Delegating with Confidence: Presented by Chase Ink

Narrator: With Ink
Business Unlimited, you get unlimited 1.5% cash back
on every purchase. It’s so simple, you don’t
even have to think about it. So, here’s something else to
think about for your business. Jerome: Drive! Stay in
your drive phase! There we go, 90 meters…
five meters… Lean! David: This is Jerome Avery,
my guide runner. Jerome: And this is David Brown, the fastest totally blind
athlete in the world. David: I never knew
how fast I could run until I delegated
my sight to Jerome. There’s no limit to
how fast I can go being tethered up to this guy. Honestly, giving up
control isn’t easy. I can’t use my eyes
like other people can, so I have to trust
him with it, fully. Jerome: There we go! David: As a small
business owner, you never know how far
your business can grow until you start
delegating your trust. Seeing how dedicated
Jerome is to his craft helped me trust him more. Jerome: In order for us to work we both have to be
on the same page. David: Him not only
communicating to me, but me communicating to
him is key to our success. And it’s the same for
a small business owner. When you establish trust
with your team and delegate effectively you’ll find new
ways to grow and evolve.

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