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Hi I’m Rachel and I’m Jared and we’re
from Latigo Life. We sold our 1,800 square-foot house in the city and about
60% of our belongings along with my 68 Camaro and moved into a thousand square
foot house in the country we were overwhelmed with too much stuff too many
expenses and not enough time for the things that mattered to us. we had over $32,000 in student loan debt and were consistently keeping $5,000 or so on our
credit card every month so we started on Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University
plan to get out of debt getting out of debt was not easy we sold everything
that we could get our hands on we cut our budget way down we didn’t go out to
eat we didn’t go to the movies there were no shopping sprees so the biggest key for
us to get out of debt was behavior change because we had to like decide
that we were going to actually do it instead of just write it down and
pretend like we were doing it and we did it on the very moderate income it was
probably $50,000 combined we were able to do it in 15 months. We became debt-free of
everything but the house in September of 2011 and then June of 2014 is when we
paid just below the $100,000 mark on our house I decided one day that I wanted to
go small I didn’t want to have to clean that much of our house we didn’t use
half of our house it was always cleaning and reorganizing and I could never relax
I couldn’t play with the kids I feel like I have to have a very clean
environment and organized environment to really function well so when we started
looking for a place to build the house that we wanted in the size that we
wanted we couldn’t find anywhere that would let us do it they wanted you to
build a 60% or 70% brick home so we had found this idea of converting a metal
building and just really needed to land to do it. we ran the idea past my parents
they said why don’t you build on our land? And we were like: okay, sure!
One of the ways that we decided on what we were gonna build as far as size goes was
based off of the budget that we had so we were trying to work within how much
we were going to get out of the house and then how the house will be sold and
then some of the cash they already had on hand we wanted to pay cash for
everything we didn’t want to have a mortgage and have a payment so we just
kind of worked with that. Okay so this is our house let’s go see so this is our entrance we have our shoe
organizer over here The kids shoes are at the bottom so they can easily reach it themselves. So we are a homeschooling family and in order for us to do the
homeschooling stuff we have to get creative because in our old house we had
an actual room for our home schooling stuff and now in this house we do not have an
extra room for that so we have different areas in the house one of these is for
one son and one of them’s for the other son we also have this that we have
homeschool stuff in. So since we only have has two bedrooms if anyone wants to stay over or
if anyone’s sick or anything then we have the couch it actually pulls out
into a bed and we’ve got the extra nice mattress on it so it’s actually
comfortable and then we also have the Ottoman, it has storage in it so we’ve
got some blankets in here and we have another one we’ve got books and that sort
of thing so this Ottoman has actually opens up so it’s got books in it and
it’s also another place to sit as far as like the TV setup we wanted to get
everything off of the ground which is why we redid this wall here and built
this to house all of our I think the game systems in here some DVD players
over here. Our whole kitchen is from Ikea and it has pretty much everything that
we need in it it’s very functional for us these are drawers instead of has
the doors pulled out put different types of things in here and organized for us.
And then in a corner cabinet here and on the other side of the sink has the lazy
susans in here that we can kind of get to the back of the cabinets and we don’t
have to worry about climbing inside of the cabinet itself
okay so kitchen itself is really kind of small but it’s very functional for all
we needed so we actually downsize all of our cups to just that, and that’s pretty
much everything that we have. Each of the kids has their own insulated cup that
they take with them wherever we go So at the hallway is our laundry
room and half bath it’s probably the most awkward room in the house, but we make it work. So we’ve got a washer and dryer some shelves for games and laundry stuff
over on this side we’ve got toilet, sink and shelf so like I said kind of an
awkward room but it works. This is the hallway and we made it extra wide so
that didn’t feel so cramped in our already small house and we have a magnet
board down here and a place for them to keep their work throughout the week
since we get do home school so we kind of use everything in the house for that there’s
always something homeschool oriented somewhere you come down the hallway get
to the kids room and so right now this is a playroom over here we’ve got some more
home school stuff there’s a map some little passports one for the older boy and one for the younger. And so they kind of come in here and do their little passport stuff. And then just a little tool bench there’s a couch to read on in here and
then we’ve got the loft up here which is a big piece of the room. So when we built the
house we went all the way to the roof line with this room so that we could
eventually put the locked in we didn’t know exactly how we would do it but now
that it’s in, we we did this part and then we decided to go ahead and add bunk beds
so we’re in the process of getting a mattress for each of these, it will be twins, and that way we’ve got room for them to sleep in the future. Okay so on the second level up
here is where we have Legos and we call this the Lego loft so they’ve got their
