Democracy Gauge – Seoketsi Moeketsi from Schweizer Reneke

and as promised it's time now for our regular democracy gauge feature and this is where you get to rate our democracy and we use three colors green a means our democracy is healthy yellow means we must be careful and rid of course means that our democracy may be in danger now peace and democracy means being able to walk the streets comfortably without the fear of someone attacking you and this is the view of transgender activist as Yoko teamwork it see from Schweitzer Anika in the northwest province wickety believes that for as long as black gender diverse people are under threat of attack and discrimination there is no democracy let's take a look my name is surrogate Samoa Katie I hail from the northwest province every small town named so I renegade also known as a benefit I choose rage to gauge my democracy because we live in a society that constantly denounced denounces and dehumanizes people who are similar to them we have you know queer people that are constantly raped on a daily but because of that we can't just go to any police station and suggestive I have personally encountered a hate crime in November 2017 way by hours verbally and physically assaulted by a male nurse who resides inside Aronica when it was time for the police to parrot eyes my case such did not happen even when I went to the healthcare facilities to to ask for assistance the same doctor who I believe works closely with this man went to the extreme blends of just erasing me I just can't believe it it's crazy growing up in a town where you're constantly humiliated and reminded of your unworthiness as a black you know gender diverse personals in this space somehow leads me to come to your highness work to actually seek a better life what is my dream and hope for South Africa as long as we are in a country whereby our resources have not been returned to its rightful owners then what are we speaking about the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer the fact that we don't have queer people running for positions of power positions that influences policies and X is quite problematic to manage that every thirty second a black woman is raped and burned then what are we talking about peace and democracy for me means being able to work on the street comfortable and not even have to worry about anyone attacking me from the backside from anyway but peace what dreams are we talking about and thus in Langley hehe produced today's democracy gauge and democracy gauge acknowledges all citizens and is powered by SAV senior

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