Deposit Account Opening Solution

What can happen in four minutes? It takes a rocket ship less than four minutes to make it into space. You can quickly microwave a meal. It takes four minutes or sometimes just a little more. To get your kids to put on their shoes. Yet in 2019 it often takes hours if not days for bank customers to fully open and fund. A deposit account. With nCino, there is a solution. In four minutes or less, bank customers can fully open and fund commercial, small business and retail accounts across all channels digitally and in branch. And with Smart Offer Analytics, customers can open multiple accounts at one time. Customized to their specific needs. with nCino’s Deposit Account Opening Solution, nCino eases the regulatory burden through a completely digital document management process. Secure identity verification. KYC collection. And actionable insights and reporting. With nCino your financial institution can benefit from: a 127% increase in account opening completion rates; a 200% increase in deposit growth rates and wallet share; increased customer satisfaction and loyalty; dramatically reduce days and hours to open an account in less than four minutes with nCino’s Deposit Account Opening Solution, and make your employees more efficient, your institution more profitable, and your customers… Happier.

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