Democratic Socialism and Bernie Sanders

[Applause] now folks this may seem cliche but I really believe this we can do anything we have to do if we're united and I don't mean united in this vote blue crazy kind of United I'm talking about United and a sense of purpose and you know gold way back and when I say way back I'm talking about even the Obama era people wanted to believe they wanted hope and change what they didn't understand was the way the game was stacked but they didn't understand was what was really at stake with getting it wrong and in Obama they saw a man who had charisma who was young it was African American who had fresh ideas and was preaching the word of Hope who had been seen as a community organizer he had a family that had a lot of intellectual credentials we didn't get that kind of hope and we didn't get that kind of change actually I should say we got a lot of Hope we just had it all dashed when we found out that Obama was actually a third way neoliberal he had seven countries being bombed I got to tell you Obama for a lot of the people who have decided that party allegiance is less of a concern than reality was a huge letdown going from Cornel West to many many others including sandy charity and others who have said point blank that Obama did not deliver and then we get stuck with Donald Trump because the hope the change it didn't happen and the hope and change we were all looking for was not the hope and change of neoliberalism hope and change we were looking for was this word that we hadn't really quite come to grips with in terms of democratic socialism Bernie Sanders came along in 2015 he had been saying the stuff since Saturday forever but he came along in 2015 and a whole breed of new people heard of what democratic socialism was all of a sudden people were not ashamed we're not afraid we're not allowing red-baiting to turn them away from saying hey I want to live in a society where people are taken care of I want to live in a society where we don't just walk over the poor laying in the streets but we help pick them up I want to live in a society where the things that matter like I need to be able to take off for work because my family is ill and I don't want to get penalized for it I want to be able to get this health care problem taken care of and I don't want to sit there and go bankrupt because I have a bum lever I want to be able to go to college but because it didn't win the lottery of life I won't be able to get to so we need to fix that I mean Bernie brought fresh ideas he was the guy that came out the first real candidate that it's spoken clearly about democratic socialism I know there's some people out there that are like you know 200 percent proof socialists that you know Bernie's not enough for right but bottom line Bernie Sanders came out and he just totally changed what everyone thought a movement was born whether you thought so or not and that movement even with people trying to peel away folks is still alive and well will it get Bernie into the White House your guess is as good as mine the DNC is still just as rigged and crooked as it ever was nothing has changed with our voting system and the vote blues are out still trying to tell you well wouldn't you vote for any other vote blue when you vote for any other Democrat anyone but Trump so not a whole lot changed in society unfortunately but yeah oh so much has changed with those who were touched touched by this movement who found real hope in this so what Bernie Sanders did recently and I say this less as a political take and more on a sociological a societal you know time stamp kind of like a a period in our lives that really stands out like as a momentous gave a speech the other day now he's given another speech back in 2016 on what democratic socialism was I believe it was at Georgetown but this speech was different this most recent speech was really different and he laid an extremely unapologetic case for returning to FDR's New Deal minded thinking a big brave bold set of proposals not mealy-mouthed not dinking and dunking around the edges not like people below a hundred thousand get help with their college and these people over here get stuck with their college and this happened no he's like this is going to be for citizens for the United States we are going to transform our nation and it was absolutely powerful was electric I missed it up I said he is speaking my language I get it this is what I want this is what most of us want and so there was an article I want to really want to play the full power of Bernie's speech here and I'm not gonna play it you can look it up we'll provide the link to it actually the article that I'm about to read through has most of the salient quotes in it so hopefully this Cliff Notes version will be a teaser and you can go watch the video on your own if you haven't seen it yet but let me go ahead and bring this up this article was in common dreams and it is a powerful powerful article by Ernest canning and it starts