Dead Wrong® with Johan Norberg – Everything Wrong with Populists

Why are we so
afraid of populists? Apparently, they are a
response to a popular demand, and perhaps they can help us rein
in the corruption of elites. Let them have a go at it and
see if they can do it better. Perhaps, it might even
render them harmless. Dead wrong. The problem is that populists
do a lot of damage while they are in power, because few
of them believe in liberal democracy with
checks and balances. They think any division of power
is a betrayal of the popular will. A new database of 46 governing
populist leaders and parties in democratic countries over
the last three decades shows that half of them rewrote
or amended the constitution. On average there was a 7%
decline in freedom of the press on their watch, an 8%
decline in civil liberties and a 13% decline in
political rights. And partly by hurting
independent institutions, they managed to stay in power
twice as long as non-populists. A European study came
to a similar result. In opposition, populists can
be a useful corrective playing the role of the drunken guest
at the party blurting out controversial truths, but
once they get into government, democratic institutions suffer. The silver lining is that
40% of populist heads of government are eventually
indicted – for corruption. Hey wait!
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11 thoughts on “Dead Wrong® with Johan Norberg – Everything Wrong with Populists

  • It's not hard to see why people vote for populists. It's immigration as it always is. People don't want to be a minority in their own homeland.

  • Always great content here. I have shown your documentary on Sweden to about half a dozen people, they loved it and continue to share with others. Keep up the great work!

  • I don't know if this ZERO comment video … ZERO likes … is anti-Trump but … we'll presume so.
    1) You're trying to be "too clever by half" so make this video 0:48 instead of 1:36 … or fully cover the b!tch.
    2) Trump is "popular" but not a "populist".
    3) NOT impressed with your library … unless you're trying to be Dennis Prager.
    4) If "populists" stay in power 2X as long as "non-populists" then when the FvKK will people ridicule Franklin Roosevelt? (Ans: NEVER!)
    5) If NON-Populists leave power they STILL leave breadcrumbs and umbilical cords through the ADMINISTRATIVE STATE (#DeepState) … See Sally Yates, Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok. I'll take Trump with ZERO MF'ers behind the curtain if it means I get uncensored results.
    6) Trump is not a populist but a Constructionist beCAUSE he has eliminated so many regulations that he's done his share to remove the stranglehold of the Admin (Deep) State
    7) Trump has delegated to Pompeo, Barr, Carson, Perry, Ross, et. al., all the division of power that's needed.
    8) Trump has not destroyed the Press … he's destroyed the #FAKENEWS MSM LYING MEDIA acting as a wing of the @DNC.
    9) Trump makes me feel slightly MORE secure in my Civil Liberties; OBAMA is the one who weaponized the IRS. I'd pay more attention to the fact that Hillary FvKKed Bernie in 2016 and the @DNC is doing the same to Tulsi Gabbard in 2020.
    10) If by "EUROPEAN POPULISTS" you mean POLAND, HUNGARY, AUSTRIA telling the EU and the UN to FvKK off on accepting "refugees" then FvKKing A! GD RIGHT! [And I'm a Jew who remembers where some of the concentration camps were. Poles played dumb …]
    11) Trump, if indicted, will BE indicted because of the Soviet-style @DNC "leadership" attempt to engage in a coup.
    12) I'll keep your Euro-Bullshit subscription just to keep a handle on all things about which I don't believe.

  • Popular politicians do, what the people want, while liberal left politicians do, what their people don't want. Popular politicians manage their economy well, while western liberal politicians create stagnant wages, stagnant economy, social conflicts, invite unsustainable low quality immigration, welfare dependency, invite crime and terrorism, destroy existential security and cause secular stagnation. Populists serve the people, western liberal left politicians serve an ideology and have total contempt for the people.

  • You are dead wrong. Repeating leftist, globalist talking points shows your ignorance. Populist politicians deliver 10-14% annual wage increases year after year, compare that to numbers in Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium. Yeah, you are clueless.

  • It would really depend on who you include in the garbage bag term "Populists". As with all studies and statistics, garbage in = garbage out. I suspect Johan is trying to paint Trump with the same brush as dictators and others. He may be a never-Trumper though I've not heard him speak on Trump directly. Johan believes in open borders and never ending immigration like most Europeans. Disappointing to see this kind of garbage and phony statistics. I like a lot of stuff Johan has done but he's dead wrong on immigration, borders and Donald J. Trump. MAGA!

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