Democrats tap dance around economy growth, push socialism

we're breaking down the debate from last night the first democratic debate this was called the kids table and I can tell you you know Elizabeth Warren had the center seat and all this she did not have a good night and and and and the Democrat Network that carried at NBC with their Democrat host they knew it right away that she was not on she was not having a good night last night and so they minimized her they really didn't use her all that much they really didn't and and it makes sense because she was saying the same claptrap she usually does she you know the again when she's talking about big government and evil corporations it sounds like she's stuck in 1960 a you know we got to fight the man the corporations man they're greedy man and yet the economy as we mentioned a little while ago is rocking right now well if she's talking about the corporations that are making profits and that's kind of the idea of a corporation is to make profits dare they make profits so that you can hire more people and these but the more people that you can hire are the ones who turn around and pay taxes so that you can do all this socialism and communism stuff now I'm fully convinced after last night and and last night really wasn't the you know factor that convinced me to drug me across the line of it convinced of this a long time but they are moving us through socialism and eventually two on and on communism where they control business and an out and out control business businesses evil business is bad business needs to be done away with and all that needs to exist is government because that's all they wanted to talk about last night well and again that's it shows their disconnect because they're acting like the economy that we have is not actually going on everything she said is happening businesses are investing in their employees and businesses are investing in America big time because of the actions of Donald Trump and again watching these people tap-dance around the reality of the economy ignoring the the job numbers and the unemployment unemployment numbers which are at record levels for blacks and Latinos and acting like we're still in this place where either one percenters are running everything and and first off they're all one percenters of course standing on the stage mother healthy people you know again just puts that just in and how before get wealthy so I mean when you look at it the people who go into politics and who live their lives in Washington DC year in and year out they're the ones who are making all the money now AOC is the real leader of the Democrat Party and Owsley that was on display last night because Stephen Colbert had her on after the debate was over with did Stephen Colbert ask Nancy Pelosi what she thought about the debate no did he ask Chuck Schumer what he thought about the debate Chuck whoo right so who's leading this party here she is AOC what were some of the biggest moments to you what in your text chains this big it can kind of seem like a high school classroom and and so there are some folks that like didn't seem like they read the book and then they got called on so they'll answer the question or still get called on and I don't think some Kansas has thought that they were gonna get called on the first question and then like yes the hero was courageous and the protagonist of the story yes oh he brings up the whale right there you go so that makes sense right there so um and she also pointed out some of the people that she thought were you know really well perform really well and all that we heard about open borders last night we heard a lot about open borders it started off rough anyway cut him 12 here Chris shut it off with Savannah Guthrie Gus Guthrie asking a question of little Bobby O'Rourke and it was about 70% tax rates and he didn't want to answer the question about whether or not he supports 70% tax rates so then he had to break into Spanish listen to this this economy has got to work for everyone and right now we know that it isn't and it's gonna take all of us coming together to make sure that it does Nessus is almost in cuido persona en el éxito de este economy ax pero si quiere Moses Edison necesitamos in Kuya cada persona in westeros democracia right now we have a system that favors those who can pay for access and outcomes that's how you explain an economy that is rigged to corporations and to the very wealthiest a two trillion dollars so no so that that type of attitude continued and then a little bit later on in the show cut number five he wanted to talk about impeaching Donald Trump he believes that impeachment ought to begin right now as president would you do anything to address the potential crimes that were outlined in mr. Mellors report yes and I'll tell you why if we allow him to get away with this with complete impunity then we will have set a new standard and that is that some people because of the position of power and public trust that they hold are above the law and we cannot allow that to stand so we must begin impeachment now so that we have the facts and the truth and we follow them as far as they go and as high up as they reach and we save this democracy and if we've not been able to do this so you can hear this in in the tone of his voice he made no connection with the audience last night he his spastic movements and all that that he that he does and I speak with my hands too but his spastic movements did not you know cut through on the camera last night he just looked like a spaz he else pazzo he sounded totally airhead right like AOC does he had no grasp of any facts or any figures so I predict he's done I I think last night toasted him he's L toast oh yeah right he's done to put it to put it in the vernacular from last night he's toast I'm surprised he didn't like with necesito el impeach Oh Donald don't although Trump oh you know he was obnoxious yeah he's done Beto who that was it for him yeah uh Leon outshines you you're done and that's what happened wholly on believe it or not guys who Leon put Beto or Bobby away last night already I refuse to call him Beto cuz he's co-opting something he's making us he's making it up it's a scam yeah it is so little Bobby was I think put away by who Leon last because it look the bottom tier one of those guys in the bottom tier is gonna come through the rest of them what's gonna happen is Duncan is gonna go to them and he's gonna start saying you guys got to