Designing Spaces Presents: Car, Mortgage, and Bath Remodel 101

(VO) On today’s show, zooming into summer.
It’s electric. New technology for your electric car. And, whether your car is electric or
not, you want it to look polished. We’ve got solutions. Plus, innovative loan solutions
for todays homeowner. And, tile tips from the pros. (Music) Don’t waste and save. So
that’s how I’ve, sort of, evolved over my life and my wife and I – we try to not waste
anything in our lives. We try to lower our carbon footprint as much as we can, and for
us, when it came to the point of needing a new vehicle, electric cars were coming out
and it seemed like a natural fit for us. (VO) Bruce and Shosh’s fondness for saving the
planet extends to their means of transportation. To say that they’re the proud owners of an
electric car is an understatement. We settled on the car we did and it’s been fantastic.
We don’t miss going to the gas station. We have our gas station here in our charging
station, so it’s very cool. Prior to this electric car I had a pickup truck, and I loved
it for the time but it had gotten to be 15 years old and it was time to try something
new. During that whole period of time the electric cars have evolved. I was very interested
in that because my lifestyle is perfect for an electric vehicle. Very different from my
pickup truck but I’ve acclimated and I don’t think there’s any going back. (VO) Demand
for electric vehicles is growing worldwide. That comes as no surprise to Jonah Teeter-Balin,
who is with the electric vehicle charging solutions company, AeroVironment. So what
we found is there’s actually a couple of reasons why people are considering electric cars more
and more nowadays. One is the obvious one, which is that it fits their lifestyle and
they, you know, they wanna be green. And, then on top of that, electric vehicles on
a per mile basis are a lot cheaper to drive than a gas vehicle. Electricity is less expensive
and the cars are more efficient. (VO) But, manufacturers still face a big challenge.
Many people simply aren’t aware of how electric vehicles work. So, when you get your electric
vehicle, it will come with a 110 cordset that will charge your EV at home, but it’ll charge
it fairly slowly. Sometimes 18-20 plus hours. There’s really 3 different types of charging.
The first, we touched on a little bit is the 110 volt charging, that allows you to charge
pretty much in any standard outlet. But, it’s gonna provide a pretty slow charge. Now, there’s
a level 2 charging and that’s at 220 volts, and that enables you to charge anywhere from
3 to 5 times faster than your level 1, 110 volt cordset. And then there’s, what we call,
DC fast charging, which can enable you to refill your tank in about 30 minutes. So what
we’ve found is that to make EVs more practical and to fit your lifestyle, you need to be
able to charge faster, and to do so safely. And, so we at AeroVironment provide charging
infrastructure that’ll allow you to charge 3 to 5 times faster and make your EV a lot
more fun and practical to drive. (VO) The common misconception about owning an EV is
that you’ll be stranded often. But Jonah says it’s just that – a misconception. And, so
that’s where turbo cord came in for us. We were able to provide our users with a portable
option that, you know, they could use in their traveling outside of where they would normally
go, outside of their home. And, this would help really in their planning process to make
sure that they’re, or minimizing their range anxiety by making sure that they could charge
wherever they’re gonna go. The only thing that worried me initially was that I would
get stranded. That there wouldn’t be enough charge. I had to learn how to gauge how far
I could get on a particular charge. But I don’t have those fears anymore. I do have
to plan a little bit more than you may have prior to having an all electric car. You can
actually plug the car right into a 110 and get just enough to ease your mind and not
have, what I call battery angst. Yeh, you know, when you have an electric car you’re
obviously not going to the gas station, so how you charge it and where you charge it
became a real consideration. So what I decided, in doing a lot of research on line and reading
about different methods of charging, it became very clear based on 110 charge was going to
be very cumbersome and not very practical because it takes up to like 20 some hours
to charge it from empty to full. So I knew I needed more of a 220 experience right at
home after a lot of research, and looking at reviews and then showing my wife various
options. She’s more concerned about the look, the design of it. I settled on AeroVironment’s
line. Small, much more compact than a lot of the other brands. Seemed very sturdy – seemed
like everyone was pleased with the unit itself. So I thought hey, she likes it, everybody
else that owns it likes it. Let’s give it a shot. And, I ordered it and it’s been fantastic.
