Debt free in our 40s! Our first video!

What’s up everybody, I’m Rob I’m Reshawn and this is learn hustle grow.. We are debt-free 40-something empty-nesters veterans of the U.S. Military real estate investors and travel enthusiasts We define debt-free as having no credit card debt, no card notes and no mortgage payment we created this channel in hopes that our experiences will inspire you to take control of your finances and pursue your Passions if you have any interest in money real estate or travel. This is the place for you Nine years ago. We joined our lives our money. We’re both from single-parent low-income homes Neither of us were taught anything about money growing up. We learned the hard way y’all we struggled I Racked up debt in college I rack up debt in the military After graduating high school. I joined the US Army Reserves Later, I graduated college at the age of 22 seven months pregnant After completing four years in the US Marines. I had a son and got married at the age of 24 So wife how to create so much debt in college Credit cards and student loans. I can honestly say I needed the student loans in order to graduate However, the credit cards were a different story They gave out incentives on campus free t-shirts Two-liter sodas giant candy bars. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I thought it was a good idea at the time Before you know it I was doing a little bit of shopping Outfits for the parties I even got one of those 20 plus percent retail store cards It was nice to be able to buy something for a change. I even purchased a gift to here and there So when you graduated college, did you have a job lined up to pay back all this debt? I Did not but I had a plan I attended several job fairs on campus and I was excited about the opportunity for a corporate experience as Interview went by my belly grew a little bigger by the time we got to the third interview It was obvious that I was expecting and can you believe they stopped calling Wow? So when you were we when we met you were almost debt-free At what point? Did you realize your debt with the problem? So almost immediately Babies are expensive Before long I stopped making the minimum payments on the credit cards. Needless to say they were not happy about that They began to call and write the harassment was endless Now enough about me tell the good people a little bit about your experience with debt well at 19 I Joined the military. Like I said, and I went over to Okinawa Japan for my first duty station and they started sending me credit card pre-approvals and I got sucked in right away. And I had my first thousand dollar credit limit That was the most money I had ever seen at the time. I immediately went to the electronics store on base and got me a Stereo system and for me and my roommate and we were jamming. We thought we were doing it and then Shortly after I started hitting them all Start getting new clothes every pair of j’s that came out you boy had him and I stayed fresh ballin I Thought I was but after that I ended up going back to the states immediately got me a car, you know thought I was doing it even more than and Just dug the hole from there So you mentioned a credit cards? Car note. I know you also have a cinnamon What about student loans? So yeah, I ended up going to college for IT and I got student loans Of course and I had the GI Bill coming in and I should have been putting that towards My student but I did not immediately. I started using the money to live off of and use zero towards my student loan, which I just delayed the inevitable and also, I had a son so I Like I said the hole the hole was deep When we met you were in the process of paying down your debt At what point did you realize? That it was an issue. I Realized it was the issue mainly after the divorce because during my marriage I Took the majority of the credit accounts and by the time we broke up I Realized that I had about eighteen creditors in my name most of them in charge off status and it wasn’t pretty Well guys the point of this first video of us to share a little bit about ourselves Who we are and where we’ve come from As you can see there’s been no inheritance We love to learn a little more about you Are you on your own debt debt free journey? Are you interested in real estate? Do you love to travel? If so, tell us more about it in the comments. We love your feedback if you like this video, give us a thumbs up and please subscribe until Next time this is lion hustle grab

4 thoughts on “Debt free in our 40s! Our first video!

  • Hi Reshawn & Rob!
    My wife and I discovered you both on the Bigger Pockets Money podcast! Thank you so much for sharing the story about your journey! It was nice to hear another couple share their journey to financial freedom! You both mentioned that he had a lot of finance books that have been really influential in your journey. In addition to Total Money Makeover what are your top finance books that you'd recommend? Thanks in advance!

  • Those "incentives" in college got me too 🙄
    I'm 30 something with a similar background so I can really relate to you guys 💓

  • @Learn Hustle Grow thanks for sharing your experiences and wealth of knowledge with us. I look forward to seeing your channel grow! Good Luck

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