Day Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom Trade Recaps

hello traders its a samurai trade hear
welcome to my market recap video today we’re going to be looking at a number of
traits from today’s trading action on the NQ 133 tick remember that doesn’t
matter whether you’re trading the euro stoxx 50 the YM and the ES the forex
market these setups universal way work on all markets all time frames so please
keep that in mind now if you haven’t already done so if you go to full screen
because in a couple of minutes we’re going to go and look at these trade
setups on the charts and it just makes it a little easier so bottom right hand
corner click on that and you will go to full screen now if you haven’t already
done so please read my wrist disclaimer I’m required by the CFTC to put up a
risk disclaimer and of course my students that have my program see this
every video so you I know you get sick of it but I’m required by law to put
this up for late great Jim ROHN I’ll absolutely love this line don’t get
frustrated get fascinated traders I talk a lot about having a compelling future
and our future is really dictated by the questions that we ask ourselves and what
we say to ourselves now rather than why do I is loser trading you know we want
to reframe it to what can I learn from this and I love what you says there
don’t get frustrated get fascinated likewise if you’re new to trading and
learning the setups start with one set up master it owner and you must execute
that set up at least 100 trades 100 trades flawlessly where you’ve got to go
back and start again traders give yourself some time treat it as a 90-day
internship please take your time in learning how to trade now I want to talk
to you about this very quickly as well about risk management I still come
across of course a seventy percent of my students are experienced traders and i
still have my experience traders and even new traders still go and try to trade
with more than two percent of our account
traders at suicide it really is you are going to have a time period where you
have you know you have five or six losing trades in a row you’re down ten
to twelve percent plus and that’s on two percent and it really erodes your
confidence get rich slowly that is build your account over a period of time
treated as an internship be fair upon yourself so if you have a
ten-thousand-dollar account remember what I I preach all the time still start
off with one contract start with one even though here on a two percent risk
with a 65-percent stop which is fairly typical on an NQ 133 tick chart it means
here that you could be trading three contracts when you first start out
trading start by targeting one hundred a day that’s 1500 a week after you build
that is start by trading one contract and earn your stripes earn the right to
be trading three contracts take your time because there’s nothing worse than
having a run of losses and it really erode your confidence remember trading
is ninety percent plus psychology five percent money management and only five
percent the strategy now this is something could actually borrowed off
another site and the gentleman called bill what’s his name sorry our futures
trading secrets he’s got an excellent course actually and I don’t mind talking
about other courses and other products it gets he’s a great teacher and he’s
got a great course and he had this on his website and this is something that I
find really interesting here if you start off with five thousand dollars
trading two contracts and earning one hundred dollars a day look where you are
after 13 weeks now yes your risk factor on that depending on your stop doing
what we do is between three-point-three percent per trade and six point six
percent so your wrist really varies however using the markets money you can
build a great deal of wealth of course over a period of time as a trader
by the way I’m not endorsing this is a strategy because what this strategy is
talking about is using the markets money to increase your trading remember what i
said earlier get rich slowly but you’ve got to have a compelling future to truly
succeed in our business this is the greatest business this is a greatest
career in the world today and people ask me every day I get an email why do I
teach what and and those people that I coach one-on-one either belly-to-belly
face-to-face toe-to-toe or online ask me why not just trade I love teaching
traders how to trade and also might tradings through the roof I’m a much
better trader for it but the thing I want to get across to everyone here is
you must have a compelling future which is a so important so this works really
well for me before we get to the chance I’m patient undisciplined I’m focused I
call myself a sniper trader traders that is one shot one kill I’m a rules-based
pattern trader what will work for you what will work for you if you’re an
experienced trader that’s been struggling you need to have a
rules-based pattern you need to be a rules-based pattern trader because we’re
all visual it’s so easy to see a visual pattern appearing on your indicators now
if you are a pure price action trader of course you’re going to be trading the
t25 strategy remembering I trained you in over 12 different strategies some
traders company so look don’t believe in indicators well indicators it may get
you in late but visually it can be a lot easier but what the point I wanted to
bring up here if Trading’s been difficult for you or if you’re a brand
new trader or wanting to learn how to trade you must start off by trading a
rules-based strategy and before we go to a chance very quickly if you haven’t
already done so please subscribe to my youtube channel and remembering for an
investment only one hundred and ninety seven dollars you get my top 12 day
