice
deep breath in here, palms clapped together today. Jai, the celebratory Namaste. And then
we send it down through the midline. Forward fold. Bend the knees generously. Find what
feels good to you here. We’ll take a couple breaths to just work out the kinks. And after a couple of breaths, of just working
out the kinks, and stretching out the back and the legs, relaxing the way to the head
over. We’ll find that flat back position by inhaling in. And exhaling, releasing back
down. Great. Walk the feet together. Plant the palms. We’re going to come to all fours
here. So we’ll just step the toes back and then release the knees to the ground. Bring the two big toes together, wide in the
knees, as wide as the mat. Bring the right hand to the center, press away and inhale.
Open your left hand up towards the sky. Take a deep breath in here. Options to bind here
are bring the left hand to the lower back. Were pressing into the feet, pressing into
all fingers here, reaching, reaching reaching. And then I’m bringing it back to center, and
taking it to the other side, just opening up the heart and chest here today. Inhale. Finding a little twist. Nice, sweeping
breaths, up and down the spine. Long beautiful neck. And I take a deep breath in. And exhale
back to center. Ooh. Sorry. Walk the palms out. Walk the knees in underneath the hip
points. Curl the toes under, and let’s explore a little downward facing dog. Tops of the
shoulders spiraling out, away from the ears, biceps, towards the front edge of the mat.
Tops of the thighs have the opposite spiral. They’re spiraling in and out towards the back
end of your mat. Take a deep breath in. Then exhale. Lower the knees back down and come
to all fours. Awesome. Take a second here to roll out the wrists,
if you need too. We’re going to do a lot of wrist strengthening and therapy today. So
roll out the wrists here, if you need to. Then we’re going to connect to our core by
coming into that hovering cat, pressing into the tops of the feet. Again, find that beautiful
external rotation in the shoulders, biceps, towards the front end of your mat. Gaze is
straight down as we lift the knees up. You can always skip this. But really connecting
lower belly, lengthening the tail bone towards the back edge of your mat. One more breath
here. Welcome that heat that shake. And then exhale, release. That’s that Prana, that Prana
moving throughout the body. Okay. Walk the knees back. Walk the palms
forward. And check out this fancy move today. No Chatarunga here today. Just sliding onto
the belly. Take your rest here if you need to. Finding your breath, in and out. And let
the palms underneath the shoulders help pull the elbows back, and inhale. Lift up to a
nice, strong, beautiful baby cobra. Smile. Breathe. After a couple of reps, find
your release on an exhale. Or curl the toes under and press up to plank. So you can come
to half plank here, or we’ll come to plank. We’re going to find that sit bone to heel
connection really strong here. So that same integrity that you had in the hovering cat,
find here in plank. Beautiful. One more breath here. Then we’ll
slowly lower to the knees or join our friends on the knees. Send the right leg out strong.
Then send my right foot all the way up, and into a lunge, but this time hang with me,
I’m going to take my left toes, and I’m going to bring them towards the right side of my
mat. Then with front knees stacked, I’m going to open up into my half warrior. So I pull
the pinkies back. I make sure my front knee’s stacked over the front ankle. Deep breath
in here. Long breath out. Then I’m going to inch my toes forward, and
then nice and easy, I’m going to tilt. Left fingertips come to the mat here. And I’m going
to drop my right fingertips down to come up, maybe I spiral, coming on to that right foot,
into a little gate variation here. Or I can keep the right heel lifted. So basically I’m
just going for a nice, fun, long stretch here. And I’m also challenging myself to not collapse
my shoulders that keep this extension through the crown of my head. Breathe deep. Tuck your pelvis, everyone.
Breathe deep. So we’re giving options today. Keeping it nice and stacked. Alignment is
right, action is right. But you can come up onto that right heel, you can press to the
outer edge of that back foot. Breathe. Great. And to come out of the posture, I’m going
to actually bring my right fingertips to the earth, and I’m going to slowly crawl. As I
turn my right toes back around, I’m just going to slowly unravel back into my low lunge.
Take a breath or two here. Let your heart radiate forward. Relax your shoulders down.
And then nice and easy, I’m going to come onto the palms, come to my knees, and shift
through to my belly. Inhale. Lift up to baby cobra, maybe he grows
a little bit taller. And then exhale, release. Cool. Curl the toes under, press up to plank.
You got it. Nice, long, smooth, deep breaths here. We can always lower the knees. Really
