Days Gone – 100% Walkthrough Part 156 [PS4 Pro] – Never Give Up Hope (Hard)

hey everyone in welcome back today's gone on this video we're doing the mission never give up hope and this one takes place over here here we go so we need to rescue someone I believe it was a captain in the militia but might have been a different rank I don't recall exactly we're gonna have to rescue someone oh that was up a little bit there and this area is all clear because of our previous work all right weapons ready got lots of ammo see a sniper up there Journal hopeful st. John reporting in and I'm at the last location where the tenant Norwood was seen seems pretty fortified Surrey are you sure you want me to tackle this alone just yes sir all right lieutenant apparently okay come on your vessels let's do this get something over there what is that just a whatever item hey can I get mr. sniper I can ah you're dead that's a few people a person had a helmet oh they're burning ha ha ha well that didn't work out so well for them oh hello oh he's he's got a flamethrower so what you can do with these guys back up a little bit so you're not in a range of their flames and just shoot their tank all right or just kill them like that I was actually trying to hit the thing that works too apparently well load all this stuff later just save the lady hide behind the tub to see with their spotlights that's kind of the point right there okay that all week how the hell are you doing lieutenant st. shot thank God I give it up hope oh yeah well a good friend of mine once told me you never give up hope because you lose that you may as well just pack it in keep that in mind next time I'm ambushed by a dozen squatters yeah okay all right listen cams clear and your bikes still in one piece so can you just get back lone huh yeah I can handle it Thank You st. John sure now get going go never give up hope complete 5000 experienced wizard island trust goes up 1,800 and the protecting the weak storyline has updated all right time to loot all this crap hopefully there's some kerosene in here okay kerosene is all I really care about at the moment you got them all tough so that's actually better than kerosene because that's what I want the kerosene for hopefully there's more where that came from oh ammo nice alright back to full ammo cattle for your bottle also needed for maltose another Malta fantastic and I'm not aware of any way to go up and get the corpse of the dude above I guess I could drop down from above but it's just not worth it all right let's take a look at our storyline update protecting the weak I never give up hope Norwoods a good example of why you always have to look over your shoulder out to you she's been doing this drifting out in the shit as long as me she's good as good as it gets but dropping your guard even for a second will get you killed know would almost learned that the hard way alright and with that we're all done here thank you for watching and I will see you next time

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