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Daschle at fallons disprin when we first started working at the King Hussein Cancer Center we obviously focus first on treatment because if we were to show that people can survive cancer in the first place then you really have a chance to better let abou about cancer homme de las a couch arbor abajo de Ajo satyron hasta la da cunha kamla the King Hussein Cancer Center is the only comprehensive cancer center in the entire Middle East over 100,000 visits every year and mas maaga solid machine facade to an intelligent man a super cool chick come up with an awesome halle hi we have no choice right now but to expand there is massive demand from all over the region awesome I'm Marla hamdullah eligible drama lady she will handle a servitor by Shirley Jo was at the annual monday i miss Kelly Monahan manana SI estaba en Comanche any flaw sana sana show binti bottom when a country is trying to develop cancer imposes an even heavier burden on it when such a large number of people succumb to cancer you are losing a big chunk of the productive sector of society most health systems in the world especially in poor countries are not investing enough in health the cause of disease don't go away because you don't treat them in fact they go up the cost in lost productivity in Las human capital they go up its spending in health is not a consumption it's not an expenditures it is an investment and that not spending enough in health is bad economic policy cuando algun cancer SI son mika mentos muy caros que una no puede pagar nos vemos al principio preocupados sin las que me o terapias no puede you know vencer esta enfermedad de la verga cuando me enfermes de cáncer de mama este me preocupo voice our golden dinero y la medicine doctor a key on seguro popular es una pollo para las personas que pues que no tenemos otro otros seguro otra attention medica me jaime esposo say me arreglaron el seguro popular seguro popular se encarga de pagar aces kimio terapias tan Cara's es mucha Yoda the innovation of the seguro popular is to include cancer as a disease so that there is no Mexican without access to free treatment for any cancer that they might get me open our own empezamos con la skinny owes a un nuevo programa que hora NOS permite a traceable hakeem en terapia nuestra propia casa terminan de ponerse a la una y noche estando aqui en su casa te cuesta mundo a distanza yo cree que no salio el ano pasado bendito sea Dios aqui esta el nuevo la contro la pena Wahconah conover my OC meter a picky a phone sim mas quisiera este a bikini safinaz latika phenomena davis opieop frac destiny see later only for Kayla prognosticator so again is AG teachers economize idea Jericho gondola by Muhammad Anwar entire konnyaku Yarrawonga relay in bara kazoku you could your uncle here no I feel I miss you and Rocco mon SE RI ki pari after the first chemotherapy administration the tumor started shrinking and I have I think photographs of every week so we gave her nine weeks of chemotherapy initially before the tumor was small enough for her to have surgery to remove the rest of it let's also only tetona the violet la mas de minuit city incroyable many public persona de lupita possess a tabula come here for nyemiah oh go back at your arms coo coo coo i'm so queer coma kanayama known okay Gary acaba got a bundle another kiss one of the greatest outcomes of what we've done is that it's completely transformed the the attitudes of the nurses on the ward now the attitude is kind of ok let's try even when we see a really difficult case re cool new movie ghirardelli co-creator Oh heroin curricula near guava forgot Khan said hara wanted to talk to whenever towards a more 22g to you ASAP of us in selma basket unset hunt frac oh now deuce alpha ket Gary dare we Debbie food is a crow caws our guara Bagga T removal domokun angie from my AA meeting I chill we can learn a lot of lessons just a few years ago we had no financing mechanism to diagnose prevent or treat for example AIDS in Africa people had said that we couldn't provide the care there it was too expensive it was too complicated patients wouldn't come for care there was stigma involved with the disease and we couldn't make people better and we've in fact proved them wrong it's a lesson we need to learn for cancer diagnosis and care cancer prevention and care is you need advocates when people started to actually live longer lives people said wow this this can actually be done and everything changed the same thing can happen with cancer you're starting to see the treatment of cancers that people couldn't even treat in developed countries 20 years ago they're treating him in these developing places you have to just see those outcomes and show those to the world every person has a right to receive excellent cancer treatment treating cancer should not just be an accident of geography so if we double down our efforts and continue to empower others to get involved that is what will ultimately see cancer become a global priority it's about sharing responsibility and ultimately it's about taking action there's no more powerful testimony than someone in the community who was dying of AIDS or cancer or whatever else and now is better that's that's all the publicity you need Oh Mona Samone uno como su iddk Tuesday young moon dipika nunca PB turn jeressa NOS watson dunno come enjoy jesselyn Radack I can't stay you you

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