Democracy Gauge – James David Matthews

and this is of course where you get to rate our democracy are using three colors green means that our democracy is healthy yellow means we ought to be careful and red that our democracy may be in danger now both to working-class parents in 1929 in Cape Town's district six James David Matthews used his writing to fight the evils of the apartheid regime and he has over the decades become one of the most distinguished creative artists in South Africa Matthews began his journey as a writer working different jobs including being a newspaper boy and office messenger clerk of telephonist and also a journalist s ABC News caught up with him at his Silverton home on the Cape Town Flats away he's another snide – year-old poet and novelist shared his passion for writing how did you know you want to be a bird or is it something that you stumbled upon it was one way of expressing things in fact my first writings were proce and if I must say writing in a serious manner I brought out the park and other stories now the park in itself try to enlighten people s of the horrors of apartheid here is a park that blacks could not enter whites of all sorts all ages the kids the only blacks that were in the park were to use a horrible word the name is who looked after and of course the park intended attendant was also colored but I became more and more aware by the horridness of the park because my mother was a domestic servant my father was illiterate he was a dock laborer and my mother did but one who turned cha for watch so I often walk past a park what bundle of washing Reptilia Anna looking for whatever to take to the Maidan and then I pause outside the park and look and it's kids enjoy now my heart is on these kids on swings and made it world and whatever the enjoyment on their faces and I couldn't change I must have been about ten twelve I labeled myself is a dissident poet fighting the system the horrors of apartheid when I wrote cry of eight in conjunction with Linda's Thomas cry rate it was a first book of poetry then they spoke about in Parliament they couldn't decide whether the poetry cry rate was a book of poetry or petrol bomb so they banned it in 76 Peter Jones janeshia myself and the three others we were to use it them we were there for adults when the vast amount of students from you lovely see we went on holiday a bit of a stay of innocence and we most of us spend our period in solitary confinement but getting the problems out of prison was a problem because they the police africanus the first look you mustn't speak closer then they get to know it so I told London way when his wife comes he must speak the truth wife in Purcell they lie and a proverbial produced today's democracy gauge and it acknowledges all citizens and is powered by s ABC News and that

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