So AeroVironment has been in the EV game from the very beginning. In fact, we were contracted
by General Motors back in the 90’s to develop the GM Impact, which they launched. And, we’ve
stayed invested in the industry from that point and we believe that long term that EVs
are going to dominate the roadways and we look forward to helping make the driving experience
more practical, helping it fit our customers and drivers’ lives. And, to make it the best
driving experience possible so that we encourage as much EV adoption as we can. I love my electric
car. I see that they’re getting more and more popular, so I think it’s just, it’s all for
the better. As far as I’m concerned that, you know, the future of transportation is
with the electric vehicle. To me that’s the future of saving our planet. That’s the future
of transportation. That’s the future of also having fun while we drive, cause Americans
love to have fun while they’re driving. And, I encourage everybody to go out and take a
test drive and see what you think. (VO) For more information on electric vehicles and
charging stations, visit Find additional information on our website (VO) Car care – ways to buff and repair those dents and dings, and
learning the do’s and don’ts of a reverse mortgage. (Music)(VO) At Designing Spaces
we’re always looking for the highest quality, most affordable ways to enhance, update and
repair your spaces. That extends right out to your car. For many of us our car doesn’t
just get us from here to there, it’s an extension of our self-image. An important part of daily
life, you’re spending a good part of your life in your car. It should look good – oh
yes. Few things are more annoying or frustrating than the dings, scratches and minor damage
that take away from your car’s look, and significantly decrease its value. If you never considered
fixing some of these problems yourself, think again. There’s a quick and easy way to keep
your car beautiful. allows you to avoid the expense and hassle
of dealing with a body shop or the time consuming risky process of insurance claims. With our
products at Automotive Touch Up dot com, you’ll be able to repair almost anything cosmetic
on your car – bumpers, doors, scratches, chips, bumper cracks. You’ll be able to repaint your
spoiler, the hood, anything on your car cosmetically that needs to be repaired, you can repair
it. (VO) Automotive Touch Up dot com uses its own exclusive exact match technology.
They custom mix the color for every customer order, with each color precision formulated
to match the original manufacturer’s. With the website’s easy to use tools, you can order
your car’s specific original color based on the make, model year and product codes. Then,
the staff mixes and fills each individual order. There are online
tools and an ordering process that takes you thru each step to assure you get the exact
paint and accessories you need. And, customer service is available with advice every step
of the way, if you need it. Watch as this do it yourselfer does a great bumper touchup
following our step by step instructions. Start every repair by cleaning the damaged area
and the space around it. Check the color with the provided test match card to assure a perfect
match. Tape off the adjacent panels and lights. Scuff sand for good mechanical adhesion. The
new paint will settle into the grooves making a solid adhesive bond. Clean the bumper again
using prep solvent. Mask off the adjacent panels. Then, use a plastic parts adhesion
promoter for the best bond to bare plastic cards. One or two light coats is all that’s
needed to have a fine, thin film over the plastic. Next, apply the primer and allow
to dry. Then, lightly sand with 600 grit sandpaper. Then, wipe the entire surface with one of
our paint prep surface wipes and let dry. A tack rag is used to remove dust that settled
onto the surface. Spray with the base coat color. It will take a few coats. Wait 5 to
10 minutes between each coat. Apply enough coats to get good coverage. After letting
the base coat dry for 30 minutes, spray 3 to 4 coats of clear coat. After the clear
coat dries, remove the masking tape and plastic film. YOUR DONE! Check that out. With a significant
savings of doing this car repair yourself you can celebrate. For more information on
how to touchup the paint on your car and restore it to like new condition, go to
And to view this story again and to get more information, visit our website
(Music) Welcome to The Tile Shop’s Tips from the Pro video series. I’m Cabby. Now you’re
wondering why I’m staring up at you? Well, that’s because I want you looking down at
me. We’re actually talking about shower pans today. Now what is a shower pan? A shower
pan is a water tight sloped base that receives your shower floor tile. Remember, we gotta
get that slope right, we need the water to go down the drain. There’s a lot of methods
out there on how to build a shower pan. Well, The Tile Shop took us to the next level and
we have a user friendly system called the Easy Pan. What makes it easy? Well, they’re
honeycomb plastic guides that you put on the floor and they’re already pitched. So, all
you have to do is add your concrete, scoop up the excess, put your rubber liner in and
your top pan. You’re ready to go. Now always make sure you give 2 days for that concrete
to cure before installing your tile. There’s a lot of talk in the industry today about
waterproofing membranes. The Tile Shop carries Noble Value Seal. What that is – it’s a sheet
membrane that you put on the walls, floor and ceiling. It’s an extra layer of protection
to give you a little more peace of mind. For more information on shower pans and installation
and for tips and tricks on how to enhance your home with beautiful tile, visit us at, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. You want to do home
maintenance projects yourself, but you don’t have the tools. Every home should have a basic
toolbox, but what tools do you need to get started? Let’s look at the basic set of tools
you’ll need to get your home maintenance and DIY projects underway. If you plan on DIY
home maintenance and improvements, you will no doubt be using a hammer and a screwdriver.
There are two types of screwdrivers: flatheads and phillips head. A nice set of screwdrivers
that include both types is a must-have for your toolbox. As for a hammer, a lightweight
tack hammer is enough for most around-the-house projects. If you’re planning on doing some
carpentry, you will need a claw hammer. Pliers come next, and like hammers, they come in
a variety of sizes and shapes depending on what they’re supposed to be doing. For our
toolbox, we have three types: your basic slip joint pliers, locking pliers, and needle nose
pliers. Tape measure and ruler – You’ll be surprised how often you’ll need both. A utility
knife will see a lot of action around the house, and a putty knife is a welcome addition
for a number of weekend projects. Steel chisel, a half-inch size should do for most household
applications. A little notepad and pencils, mechanical pencils are best because they don’t
need to be sharpened. A small level will be indispensable when surfaces must be perfectly
horizontal or vertical. And, finally, the jack of all trades – duct tape. When purchasing
tools, stick to name brands for an assurance of quality. They are dependable and will last
a lifetime. There are other tools that can be added over time as you expand your DIY
skills. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll find yourself reaching for the toolbox knowing
you can do it yourself. (Music) With current economic conditions and the ever increasing
cost of living, many seniors are struggling to make ends meet these days. Today Designing
Spaces is visiting one senior homeowner who is looking for options to improve her finances.
