Democracy: Make Your Voice Heard

Democracy is a free and independent media. Democracy is about freedom. Democracy is when you can freely express your opinion without the fear for yourself. Democracy is when our leaders rule our countries for us, and not for themselves. Democracy is children growing up in peace. Democracy is having my voice heard and knowing that it matters. Democracy. Make your voice heard. Democracy Make your voice heard International Day of Democracy, 15th September With special thanks to Angus Oborn and Matt Greenslade

3 thoughts on “Democracy: Make Your Voice Heard

  • "Democracy, is having my voice hear, and knowing that it matters."

    …As long as you voted with the rest of the Mob. Sorry individuals. If you want your stupid individual liberties, go find yourself a Republic.

  • Two scenarios. In fact, I see this question as "Which comes first, the chicken … or the egg?" and all of us know the answer!

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