trading strategies as most of you aware of
well over hundred videos now on YouTube of my day trading and I love trading and
it’s now my course now has over 20 hours of recorded live sessions and trading
strategies recaps so please go to my website I’m a day or drop me
an email if you’d like any more details so let’s go and have a look at some
charts so number one for a newer trader when I train you i overlay one indicator
at a time so you soon learn what all of these are now i use a trading package
called tradestation of course one of the most popular package on our come across
is ninja trader and i don’t provide the indicators for all other packages but
i’ll give you the indicator settings so you can be very very close to what i do
and i give you links to a number of others now one question and this has
come up from a number of students is where if what do they do if they don’t
have and let me just do this very very quickly traders if they don’t have the
t1 indicating over t1 is this little white paint bar you see here okay you
can see that white paint bar well students what you do is you wait for price to
close under the 8 EMA now we can see here there are we can see the blue line
here is the 8 EMA if you don’t have that and you’ve had a little swing low or a
swing high wait for price action to closed under or over the 8 EMA it’s
really very very simple very very simple so let’s have a look at some of these
setups here so the market this is today’s action which is the was for the
22nd here down under an Australia to 23rd so it was a 20 seconds a action
22nd over nine so let’s have a look so let’s start with patterns so what we can
see here very very clearly if we start with the t2s you can see here is a t2
bang we got a nice little double bottom then you another t2 you’ve got one here
which is not a great one because we like to be below the 50 percent
level we like to see that pull back of a short-term Stoke below 50 however
you have got a t25 right there and see it there then we head into what is this
trade right here this is a pivot bounce and it’s a t89 so I’ve also got
divergence here I’ve got a lower low on my platinum I’ve got a higher high on
price so this is a really nice t 89 plus it’s off the pivot and when we get these
t89of a fib pivot very very high very very high accurate trade now on top of
that something I forgot to mention is the t20 okay we can see a t20 there one
and here’s another t20 there so teach we need to go long and notice it was all
the way up to there then you’ve got a t20 to go short right there now this
little trade here is a t10 so you can see here that our 8 EMA’s also crossed
we’ve closed under now it’s not uncommon of course to get a bounce right here
because what have we got we’ve got the 89 and we got the 200 then we cross
through and what do we have here we’ve got a very clear-cut t to hear you’ve
got a very very clear-cut t2 again you did have a pivot bounce for a t89 now
for my newer traders a t89 traders is a counter trend trade a higher risk and
want to say to all traders start off by trading with the trend only follow the
yellow save yellow that gives us a really good indication of where the
trend is heading and there’s some other little things of course we look for as
well we have a very brief t20 here with a bounce off the 89 and 89 EMA bounce is
a very high probability trade that we trade every day we’ve got then
continuing with the trent another t20 and you’ve got that really is t2 because
we’re still with the trend see the happen now we head on down we’ve got
here we have a classic t2 to a t2 or t2 you got stopped on that
one because it ticked up more then two stops so where do we place our stops our
stop is two ticks above our closest swing high okay now also beware of more than
three trades in a trend okay three waves the market moves in waves once you’ve
had more than three you want to start to be really cautious with that because
there’s a very good chance even though we had a fantastic run that there’s a
good chance that we’re going to have a change in trend direction and what we
have here I think we had four or five really strong trades with that trend now
also let me just remove a channel here for a moment just make it a little
easier if you to see it okay so here we had another t20 and we’re starting to
get a changing trend here okay and notice how wait closes above the 34
little t20 then back again then what if I got here a 200B okay we had a 200B
there then and by the way yes you could have easily taken that trade right there
as a t10 and been stopped okay so taking that that trade there you would have
been stopped so moving along we’ve having a great run so far we’ve got to
t10 to the short side and you can see here this is where you want to really
start to be cautious and see what we’ve got here is our 89 is virtually
horizontal along with the 34 and yes I’m not going to insult you sometimes just
can be really difficult to to see at the time so you can see it traveling but
look for these t20s when you get these t20s and your longer-term look at
your 200 200 bounce here 200 bounce here it’s gives you a good overview of where the
market is heading okay you had another 200 bounce which also is a t7 now I
should mention traders are particularly those watching my videos we
code all of them are different setups we’ve got i think is now about 14 of
them we give them codes just makes it easier when we train at you learn the
codes but look you’ve got some lovely divergence here lower a double top lower
low and away it goes here another perfect t2 got that there and virtually
every one of these trades that I’m pointing out and calling it all patterns
the market has a memory these patterns repeat themselves day in day out now for
my students that are watching this by following save t2s and maybe the t10’s
