Democracy Review

hi everyone we're now in Phase two of student consultation as part of our democracy review here at Students Union some of you might remember last Tim that we engage in independent external consultants to come and look at how we do democracy at the Students Union and give us some recommendations for change now that consultant has heard all of your feedback through focus groups interviews and surveys and we've looked at your feedback with him to come up with five big proposals for changing things as we move forward and try to make our democratic structures better here at the SU so the first recommendation that we're putting forward and what your opinions are is to combine the two student group sabbatical officer roles into one position moving forward the second is to abolish general meetings and instead add something called a policy inquiry which is where we look at complicated and complex and controversial decisions together in a better way we also want to replace councils with student executives which are elected students who will work alongside the sabbatical officers to help them with their policy work the fourth idea is to create service development groups to give us feedback on our commercial operation and other areas of service provision and finally we want to introduce funded student collectives for underrepresented student groups to help them with their specific needs let us know what you think during the consultation over this next week

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