table, they’ve got kind of some railing here to put their creations and then there’s
some organization stuff up here for that and even that extra tubs. this lower level
of the loft is where they can come and do like art or coloring or things like
that. We’ve got this flip up table kind of give them a little place to do that and lower it down if they need to something else up here like play games. I added this little ladder
here because number two here is very clumsy so I wanted to make sure
that he had a secure way to get up here the third level is really just for
laying down reading books they can play games as they want and the bookshelf up
there actually slides out completely and there’s some attic space behind that okay so here’s our bathroom and only
closet I really like the size of our bathroom I feel like it works really
well we did a whole lot of downsizing in our bathroom of our cabinets and closets
were filled with so much bath stuff and when we downsized this is all we have for
bath stuff now so we don’t have any closets in here yet we may eventually do that
but we do have our shelves for our towels and more up there for the shower
and back here we have towels, hamper and then we have our oils So welcome to the
only closet in the whole house when we were designing the house we knew this
would be the only closet and we would all going to share it so one of the
things that we had to pay attention to was storage in here so clothes are a big
thing because there’s five of us so we went all the way to the roof line when
we were building the closet we’ve actually got storage on both sides up
here we can store extra clothes or winter clothes that sort of thing this whole section here is Rachel’s over
here is where her vanity was originally we had a shelf came all the way across
and she thought she wanted somewhere to sit now we’re changing all that and I am in
the process of doing that so this is a really good example of if something’s
not working the ways we needed it to we just go change it up over here is the
middle boy his section so he wanted to be able to get to his so we originally
had it higher and we moved it down here so that was one thing that we changed in
here to function the way he wanted to is we actually downsize a ton of books when
we move that was a huge part of our downsizing was getting rid of books and
this is what we were left with so we kind of picked out our favorite ones and
that’s all we have now the entire closet is from Ikea and we wish the closet
itself was a little bit wider but the way everything is in here function is
just fine and we kind of deal with the width of it the best we can that’s just
one of the things we ran into when we built house and didn’t know until we got
in here that we could have use another foot or so on it. this is our bedroom and this is the season
of life we’re in, we all sleep in one room right now and it’s just easier
when you wake up in the middle of the night, the kids wake up in the middle of the night just tend to them and then they roll over go back to sleep. Underneath her bed Jared made
this to have space for blankets or stuff like that so we decided to use this
little cutout area we made her a little closet area and she has her other stuff
in the drawers like we have cloth diapers up here just a way to keep the baby
organized and then she’s got a lot of clothes because grandma’s you know so
here we have the next size up of clothes or when they grow out of clothes then
it’s just easy to get to, and we don’t have piles of clothes like just everywhere
and then over here Jared made this wooden guitar holder for the guitars to
display that way they don’t get messed up so this is our external shed it used to be
a barn and my father-in-law converted it for us and so we came up with this
solution to our toys within the house We organized all their toys by type so cars
over here card games blocks that sort of thing so they’re able to come out here
get a couple things maybe they want to get figures and they can take them in
and play with those and then if they wanted to get say blocks
and figures to play with together they can do that and what this does is allows
them to be able to have toys without over running the room with them and
without having so much in the house that we can so we have to end up cleaning up. So since we’re a homeschooling family we had to get really creative because we
have limited space inside so out here we actually extended the shelves next to
toys and around so that we have a space for all of our supplies so down low is
where all those the kids stuff is that they can reach, paints, stickers paper that
kind of stuff and then up top you’ve got more like adult supplies that we would
need so every week we come out here and we get things together for the week and
take it in the house and that’s what we use for school that week. One of my favorite things about our
house is that it takes 30 minutes to clean the whole house that leaves all
the time in the world for anything else that we want to do a few of the things that we have gained
from doing this are time obviously a lot less stress and the flexibility to kind
of work the way we want or make money that way we want. So we have and
everything has a home challenge. Start with just one room and think of the use of
that room and then figure out what’s going to be functional for that room
anything that does not have a home get rid of it donate it sell it heck you can
even put it in a box and look at it in six four months but if you’re not
actively using it and if it does not actually have a home right now
then get it up we’re just normal people with a pretty small income but we
decided we wanted to have more out of life and so we took the necessary steps
to make those changes and now we are living the life that we want.

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