working to spread the shoulder blades left to right. And draw that navel up so we’re
not sinking in the hips. We find this sit bone to heel connection. Head isn’t involved
in the picture here. And then we’ll lower the knees down. And join our friends here.
And we’re going to switch to the other side. So this time, I’m going to send my left toes
out long. And then I’ll hug my left knee in step it up all the way. Now, swing the right
toes towards the left side of the mat. So I’m working in right angles here. I have my
alignment on my front knee. And then I’m going to open up to my half warrior. So giving the
legs a little bit of a break today, my friends. I’m working more on the upper body. I’m going
to find my Warrior II here, half warrior. Then I’m really going to connect to my abdominal
wall here. Keep that integrity through the crown of the head, so this extension here.
As I begin to inch my let toes out and find the place to focus on, I send my right fingertips
down. Now, I can come on to that right heel here
or I can pivot. I’m going to go ahead and bring the left fingertips down to come up.
So I’m plugging into that shoulder blade here as I open up and out. Beautiful. Breathe deep
here. Careful not to collapse. Create space of equal distance space between the left earlobe
and the left shoulder, and the right earlobe and the right shoulder. Breathing deep here. Connecting to your foundation.
Inhale in. And on the exhale, soften and release. Left fingertips come to the ground. And we
just walk it back all the way to our low lunge. Take your time. Move nice and slow as you
transition back. Then we loop the shoulders forward up and back, let the heart open forward.
And then we’ll plant the palms and slide the left knee back. This time, take a rest, Balasana.
Sit bones melt back, fingertips swim behind. We relax the shoulders and take a load off.
Now, find your breath here. Breathe into your back body. Soften to the fingertips. Relax
your jaw. Press into your feet. Tuck your chin into your chest. Slowly roll up. If this
is not a yummy position for you and your knees, you can shift to side saddle here, just coming
right onto your bottom for the next thing. I’m sorry. Can you tell that I work with kids?
I have a lot of experience with kids. Like come on to your bottom. No disrespect. Inhale.
Zombie arms up. Really pressing through the center of your palm here. We’re going to draw
your fingertips down. Inhale, lift your heart. Exhale. Talk to the hand, really pressing
through the base of the palm here. So if you can keep your shoulders relaxed and your heart
lifted. And then fingertips down, zombie arms really stretching through the arms. Draw the
tops of the shoulders down, pinkies down. And then we flip once again, pressing through
the base of the palm, spreading the fingertips wide. Find your breath. Stick with it. Awesome.
And then we’ll row release. Shake it off, shake it off. And then we’re going to come
into plank position, okay? So take your time getting there. Lots of integrity. We’re going
to hold here for three breaths. You totally have this. You can lower the knees, but I
know you have this. Lifting, lifting up through the hips, finding that sit bone to heel connection.
Pressing away from the earth. Don’t let the shoulder blades collapse here
in the upper back body. See if you can broaden them left to right, and kind of poof air between
them, really hollowing up through the upper back body. So avoiding this, yikes. It’s one
more breath here. You got it. Then send it up and back downward facing dog. Hallelujah.
Bend the knees, pedal it up. Then we’ll slowly walk up towards the front end of the mat,
forward fold. Inhale, halfway lift. And exhale, bow. Jumping right back in, we’re going to plant
the palms, and step or hop the feet back to plank. Slowly lower down all the way to the
belly. Inhale, lift up cobra, or you can come to up dog. Smile. Exhale. Take a rest. Hands
come together; we bring the two big toes together. Rest your forehead on your palms, and shake
your hips a little, left to right, as your heels open out. So again here, we don’t just
send out, we actually check in with the breath, breathing into the back body, feeling your
pulse against the earth. Great press into the tops of the feet. Palms
come underneath the shoulders. Inhale, cobra. Smile. Exhale, release. Curl the toes under.
Send it up to plank. All right. This time, I’m going to draw my right hand underneath
my right shoulder, really bringing it to the center line here. Now, turning onto the outer
edge of the right foot, I’m going to stack my hips and begin to open up into side arm
balance. Opening up through the left wing. Now there’s plenty of options here. I can
bend that left knee and bring the sole of the left foot to the earth. Everyone lift your hips up, breathe. Open.
Everything we’ve been working up towards in the last couple of episodes, of videos, really
we can integrate into this posture here. Lifting the hips, drawing the shoulders away, spiraling
