Democratic Party opens photo exhibition showcasing Japan’s wartime atrocities

A special photo exhibition opened at parliament
today. Evidence of Japan’s wartime atrocities were
displayed, to remind Tokyo to stop denying the past. Kim Mok-yeon takes us there. The ruling Democratic Party’s Special Committee
on the Japanese Economic Aggression opened a photo exhibition on Wednesday… depicting
Japan’s past wartime atrocities. Japan denies it, but South Korea says Tokyo’s
latest economic restrictions are an act of retaliation for decisions last year by the
Supreme Court in Seoul holding Japanese companies liable for wartime forced labor. In remarks opening the exhibition, Democratic
Party chairman Lee Hae-chan condemned the Japanese government’s latest measures, and
said the Abe administration is once again denying the past. “The forced labor and comfort women issues
are more than a row between Seoul and Tokyo. It is about Japan’s understanding of humanity
and of universal human rights. Japanese politicians in the past had a sense
of conscience, but the Abe administration is denying the past and infringing on freedom
of expression.” The three-day exhibition, features an array
of old photos and vivid interviews donated by the so-called comfort women and the victims
of forced labor under Japan during World War 2. Visitors attached chrysanthemums to the photos
as a symbol to honor the victims ahead of the national memorial day for the comfort
women, which falls on August 14th. Organizers say they hope the exhibition could
remind the public of the pains of the past, as well as to help understand and heal the
wounds of the Korean victims.” Kim Mok-yeon, Arirang News.

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