go you know play as Tom Perez he's got to go to go to them and start saying you guys got to go because you're competing for the dollars there's only so many dollars out there right there's a lot of you yeah a lot of you guys that are competing for just one pile of cash so some of you guys got to start going and little Bobby's got to be one of them yeah they're gonna start dropping off I would suspect for fairly quickly after these debates are over in other words we're not gonna see another debate where you have all of these photos no stage no way oh no no they're not going to survive bets I'll look completely vacuous and like the empty suit that we that you and I already know knew he won Ryan had a bad night last night he had a bad night what about the Blasio was you think about him well I think he's gonna make it just because he's from New York and you know what's gonna happen the media for people like him and obviously Elizabeth Warren I didn't think she had a particularly good night either they're gonna be they're gonna spend a lot of time today tomorrow or whatever rehabilitating some of these people trying to prop them up and trying to keep them going well especially Ward cuz you're right she looked completely lost last night standing between what beto and cory booker right yeah yeah Corey was and and she didn't have anything of content to say it was just the usual gobbledygook about evil corporations and you know we have to fight the greed of the the evil business world and it did the same crap she's been saying for a long time so that has no content not none at all I quit making political predictions a long time ago because you just it'll bite you in the rear every single time but it just seems to me you can start to see a pattern and it just seems to me that the media who works for the Democratic Party by the way right right they are you talk about conspiracy and you talk about collusion the Dimmick the Democrat media is colluding with the Democrat Party no doubt about it in my mind and and I get this feeling that they are trying to move toward a Biden war and ticket yeah yeah I don't know why but I feel that way because I think ultimately they're gonna make the calculation that they're the only that's the only ticket that has a chance because you could look at any number of the folks on that stage last night and no there's no way they're gonna make a dent in the Trump and in any way shape or form I don't think I'll eat them a lot I don't see how I mean I really don't the one thing about the Democrats you have to admit is that all ships sailing in the same direction they want to win they want to win and and they're not gonna roll the dice like you say with the money on somebody that they know has no shot so here's what's interesting the most googled name last night and continues to be this morning Tulsi Gabbard yeah and I loved her I thought she's great I thought you know what and not not that I would vote for her because I can't agree with her politics but as far as being somebody who appeared to have at least a modicum of sense about her and was not just bat stuff crazy about all this stuff and somebody who was actually in it for the American people right and not on dude it's and all these other places that right right yeah was Tulsi Gabbard and if you look at the Drudge Report this morning they've had a poll up all night right and and so far a hundred and sixteen thousand people have voted she's way out in front of this Drudge Report poll forty five percent of those who watched last night said she won Elizabeth Warren comes in second at eleven percent well she seemed like the only adult on the stage yeah she seemed like the everybody else was pandering they were childish you know they were characters she seemed like a real human being and she did she came off as the adult in the room I felt you know what made the difference is that she said less she purposefully said she didn't try you know when you when you start going after it as a politician and you're just pandering and everybody knows you're pandering and I'm just gonna buy you everything in the world I'm gonna give you everything in the world I'm gonna speak Spanish while I do it because I got a pander to the Latinos and all this stuff when you're doing that eventually can stick your foot in your mouth and she was at least smart enough to realize I'm just gonna stand here and I'm gonna chill I'm gonna tell them what I think and that's it you have more of an impact I think when you're poised you don't say as much but what you do say has value and content has some depth to it which she accomplished yeah she let the others blather on like the idiots they are yeah it would put her stay and her brief explanations of things in sharp contrast to the goobers that she was surrounded by and I totally dug the gray highlight the hairs one side a little gray on the one side it did look good two one zero five nine nine fifty five fifty five Richard you're on Katie sa with tray where and Sean Rhyme out where and Ryan go ahead Richard hey good morning guys thanks for taking my call listen I pulled it off a fantastic show but he's nowhere to be found on any of the talk shows this morning so I think what what what in what in what in particular about Delaney played through for you man well he's a centrist in Anna and he had more substance in any of his any of his comment yeah well you know when it came to and I guess what you're talking about in particular is a health care issue and he wants to keep private health care alive and give people a choice between a private and a public option that was one of the things that sounded like a centrist on this Drudge poll and this is the only one so far that we've been able to find he comes in third at nine and a half percent who is this now Brent you're on Katie sa with Waring Ryman go ahead Brent hey guys good morning great show you know we need to remind ourselves that these guys well these men and women were not on stage last night rolling out this garbage in a vacuum there are people that are our neighbors who want this stuff that's right and it is it says something really sad about some of the people in our country our mayor wants this stuff a lot of people out there or I don't know a lot but there are people out there who are begging for this that's why you had them cheering last night everything from open borders to taken away guns to giving healthcare as a right

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