out titled Bernie Sanders delivered the most profound speech since we lost MLK starts off with a quote from Louis Brandeis Brandes we can have a democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few but we can't have both it is not hyperbole to suggest that senators and Bernie Sanders June 12 29 teen democratic socialism speech was as profound as any delivered by either of the two men who Sanders frequently quoted Franklin Delano Roosevelt and dr. Martin Luther King jr. it was a speech in which the Vermont senator revealed that his campaign and accompanying political revolution offer a unique vehicle for societal transformation from what Jimmy Carter described as an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery to the realization of the promise offered by President and Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address government of the people by the people and for the people sanders brilliantly coupled a condemnation of the tyranny of capitalist oligarchy with FDR's recognition that democracy and freedom are unattainable in the absence of economic security that message was so powerful that all three major corporate owned cable networks Fox News CNN and MSNBC abruptly terminated their live coverage mid speech they did so before Sanders outlined what he described as a 21st century economic Bill of Rights Bernie noted that income and wealth inequality have soared to levels not seen since the onset of the Great Depression three families he said control more wealth than the bottom half of the country some hundred and sixty million people now before I go on I want you to think about this all three major networks cut out midway through his speech think about that I've done cut out there's a blackout going on if you didn't know this and it's a blackout for the progressive movement and then deep around the progressive movement is too busy sniping and who's left enough and who's right enough when you've got Bernie who is leading the charge yeah I would call it shameful that this is not obvious to people what the hell I'm gonna call it shameful it is goddamn shameful that people are diverting attention to impeachment diverting attention to other candidates diverting attention from this most incredibly important time where we can change the entire narrative of our nation these other candidates are not providing anything transformative and those that are are biting off a Bernese game they're ape and Bernie's game so let's keep going Bernie noted that income and wealth inequality have soared to levels not seen since the onset of the Great Depression three families he said control more wealth than the bottom half of the country so hundred and sixty million people that was actually an understatement as of 2017 America's three richest individuals Bill Gates Jeff Bezos some Warren Buffett owned as much wealth as the bottom hundred and sixty million according to a report released by Sanders by Institute of Policy Studies if left unchecked Josh Hardy the study's co-author observed wealth will continue to accumulate into fewer and fewer hands Sanders underscored Hardy's point by noting that forty nine percent of all new income today goes to the top one percent forty nine percent of all income goes to the top one percent that that's just ridiculous the problem of gaping inequality is not limited to whether it leads to an unsustainable breaking point that can spiral into the next great depression as explained by kevin phillips in wealth and democracy quoting political scientist Samuel Harrington money becomes evil not when it is used to buy goods but when it is used to buy power economic inequalities become evil when they are translated into political inequalities political inequity in equality in turn leads to more dangerous economic inequalities extreme inequality is dangerous because in Sanders view it paves the way for demagogues to exploit widespread anger and despair as occurred in the 1930s then as now standard profit Sanders proffered deeply-rooted and seemingly intractable economic and social disparities led to the rise of right-wing nationalist forces all for the world in Europe Bernie added the danger and despair was ultimately harnessed by authoritarian demagogues who fused corporatism nationalism racism xenophobia into a political movement that a masked totalitarian power destroyed it ultimately murdering millions of people including members of my own family Sanders lost family in this it's not like something that he's pointing at it's something he experienced he lived through me he owns and now he's trying to rectify and make sure no one else ever has to go through it in an offhand admonishment to the it can't happen here crowd people who were shocked to see neo-nazis taking part in a torch lit march in Charlottesville Sanders reminded us that on February 20th 1939 over 20,000 Nazis held a mass rally in Madison Square Garden in front of a 30-foot tall banner of George Washington bordered with swastikas Sanders a self-described