hi this is max reporting for the inner set Brazil today I want to talk a little bit about abiding by the law this is the principle the base the base that generates democracy in every single corner of the world you know in Germany in Italy in Spain in Portugal in England in the United States in Canada in norway in sweden and finland in greenland in every single place that is civilized that has a democracy system democratic system in place you have to abide by the law you cannot go doing things by yourself without you know considering what's written on your constitution what's written on the law okay so what's what i want to say to these people that elected president terrible Senado is that if you do not abide by the law what you're trying to do is impose a sorry damned dictatorship in your country and that's what you want you want the same thing that is happening in venezuela right at the moment right you say you were against that you say you are in the side of the democratic world but you're not you wanna you wanna dictatorship because look for example brazil has a problem of corruption right so you can do anything to face corruption you can even break their law to face corruption yes okay so we have a lot of problem in brazil we have problem of hunger do we break the law to end hunger okay we have a lot of problem in brazil land distribution do we break the law to distribute the land in brazil do we invade the farms and take the land why not you know this is the problem that you know people in the developing world don't understand the means yen cannot justify the means okay Machiavelli right so you cannot go doing things without considering the law you cannot do that you know the United States of America you'll have to do everything by by law you've got to do things by by law and notices in America and if you want to build a country as good as United States of America you need to consider the law my friend consider your love boy so and these people are in love with the United States okay so you're in love with the United States so how about we try to make our country just like there's you know respecting the institution's how about that no you just want the executive power you want the president ruling without the Congress that's what you want you want our military our military forces you know not working for a state not working for the country not obeying the Constitution but working for our elbows on our obey engineer bosun ro kneeling to jettison our oh that's what you want and that's the recipe for fascism this is how Mussolini got in power this is hell out of Hitler God in power okay dictatorship this is how Pinochet got in part I've also now likes Pinochet right so yeah guys you got abide by the law even the judges yes they have even if they wear a you know Superman cloak they did they need to abide by the law the federal prosecutors they need to abide by the law just like you and I that's just wonderful isn't it isn't it no right because democracy is a system that is difficult but it's the best we got in a democracy you have to accept the differences differences of thought differ since on ideology oh my god so yeah I guess this is a problem for you you don't like people that are different okay okay so thank you very much this is max reporting for UNICEF Brazil

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