Days Gone – ЖИЗНЬ ПОСЛЕ Апокалипсис, байкеры, зомби.Чего-то не хватает?

Apocalypse pandemic
the planet has practically lost its main inhabitant
– man. Terrible virus collapsed
on the planet and hit everything living The players who decided
play Days Gone, invited play the role of one of
few survivors. This is Deacon St. John, the former
criminal and now wanderer trying to survive new
difficult conditions. Ahead of you, and therefore
your hero, waiting for adventure, huge contaminated areas
meetings with bandits and marauders, destruction of whole hordes
infected people and much another. Well, what to say, everything seems
as before, virus and virus, but no! Here, throughout
lines of the game, terrible atmosphere fear constantly presses
on the gamer. Because he is being followed
bloody hunt from the side evil creatures. And it is worth noting that the developers
knowingly the lion’s share attention was paid to the game
engine, adding to it a decent, although artificial intelligence
bloodthirsty zombies. These guys are now leading
yourself very very realistic moving around in herds
several dozen at once. But the trick is that artificial
intelligence will force the bloodthirsty zombies climb buildings
and climb into all its cracks, in which you will search
shelter And what to do now? – you ask. And the output is very simple,
also very difficult time and interesting. In order to give a decent
fight back use all crafting
items and weapons offered by the developers. But the map in the game is not small. She has unimaginable
sizes. It immediately stuffed
the question is – is it possible for the Deacon will have to move
on foot. Immediately calm you – on
throughout the game barely not the only companion
for the main character will be his motorcycle that will have
repair periodically and in every way possible to modernize. And who is now tense. Want
immediately calm in intimate off wearing a motorcycle
do not have to join. Both motorcycle and weapon
also does not possess enviable reliability and can refuse
at the most inopportune moment so you always need to have
backup option. A strong feature of exactly this
project is availability sets of tactical
decisions in the fight against freaks, because sometimes you will be
hunt up to a couple of hundred infected. In addition to the usual zombies, your
opponents will be ordinary people. These may be marauders,
for which you are with your equipment are
an unprecedented find or cultists are fans
epidemic. The game world amazes with its
scope. Player is given full
freedom of action in classic option called “sandbox”
which allows you to invent for survival the original
and interesting ways. All objects that are found
on the way very fit the atmosphere of the apocalypse. Fallen planes, abandoned
shops and gas stations, and, of course, gun shops. In them, the Deacon can replenish
ammunition or find new weapon Ahead travel on
around the world in search of a safe places and materials that
may be useful for creating weapons. All this is not a simple matter
as at each step can trap zombies. The game of survival will tell
what helps the heroes survive in this cruel and terrible
the world. Love, pain of loss, hope
for the best, friendship and despair. Survive in such an environment
the player will be oh so easy. All this must be able to survive
and overcome. Story line carries in
yourself the most important thought – do not be disappointed
and give up even in the most difficult situations. The player has to overcome
not only physical obstacles but also to deal with difficult
emotional state what can sometimes be
even harder. Let’s see what you get
the best thing.

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