Democratic Socialist revealed that which political scientists have long known bernie is not a textbook socialist fancy that he does not seek public ownership of the means of production to the contrary Sanders is essentially an FDR like new dealer who calls for ordinary citizens to take on what FDR described as the old enemies of peace business and financial monopoly speculation reckless banking class antagonism sectionalism and war profiteering now what's not to love about that and for those people that just want to burn it down sorry it's that's not what he's saying there so I appreciate you'll have feels about that but for the rest of us that are you know looking at our autistic children and hoping that we can make some headway it's pretty damn good anyway Sanders quoting dr. Martin Luther King we all to have socialism for the rich and rugged free-market capitalism for the poor transform the word socialism from a right-wing epithet to a useful tool for exposing right-wing apocrypha President Trump and his fellow oligarchs Bernie observed hate democratic socialism because it benefits working people but they absolutely love corporate socialism examples of corporate socialism include massive government subsidies and tax breaks the pharmaceutical industry profiting from public research and a 700 billion dollar Wall Street bailout that was accompanied by trillions of dollars in federal interest-free loans now some from CNBC Squawk Box said things to say about this obviously it's a not a a literal thing what he's saying is this that hey we're not talking about owning the means of production we're talking about who is giving the benefit of public money public money not taxpayer dollars public money public money being money that is created by our government every time Congress authorizes spending and every time it sanctions attacks it deletes that money he's talking about that though he doesn't specifically say that for a host of reasons he's already fighting the war of explaining with democratic socialism as he's already fighting a war to beat back red baiting and McCarthyism in 2019 he is fighting a war on so many fronts that you're just gonna have to get over at Peter Pan count shockula and grow the hell up okay all right all right good talk let's keep going Bernie made a general reference to government subsidies received by the Trump Organization and the future he'd do well to specifically point out 157 million New York taxpayer monies used to build privately owned Trump golf course in the Bronx now I want to talk about that New York taxpayer monies New York is a state states are not monetarily sovereign whenever a state spends money unless it's been granted a grant a block grant some sort of a subsidy from the federal government etc it literally is taxpayer dollars so when New York gives money out it is literally giving taxpayer money and Donald Trump received one hundred and fifty-seven million in New York taxpayer monies used to build the privately owned Trump Golf Course in the Bronx think about that now federal dollars New York dollars he literally sqeezed 157 million from New Yorkers without mentioning them by name Sanders demolished the concept of freedom as advanced by self-described libertarians or as Steve calls them lol Burt Aryans like the rapacious Koch brothers there's as a vice into virtue ideology that extols individual greed as a virtue and rejects the very existence 'as of public interest beyond individual or group self-interest and is a philosophy that is at odds with a core purpose of government explicitly recognized by the US Constitution to promote the general welfare the public purpose the public purpose being you and I serving our needs libertarianism is directly opposed to it what a shame now you know why I'm not an lol Bert Aryan anyway the freedom the Koch brothers extol is unfettered ability of the privileged few to amass enormous wealth of the expense of the many but as FDR and now Bernie Sanders forcefully observed for the rest of us there can neither there can be neither democracy nor freedom without Economic Security folks how many of you have Economic Security in your lives how many of you are chase running from an axe falling because you're a contractor or maybe you're in the gig economy and for those of you who have been at your job for 30 years some of us were out a job for 17 or 18 years and found the axe it can happen to you don't get cocky but as after noting the extreme wealth inequality not only has a detrimental impact on the quality of life but has also produced a significant disparity in life expectancy that the life the length of life man you want to talk about murder neoliberalism austerity is murder period how many people do you have to murder to go to jail well most people would only have to murder one person they go to jail but these freaking neoliberals they can murder millions and they get patted on the back for being great free market minded people go figure anyway Barney asked a series of rhetorical