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  • @JohananRaatz ~ Oh, I see your problem. If I thought the people were evil, I'd hate the idea of democracy, too. But, I know the average human only wants peace, justice, and prosperity for posterity. Don't you? Does anyone you know want less. There are just a few tiny, greedy minds who want things like they are: the banksters and their hired goons: the politicians. The world's leaders are Humanity's only real threat and only true, declared enemy. If it weren't for them, we'd have heaven,

  • @JohananRaatz ~ There's never been a government designed to define and fulfill the true will of the people. Hence, there's never been a true democracy. It's always been railroaded into facism or oligarchy by factions of powerful evil people. You can't blame something that never existed for all the world's problems. Nor can you rightfully call it evil. And, I suspect people who fight against democracy work for those evil people.

  • @dutchfreedoms How can a system be horrible if it makes the will of the majority the law of the land? We all want peace, justice, freedom and prosperity. Don't you? Or, do you prefer rule by the tiny mob of psychotic banksters who illegally own our planet and Us and have now sucked both dry? Or, are you one of those monsters? Or, are you simply ignorantly quoting their expensive propaganda, incorrectly?

  • @NOBS4321 ~ We didn't have the connective, interactive and computing technoloty for real or direct democracy until the Internet happened. It's not easy to perpetually define the true will of the people about everything that affects them. Shame that now that we have the technology, a system of real democracy can't be put together, or rather that the banksters won't allow it to happen. They have us divided and conquered. We need some way to unite against them, behind our common goals.

  • @bugsz1 ~ I can neither be predator nor prey. And, it's true, "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all others." ~ Churchill.


  • @bugsz1 ~ We'd all rather be ruled by a majority of our neighbors than by that tiny mob of psychotic banksters who plan to kill 90% of us and enslave the rest, who illegally own our world and us. You know them, the guys you work for.

  • Democracy is nonexistent. Democracy is government designed to define and fulfill the true will of the people. Our will has never been defined or espressed. It's only been repressed. The advent of real democracy, such as the system at MajorityVoice (Nepal can have the code), will begin the prophesied thousand years of peace, because peace, justice and prosperity are the values we'll all vote for. It's time. OUR WILL BE DONE! Only We will always have our best interests at heart. Let's rule!

  • @dutchfreedoms minorities have as much of a say in a good democracy as any race. you are an idiot for posting this comment. the US is 15 percent black, look at whos the president.

  • Democracy is only the power of the majority. The people rather than the marginalized. That is why it was such a slow process for certain individuals to have the rights they have today. It was because democracy allowed the majority to decide. We can argue whether or not an alternative may be better but it is hard to deny the problems democracy harbors.

  • i agree with tomleeza, however democracy is one of the best system in the world but it doesn't work if more than 51% of people are stupid. Nepal is an example of it.

  • no offense but, the exact opposite of what you said is true. WITH taxes will the rich get richer, taxes are for poor people, and for the rich to avoid, therefore keeping the poor poor and the rich rich. but as far as im concerned thats irrelevent. taxes cant ever be used properly because taxes are theft, are you saying theft is okay?
    btw there is no "usa australia uk" countries do not exist, they are imaginary lines in the sand to keep humanity divided.

  • Taxes when used properly are essential for the development of any country. In countries like Nepal you will be surprised at how rich people are a fact in relation to the number of families sending their children abroad to USA, Australia, UK and Switzerland for further education. Whereas the country itself is poor. Without proper implementation of taxes (direct or indirect) the rich will just keep getting richer and the poor more desperate.

  • No. People live in the agreement that aggression payed responds in aggression. It is also understood that taxes help get things done. When taxes are too much, protests occur. To little, civil decay occurs, which follows with protest.

  • I'm not sure what comment you're replying to, but if someone tried to bash my head in, I'd have to miss with 6 rounds.

  • so in a free world (a non gang ruled one) you wouldnt do anything to stop someone from bashing your head in? why wouldn't you defend yourself?

    this is so depressing…

  • you think stealing is bad? okay good so do i. now let me ask you this, how are taxes collected?
    this may come as a shock to you but, people are free to do anything NOW, this IS the "law of the jungle" as you would put it, anarchy. we live in anarchy constantly, anybody at any time can do what they want. and to answer your question no, most people think its okay to steal because most people think taxes are perfectly okay.

  • But how can any form socialism actually be considered "good" if it inherently advocates the forcible theft of property and freedom?

    Is this judgement of good or bad based on simple "intent", cause, or some "social justice"?

    If you judge the cause or intent of the socialism (theft…) to be noble or just, it automatically justifies the larger crime of forcible theft? In socialism, who makes the call as to what cause is good, and which one is bad?

  • yeah i agree that people just don't understand the circumstances that create their problems. because usually people will wait till the last minute to do something about the worlds problems. as it is everyone believes the world owes them all of life's earnings without working for them is sadly ironic and self centered.

  • you are absolutley stupid. we choose 1 person to rule. At leasts we choose. those commies are all owned by the goverment and have no freedom… Good luck living.

  • lol.. u guys actually think debtaing issues over outube comments with people who are using online names will change opinions… give it a break

    Nice video btw… love the way its been sequenced… n for a change, actually heard someone from my country rap well 🙂

  • every system has an advantage and disadvantage. there is no 3rd less painful perfect alternative and by that any system will only work a well as the people who use it are willing to do whats right and effective. the world is flawed because humans are flawed its that simple. most people i think has unreasonable expectations, society will never ever be perfect and yet the world demands perfection regardless.

  • Great to see people expressing their thoughts and frustrations through art- instead of the gun.

    Good work guys!

  • see,, the problem is even thou the laws and officials are in placed,, Murders and kidnappings still existing! But not as much if the laws and government don't existed at all!! Without laws,, People free to do things,, ANYTHING!! It doesn't matter if is right or wrong because people need to survive!! Of course i believe Steal from people is bad,, but do all people think that way????

  • so your saying to me that there are no rapes murders or kidnappings today? let me ask you a question. do you belive its okay to steal from people?

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