the heart open. We might also keep it stacked here today. Or if you want to deepen your
practice, you can play with grabbing this big toe, straightening the legs, coming into
tree legs. Finding your own variation. You can even do some crunches here, if you’re
feeling crazy. So we’re working at all different levels, and we’re challenging ourselves, meeting
our edge here today. No matter, what with a smile and a full breath in. And then exhale,
release back to center. Great. Take a second to send the sit bones back.
Draw the palms together and up and overhead. Relax. Nice work, my friends. Keep breathing
deep. Then we’ll slowly release the arms and we’re going to take it to the other side.
Flip, so I can face you for this one. All right. Coming into plank, left palm now comes
to the center line. We stack it right underneath that shoulder. As we turn, coming onto the
outer edge of that left foot. Now, I’m going to slowly tuck my pelvis, lengthen
my tailbone towards my heels. Find that sit bone to heel connection, and open up here
nice and strong. Side arm balance, side plank. Breathing deep here, spiraling the tops of
the thighs inward, pressing into my heels, finding that sit bone to heel connection.
And then bending that right knee, if I need to, for more support, making sure that I’m
working on drawing the hip points up… Excuse me. That left hip up. Spiraling the left ribcage
up towards the sky. Again, you can take any variation you want
here. Grabbing the right big toes and straightening that leg long, maybe just lifting, doing little
leg lifts or even tree. Or if you’re feeling crazy, you can do some side crunches. So that’s
all something to look forward to. We’re breathing deep, breathing, breathing, breathing. Meet
your edge, wherever it is. Maybe you’ve already met it here in your child’s pose. But keep
breathing. And then exhale, we’ll release. Same thing, send it back, child’s pose. Palms
are going to come up. Just give a little wrist relief here as we walk the elbows forward
and relax. Nice work. my friends. Super strong. Really
nice. Keep breathing. Just slowly release the fingertips down. And we’re going to come
to our bellies once again. Palms come underneath the shoulders when you arrive. And once again,
we inhale, lift up baby cobra. Exhale, forehead to the mat. This time, we’re going to reach
the fingertips down. Inhaling, exhale, locust lifting the legs, lifting the fingertips.
We float. We fly. We don’t crunch the back of the neck here, but keep it nice and long.
So once you get the hang of this pose, you can draw your chin into your chest and send
the gaze down. Feel free to move the limbs. Bring it more into your core here by inhaling.
Reaching the fingertips forward or back, or maybe just bending the knees. So you don’t have to stay static here in locust
position. You can find a little movement. And we’ll take one more breath here. Again,
meeting our edge. You can also do a little wrist therapy, rotating the wrist. And then
release. Hallelujah. Once again, press into the palms and send it all the way back. Extended
child’s pose or Balasana. Tuck your chin into your chest. Slowly roll it up. Again, if this
is not comfortable for your knees, you can just come right onto your sit bones. And we’re
going to take a little gentle twist just to wring it out. Right hand comes to the outer
edge of the left thigh, left fingertips come behind. We sit up nice and tall. Inhale in.
Exhale, journey gently into your twist. And take it through center. And we move to the
right. Inhale. Lift and lengthen. And exhale, journey into the twist. Beautiful. Slowly coming back to center. I’m
going to transition towards Shavasana. If you feel like you’re further along in your
practice, this would be a great place to open the heels, come into Balasana, and maybe play
with… I’m just going to show you this really fast. Maybe play with walking the palms back,
keeping that lift in the heart. If you are in a place in your practice where it makes
sense to practice coming onto the heels, you might do this, I mean, onto the elbows. And
then so on and so forth, all the way to the flat back. If you’re new to the practice,
let this be something that you work towards. So you might just take a couple moments and
Supta Balasana or reclined hero. Or you might join me as we gently transition to our backs.
So I’m just going to send the legs out long, stretch, stretch, stretch. Wrists forward
as I roll it down, connecting to my core. And then inhale all the way up. Exhale, bending
the elbows to cactus arms. We release into the earth. Deep breathe in. Long breath out. Eventually making your way to Shavasana, taking
any little movement, twists, happy baby, anything at all along the way to get settled in. And
then when you finally arrive, choosing to give yourself permission to just do absolutely
nothing for at least three to five breaths. Finding stillness. Letting your breath return
to its natural rhythm. You relax. And then we let go. Namaste.