questions to drive him the point eg are you truly free if you cannot afford the prescription jug you need to stay alive Sanders then argued for a 21st century economic Bill of Rights in order to complete FDR's unfinished New Deal this would include the rights to a decent job that pays a living wage to quality health care a complete education affordable housing a secure retirement and to a clean environment that Bernie proclaimed as the essence of democratic socialism now that's the end of our article here and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna ask you I'm gonna put this question out to you I want you to think about it long and hard the big thing there because Bernie's economic team has been working day and night is to explain to people that not only is everything that he's saying he wants to do doable but it's easily affordable easily without having to eat our Peas without having to make tough choice think about that a monetarily sovereign nation has no problem spending 750 billion dollars on the military without raising taxes in fact lowering taxes the birdies not talking about government-run what he's talking about his government paid for and regulated huge chasm a difference if you don't understand that if you think that somehow or another Bernie's advocating for doctors and and you know whatever to suddenly be making you know minimum wage you're a fool to stop but what he's done is he's laid the groundwork for all of our basic needs a federal job guarantee free student yeah free college eliminating student debt I want you to think about what democratic socialism is so that you can defend it so that you're not stuttering and stammering when these idiots come at you trying to knock you off your game say well Marx and communism and there's not no one is asking for that or the few that are there not the ones we're talking about right now we're talking about what Bernie is putting forward and what Bernie is putting forward is going to help all of us immediately this is not some pie-in-the-sky thing however it is absolutely dependent on you and I we the people understanding the economics understanding what it means to be a democratic socialist understanding what it means to be a social democracy understanding that spending on the public purpose is not in any way shape or form the same as communism or anything else like that after a little while you can't keep giving yourself a pass you can't keep cutting yourself a little slack at some point in time you got to break a little sweat to learn this stuff at some point in time you've got to realize how vital it is that you become useful in this fight and that you stop posting nonsense as a social media activist and you stop talking nonsense at the watercooler and that you stop going to nonsense rallies and start putting your focus where it matters a green new deal teaching people what it means to be a Democratic Socialist and what it means more importantly without the labels just to spend on the public purpose including for Republicans and lol Burt Aryans and vote blue sycophants that will try to put a neoliberal in there folks just twenty other candidates being placed up on that stage and of those twenty there's only a couple and I mean literal couple maybe two or three tops that have a dream that is even worth talking about but none of them not Tulsi not Elizabeth Warren not anyone comes close to the breadth and vision a Bernie Sanders there's an entire machine and a movement backing this we can do great things but it does take all of us to care enough to stop checking out to stop being trivial progressives but start being real progressives stop showing up when it's convenient and start showing up when it's not convenient start doing work when it hurts not just when it's easy pitch in when you need to not when you want to do what must be done not what you feel you can do stop giving self a pass for being too busy and start finding time when you're on the toilet do what you must to make this happen because without us the right-wing they're licking their chops they're counting on you being a trivial progressive a part-time warrior a sometimes activist and when it's convenient minded progressive now if I don't have anything better to do and there's no concert to drink in to do tonight kind of progressive oh there's no party tonight so maybe I can be a progressive tonight he really requires you to understand what's at stake if you don't stay committed and focused Bernie Sanders gave the speech of a lifetime what are you gonna do with it are you gonna go run around talking about impeaching Trump you know talk about some other distraction you better play it straight folks because this opportunities gonna pass before our very eyes and the suffering will be immense I'm Steve krumbine with real progressives have a great day everybody I'm out and by the way for those who act like dads no children look up to him as a dad for those of you play the role of dad happy Father's Day good night you

