Deadly Dust

I wonder if the Allied troops who wanted
to find weapons of mass destruction here haven’t actually put to use a weapon of
mass destruction through the use of uranium projectiles that we dust this is
about the uranium ammunition about the uranium weapons which the Allied forces
have used since 1991 in the Iraq war and actually in all their other wars this
means that not just in Iraq in 1991 but also in Kosovo in 1999 before that in
Bosnia in 1995 then Afghanistan was ferociously attacked with the GPU 28 in
31 bombs in 2001 yeah and then again in the last Iraq war in 2003 but in the
meantime also in Somalia and Lebanon actually everywhere with allies depleted uranium up depleted uranium is
actually a waste product from the nuclear industry this material is
lightly radioactive and like every other heavy metal it is highly poisonous and
actually they don’t know where it’s disposed by now there are about 1.2
million tonnes worldwide and every day more is produced that’s not really
realistic and they clunk and it was naturally a huge discovery for military
engineers when they found out that if one forms a metal rod out of it and
accelerates it breaks through every obstacle and with the large frictional
heat generated in the process the depleted uranium ignites by itself and
burns explosively this means that those bombs don’t actually need their own
explosives here we have found a tank that was shot with depleted uranium
ammunition and here strikes at the turret and here on the side if we
measure it then the radioactivity according to this device is far in the
red zone the oil of the European organization of military associations
euro mil describes this weapon as terrible and devastating and constantly
calls for the abolition of this weapon this means a union of European soldiers
knows how dangerous that is NATO knows it too but defies the wishes of the
union of soldiers and still continues to use this weapon it is a buffer visor
when I saw children playing outside of Basra with such projectiles which were
indeed painted as dolls and one of the children had died of leukemia I became
very suspicious so goo Thur had the suspicion already in Iraq in 1991 that
something is wrong with this ammunition and he feared there might be possibly
radioactive and highly toxic ha da Island he had a projectile that I
found in Iraq sent in the diplomats luggage to Berlin I finally wanted to
know if the bullets as I suspected were radioactive and then I had it
investigated at three universities first at the humid University they said this
is highly reactive and toxic we want to have nothing to do with it go to the
Technical University the Technical University behaved the same way they
said we want nothing to do with that stuff go to the free niversity Institute
of radiology and when I got there they said yeah today is Friday we do not want
that stuff come back in Monday I had to cross back through Berlin to go home and
then once again come to Berlin on Monday with the bullets and by then there were
already 16 police officers who wanted to practically arrest me because they were
already aware of the radioactivity of the projectile then a special unit of
the police came with protective clothing and special containers and said yes it’s
highly toxic radioactive and then Gunther was arrested because he had this
projectile brought to Germany and sentenced him to pay a fine of three
thousand marks for the release of ionizing radiation being price it so
unit under trial these are refused and because of that I
was imprisoned I was given five weeks in jail but I now have proof that my
suspicions about these bullets being radioactive were true that means that in
1992 a German Court realized how highly dangerous this weapon is benzoin give shows and win such a
projectile hits a tank the depleted-uranium combusts into so-called
nanoparticles 100 times smaller than a red blood vessel that means when you
breathe it in or when this dust dust of death lays itself on fruits or crops
then we take it in with our nourishment and what is more terrible once inside
the body it can then travel all over your body into all organs it overcomes
the mother-child barrier it can eventually travel to the brain and latch
on to everything there and the alpha emitters radiate like a Sun on two
neighboring cells through this chromosome breaks can also develop that
means the genetic code of the human can change with all terrible consequences of
deformation yet some bad for example here’s a baby
that we took him from Baghdad in 2003 how the doctor explained it the baby
also had a fish mouth fish eyes and the scaly glass like skin actually not able
to survive two years ago a colleague made a similar photo in Kabul actually
even worse but also fish mouth and fish I was kind of in shock and I can tell
you in Iraq I have specifically in Basra and in Baghdad has a glance into hell
and I suspect that in Afghanistan now it will get worse and worse this baby has
all inner organs in a pouch of the skin on its back actually abnormalities that
you can hardly imagine dreadful pictures I have to say that with that it was
confirmed that my diagnosis of what harm the projectiles are able to do were
right first of all a breakdown of the immune system with rising infectious
diseases especially virus infections then cancer development and leukemia
Janell functions of the kidneys and liver and above all diseases of the
genetic code with Miss developments of newborns premature deliveries and
miscarriages it is like with the accident internal in shell Nova we still
have to go a huge way to ostracize these weapons and also of course monetary
compensation for illnesses to affected nations
I am numbering Palestine near yeast the Balkans Iraq and especially Afghanistan
you would have to invest billions of dollars to clean Basra alone it would
cost two hundred billion dollars per year ago and to decontaminate only the
bridges over the year Frei bees would cause a billion
unless we unless we prosecute those crimes we are guilty of covering them up
and we cannot claim to be a country based on law these are international
crimes these are war crimes so they must be prosecuted in the fall of 2008 the United Nations
voted on a ban of these weapons for Borton bad moose and in the hundred 44
states voted for the ban of these weapons but four countries voted against
this motion and with that put an end to it the USA Great Britain France and
Israel in through that mm act in a spring of
2008 the news agency and Iraq that is actually a news agency which has the
grace of the Allies announced that alone in Iraq 18 regions are no longer
inhabitable that means these are the regions around bag Dib around larger
Baghdad around the Syria and of course Iran Basra where the tragic tank wars
both in 1991 and in 2003 took place that means that today we realize that such
regions are actually unhappy and that the population has to be relocated but
that is of course too late they have now for many years breathed in this material
and will be getting sick with cancer and leukemia and will die and I fear that
this is a plan that they really want to destroy a population to be decimated a
systematic system others that means the people hearing gene
defects from it they are not capable of giving birth to healthy children and
what we are producing here is a clear genocide a slow genocide the bombing in Afghanistan of Tora Bora
is a huge cave system where Osama bin Laden was suspected but
is also one of the biggest sources of water of Afghanistan that means that
from the bombings when is systematically made their water source entirely useless
it is poisoned through the high toxicity of these bombs and it is radioactive uranium munitions freedom Iraq freedom
those are our children that’s the British people’s awfulness and that is
the American people’s awfulness we have to finally stop to say you’re bad and
I’m good these people have calloused hearts
George Bush and Tony Blair claimed to be Christians what Jesus Christ bombed a
single baby this has to stop

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  • How is a weapon like this legal? Who are the people that OK it's use? Please expose them personally, not just by Country. They should be shamed and convicted of war crimes!

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