we are democracy we are pioneers we are achievers we are diverse we are thankful we are America when I'm unable to speak when my voice has been taken away they need in this room for Russian that's why I feel like democracy and having a voice goes hand in hand democracy means to me that anyone can have an influence on the leadership of the country on the decisions that are influencing our communities man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible but man's inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary my family came to the United State as asylum seeker original was born with Democratic Republic of the Congo it's just full of violence gunshot off the conch I didn't want my future to be like that when I was six we got flooded out we were forced to stop farming for a living after the flood my dad got involved in the fracking fight he'd started bringing my brother and I to these events but when I looked around the room I was the only young person and that was kind of my jumpstart into youth empowerment knowing how it's like to lose your sense of self gives me more hopes to express my voice in a way that I wouldn't have if I had been back where I was coming from young people are ready to engage with the world and be leaders today we're not going to wait to make a difference this is our world I was nominated to be on the earth Guardians National Council now I along with 22 other young people empower other youth to take action saying that we can learn a lot from this generation I stand before you representing the indigenous peoples of this earth and those that will inherit the effects of our climate crisis that we face today I got involved in Archon in my senior high school I don't find something that's concrete and will be very meaningful to me and helped me grow as a person so the position of our communities to empower young people in raising their voice to using art in demanding a suitable planet that's lievable we see a lot of faces of our founding fathers but what we don't see is the slaves the indigenous people and the young people who had ambition had motivation the same people we get this message from our peers that the world is a very bad place and so my thing is just showing them hope and empowering them because they chose them i matter to democracy alone of all forms of government enlist the full force of men's enlightened well using our creativity using our imagination that is how we can create positive change in the world we tell our stories to the world it's time to tell yours how will you shape American democracy

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