17 thoughts on “Democratic Socialism and Bernie Sanders

  • Healthcare, a college education, and affordable housing shouldn't be a privilege available only to those who win the birth lottery, it should be available to everyone.

  • The big pharma whores other wise known as the cable news networks are doing their job well with news blackouts and half truths to kill Bernie Sanders progressive movement in it's cradle. With phrases like " the extreme left wing radical socialist Bernie Sanders is trying to outlaw the private health care insurance companies so many Americans have come to trust and rely on. You see what they're doing here? The big bad wolf is coming to take away your health care. Of coarse this is half truth horse shit, but when they are not blocking Bernie's message, his coverage is only an opportunity for cable news to stick the knife in his back and therefore our backs. The DNC has spawned varying degrees of Bernie clones to drain off support and skew his poll numbers in an effort to demoralize supporters. This is just a preview of what the movement is up against. The opposition is like a rabid vampire bat tenaciously sucking the life blood out of any semblance of the common good, for their own self interests, and if it is possible to run this gauntlet, Trump and his thugs are lying in wait with baseball bats in hand. I love Bernie for his honesty, but up against the tactics of our opposition I sometimes wish Bernie had used the old bait and switch. Pretending to be more conservative until our goal was achieved.

  • In 2007, China had only 29 companies that made the Global 500. In 2018, China had 111 firms that made the cut. More interestingly, 78 of those 111 (so 70%) are state owned. Plenty of allegedly capitalist western multinationals are in joint ventures with those Chinese SOEs.

    Why should rich families and the largest of shareholders get to enrich themselves and the chinese state? At the very least it’s time for American SOEs too. Those MNCs can enter into joint ventures with American SOEs to get market access here same as in China.

  • Thanks Steve!
    Another message that needs to be heard right now.
    Many of us are working hard right now, teaching those asking questions, putting truthful information out there at every opportunity.
    We're right on the same page with you, take heart!

  • have Americans forgotten that the purpose of the economy is to maximize prosperity to as many people as possible? because right now prosperity is maximized into a few individuals, something big needs to change

  • Not a strong believer in polls, but the mere fact that Fox News released the results saying that Bernie would beat Trump by 9 points is a good sign:

  • "70% of Chinese millennials (ages 19 to 36) already own their own homes." Why? FISCAL POLICY. Using fiscal policy for public purpose again, that our Wall St-controlled government ended 40 years ago, will lead us out of the downward spiral of the middle class.

    "Home ownership has been called “the quintessential American dream.” Yet today less than 65% of American homes are owner occupied, and more than 50% of the equity in those homes is owned by the banks. Compare China, where, despite facing one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world, a whopping 90% of families can afford to own their homes."

  • Thank you Steve, for raising the points you did in this video. You are educating the people here…. We must educate ourselves to be able defend ourselves from the "boogeyman" propaganda against Democratic Socialism…

    Neoliberalism has had decades to demonize our "people owned" socialism, calling it state owned communism, and corporate media love the bastardization, and use it to attack the good this would be for people.

    Democratic Socialism is of the people, by the people for the people…….. We have to fight for this, and state, this was what the constitution was really about… It was not about greed, corruption and dark money….

    We have to stand together; we have to defend our noble cause, and we have to defend our great Bernie Sanders. We do this by educating ourselves, so that we can educate all of our people.

    Plato once said “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when people are afraid of the light.” We must strive to not vote against ourselves, and  bring all of our people into the light to end this scourge on humanity from Neoliberalism

  • Holy shit, you've gone off the deep end. From MMT educator to mindless Berner. The last democratic socialist in the US spent time in jail for his efforts.

    Nobody except Rush Limbaugh believes Bernie is a democratic socialist. Not even the DNC. Bernie's run-of-the-mill social democratic ideas are too much for them, including a good portion of the party faithful. And now you're claiming he's some sort of revolutionary? You should hope they do Berners a favor and disqualify Bernie from running as a Democrat. Then you wouldn't be wasting your energy on another year of campaigning.

    At least AOC is a member of the DSA. At least she has to guts to talk about MMT in terms that aren't vague. I'm not holding my breath for Bernie to follow suit.

    If Bernie Sanders were to drop dead tomorrow, you would be exactly where you are now: all hope and no hat.

  • Obama became a "disciple" of Amitai Etzioni in law school. He and Anthony Giddens are the two founders of third-way politics. I see Etzioni as a conservative, not a liberal.

  • I wanted hope and change. Truly believed Obama would bring it to fruition.

    But he did not.

    Hope and change lie not in one person, but we the People United.

    ¡El Pueblo, unido, avancé al vencido!

  • Democratic Socialism = People vote to decide what their tax dollars get used for.

    Not a scary concept, yet the MSM and corporate establishment try to paint it as such.

  • the powers that be will try ANYTHING to silence Bernie and the true progressive movement. shows they are afraid–as they well should be…

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