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  • Adriene, I absolutely love this yoga practice! It has made me feel joyful, happy and free! See you on the mat! Namaste🙏😁

  • Greetings Adriene 😊I just wanted to say thank you for your support,time and energy 🙏I truly appreciate you 😊Today's mantra is Ananta Swa Bhava ~ My true self has no limits or boundaries ~Namaste friend 🙏💞😊Doe

  • I broke my femur 8 months ago and have been using the 30 day challenge as my post-physical therapy exercises. I’ve had many moments of frustration through stretches that I can’t do anymore. Today, I hit the warrior pose without a block! I love these videos! Adriene and crew, thank you for creating something that allows me to feel strong and peaceful on my tough days. Keep it going!

  • I have been at the YWA videos for at least a year and feel more fit and strong than I have in the last 10 years. Took a chance stepping on the scale and am back to my HS weight!!! So grateful for the guidance to help me find my best self (cuz, let’s face it, part of the low HS weight was poor diet, too! Now I take nutrition into account).

  • My kitten kept playing with my hair braid, walking under my face in child's pose, tugging at my phone on the floor, bitting my feet and messing around with everything that seemed to move or not. I can't get angry at her at all.

  • Thanks Adriene! I love your videos. Do you have any playlists of weekly general yoga practices to keep in shape?

  • I really struggle with that side plank. My elbow feels like it’s made out of jelly! But I’m feeling ready for the day and excited to have made it this far! Thank you, Adriene

  • love you adriene, but really not a fan of the whole "we stay here for 2 breaths" goes on to talk for 7 breaths thing, it completely makes me lose my focus :X

  • I went up to day 22 without really missing a day, but then I just fell out of it for about 2 weeks. So now I'm trying to pick up from where I left off. Maybe it's because it's been almost 2 weeks or maybe it's because of the routine on today's video (I don't know), but today was the most enjoyable and relaxing yoga day for me.

  • We only have a week left. And i’m just here to say.. I haven’t been doing it every single day. Life comes up, sometimes I work 12-13 hours a day. But what matters is consistency. If you’ve missed a day or two don’t even dwell on it. Just get back to your practice with an open heart. Plus, after a rest day i feel stronger because I gave my muscles some time to relax and recover. Everyone’s journey is different, don’t let a small fall out bum you out <3

  • When I was trying to do that pose where you lean your whole body on your wrists I got this shooting pain on the inside of my wrists. Is that just because my wrists are weak? And how can I strengthen them?

  • Adriene, this morning your soothing voice helped me get through this session and although I feel exhausted and hot(with the outside door open on a sunny morning in England,I know) I feel great, my body is loose and full of energy and my mind feels a little less cluttered. Who knew that yoga would be this good. As I've said before in previous comments Adriene, you're very similar to my yoga teacher Emma, you're explanation and soft approach helps in achieving each posture. Great session

  • how difficult it was to do yoga today! obviously I want to be alone during the practice, but my brother wouldn't leave the room, we started arguing and I was furious!! I can't say that I'm calm, but I'm feeling better now. tomorrow will be better, for sure🤞🏻

  • Thank you always Adriene! A great practice today! Just enough challenge to have something to work toward!
    I took some photos of my practice today and sent them to you through Instagram! Thank you for this!!

  • So happy I was able to hold my side plank both times until it was time to release! Wow. To me, that was one of the hardest and most testing moments during these 30 days. Overjoyed I could stick with it! The utter strength I continue to show myself is just unbelievable. ❤️

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