Dead Poets Society Official Trailer

dare to walk a new path dare to strike out and find new crowd audiences and critics have found a new and different kind of movie a movie that's left them cheering and touched their lives touchstone pictures presents Robin Williams all as that dagger I say before Matt in the most highly acclaimed movie of the year Dead Poets Society for one endeavor and that is to communicate know – whoo when the gene Shalit hailed Dead Poets Society as a classic one of the most magnificent motion pictures I've seen throughout the entire introduction rip shreds attack it's a compelling drama Robin Williams acting will astonish you rave sneak previews this is a battle a war and the casualties could be your hearts and souls and Joel Siegel proclaims Robin Williams brilliant Robin Williams he'll make you laugh I like fire in 1842 but I can't dance he'll make you feel he's the day he'll make you care medicine law business engineering he's a noble pursuits of poetry your own man love he said what we stay alive for Touchstone Pictures presents Dead Poets Society discover for yourself what all the cheering is about

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