and documenting every trade as they happen keep accurate stats now you’ve
seen my dozens of trade box where I keep trade stats on my your website in the
next week or so we’re going to be actually be having a section for my
students where we actually publish every day the trade States you can go back and
just make sure that you’re executing the same trades in a look at this here this
is a classic t19 lower low high high and see it there see there t20 t20 t20 t20
lively little t7 double bottom and away it goes and look at that were above the
zero line and forms what’s this here at t10 what have we got here another
classic 200 bounce now look at those there we’ve had how many in a row 200
bounces 1 2 3 4 5 200B’s all in the direction of the trend bounce bounce
bounce bounce so unusual to have so many also i’m going to give you that okay now
we’re starting to get a higher low you can see there we start and get a
changing trend then what do i have formed just hear another t20 down here
we can see we’ve got really a cross between a t2 a t2 and a t10 up it goes
then we’ve got some very strong divergence now another thing trade is is
that when you start to see price angling away
from your 34 your 21 or even your 89 see we’re getting this angulation when
you start to see a price move away from that the alarm bells really start to
ring and there’s one other thing when you see price move away from your 8 EMA
like we’ve got here you know it’s going to come back at some stage but be
watching for the closes under the 8 EMA okay so let’s have a look at this frame
we close above change your market direction we closed under changing
market direction we close above changing market direction here we closed under
changing market direction we close above short-term we close above short-term can
you see any patterns appear in here traders now look at this here we’ve
closed under all the way still under under under under we close above i’m
looking for the cross okay short-term move little scalped and back down we go
again the 8 EMA’s one of the unmost under utilize simple strategies there is see
here cross closed above where we go under down now here notice 8 stayed
under the 34 all the way to down here traders as you can see here that trading
with the trend really simplifies your trading so how do we signify how do we
know that we’re with the trend well if l eight and twenty one is above the 34 at
least in the short term we are in an uptrend so you can see here uptrend all
the way up here okay and down here we can see we’re under 34 okay above for
34 so the rules are you want to see your 8 and ideally I’m even better still your
8 and 21 above the 34 to tell you you’re in an uptrend look for your little
double tops double bottoms be reliable so traders I’m going to wrap this up right
now here we got a beautiful t89 right there look at this when you got
fantastic angulation if I go and put in the band’s ear let me just go up here
let’s just put the bands in oops juice I muck that up let me go try that again
okay put this in okay look at this here look at that gap okay lovely t89 now
one can say well what about this t89 you can see here but we haven’t closed
under the eight if you closed under the eight it’s something I’m really
enforcing their this is an extra qualifier here close on the 8 away you
go another 200 bounce over here look at that there its come down you bounced
off a 200 so traders I cover all of these extensively in my fast track day
traders program what’s interesting I received an email from a client about
and actually was a good point he brought up because overfeed of various sites
where you can get some of the indicators that I use free of charge i mean if you
can get to them free why pay for them and in I respect this gentleman he said
dumb respectability said if they’re free they’re probably no good or something is
something that affect you know why were they giving away for any good traders
the floor traders of old they traded purely price action now I am yet to see
and you’ve watched me my videos you’ve seen the hundreds of systems and
strategies that I’ve back tested the coding that I do and the programs I’m
involved in and the we tried to use etc and quite frankly we don’t have one
truly sophisticated indicated i can tell you that’s going to change the world of
trading some of the best trading strategies that we have are using simple
indicator said you can obtain on any trading system don’t be fooled by the
hype that you’ve got to a spend thousands of dollars in learning how to
trade a few hundred dollars you can be under
under way you’ll never have to invest in one other trading program again now let
me say this that if you purchase the fast track day trading program and you
continually look for something else you’re breaking all the rules everything
that I’m trying to get across here I’ve done the research for you I research
every day and I deliver all of that to my students every day so i’m i am your
researcher if you like so what i present you some of the world’s best day trading
strategies now trading at times may be boring and i received an email from one
of my students is that he admits he gets bored and he starts making mistakes well
as i said in a video a few days ago draw trend lines then start joining channels
draw your fractal trend lines in etc occupy your mind while you’re waiting
but remember in our business we only have to work a couple of hours a day and
we’ve got our hundred dollars plus per contract so traders please drop me a
e-mail if you’ve got any questions or i look forward to having you on board as a
student so you can simply go to my website and purchase or drop me an email
and i’ll send you an invoice thank you

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