“Desert Tears” (Official Trailer)

Does anyone ever take back garbage
that’s been thrown out? We are not garbage! We are human beings. – Give me some of that!
– You’ll get it! 5200 rupes! How will you return it? Do what you want with me. Just don’t drag my daughter into this. How long will we live like this? Fate! No one can fight what is written here. Understood? For as long as we live. What if we start selling pickles? Sir, buy some pickle! Come here, auntie! Yesterday the pickle was a gift from you. Today I’m gifting you the ride. Who is he? He is helping us sell the pickle. Has any man ever helped a woman without an ulterior motive? How dare you? You ruined my business yesterday! And you plan to do that today as well? Get lost! Mangal-ji… What is it? Why have you come here? What are you doing, sir? Exactly what Mangal did with you.

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