Retired and living on a fixed income, money is tight. She has asked her son to help her
to look for ways to increase her disposable income. My husband and I purchased this house
over 30 years ago and we raised our children here. My husband passed away a few years ago
and the house holds a lot of memories for me. Not to mention that we worked very hard
to pay off our mortgage. I really wanna stay in this house as long as I can. I’m getting
by financially but money is tight and I don’t want to become a burden on my family. Well,
your home is beautiful, first of all, and I certainly understand wanting to stay here.
So, I understand she’s asked you for help in finding some options. Yes, she did, and
I really want my mom to enjoy her independence and financial freedom. But, I’m worried that
she won’t have enough money to live as comfortably as she could. (VO) Designing Spaces got in
touch with John Alexander and David Villarreal, representatives from USA Reverse, which is
an educational resource for seniors and their families about reverse mortgages. They’ll
explain how seniors can use the equity in their home to help them financially. Gentlemen,
hi. We were just talking about seniors and how they need help discovering new ways of
increasing their income. Any suggestions? You know Debbie, there’s a lot of individuals
in that same situation. As they enter into their golden years, they’re trying to find
ways to make them more enjoyable, to have a little bit more freedom. Right. Right. A
reverse mortgage is one of the ways that they can consider making that happen. OK. Over
9 million senior citizens in the country today are in a position to take advantage of a program
like this. Certainly, their needs today for medical care, housing, and other related expenses
would benefit from a program like this. So can you explain exactly what is a reverse
mortgage? Absolutely. Think of it as the actual opposite of a regular loan. When you took
out a loan to buy your home, what you did is you made monthly payments to payoff that
home, and then eventually you held complete title, clear title. In this situation you
now have equity in your home. You live in your home and now this is a means by which
you can actually extract that equity out of your home and use it. OK, so you’re taking
the equity out of your home as a loan but when does that loan become due? Well, that
loan becomes due when the homeowner and the recipient of that home equity conversion mortgage
either sells the home, decides to transfer the title, or unfortunately as life is, they
pass away. Then that loan is due and to be repaid. The loan being paid off allows any
equity that is in the property to be shared by the estate or the heirs. So I thought I’d
ask them a couple of questions. Of course. If you take out a reverse mortgage on your
home, are you also transferring ownership? Fortunately, it doesn’t transfer the ownership.
The title stays in the applicant’s name and the homeowner’s name, who is the recipient
of that home equity conversion mortgage. OK. Well, I’m sure some seniors are watching and
they’re on a fixed income and they’re probably wondering how is the income from a reverse
mortgage going to effect their Social Security benefits. The loan proceeds are not considered
taxable. OK. However, we encourage the recipient of that home equity conversion mortgage to
consult with their tax advisors or financial planners to make sure that their specific
situation fits in certain parameters so that we don’t have that type of exposure. OK. And,
is this an FHA reverse mortgage? Yes, it’s a Federal Housing Administration mortgage
that is commonly known as a HECUM. Got it. So, are there guidelines to follow? You are
required to take a counseling session and that session is from a certified HUD counselor,
FHA counselor, that will give you guidance and allow to you ask even more questions to
see what best suits you and your family. So, if you’re 62 years of age or older, you own
your home, you have equity in your home, and you continue to live in your home, you can
qualify for it. Yeh, that is good. It doesn’t matter if you’ve, maybe you’ve had some bad
financial times and you’ve had a bankruptcy, or you have a poor FICO score, right? That
doesn’t impact it. You can still qualify. So, it’s a good opportunity but remember you
wanna work with one of our select lenders. They’re licensed professionals. They will
help guide you thru the process. So how much money could you get from a reverse mortgage?
Well, that’s why we created our website, On there is a model or a calculator. You can
actually go on whenever you want and run some scenarios and see what money you might be
available for. And, that’s why we encourage people to learn more and that’s why we’ve
put so much information on our platform so that you can go there and do the homework,
and feel more comfortable. Alright. Gentlemen, I have to thank you so much for being here.
Really answering all of our questions and giving us detailed information. We really
appreciate your time, thank you so much. Thank you for having us here, appreciate it. And,
thanks to the both you for allowing us in your lovely home. Appreciate it, thank you.
Well, for more information just visit and to review this portion of the show again,
please visit our website at Thanks for joining us today. We’ll see you
soon, bye bye. (Music) (VO) You can visit these websites to learn
more about the participants on this edition of Designing Spaces. Making a
space you can call home. Living the lifestyle you desire. It’s what we’re all about. We
are Designing Spaces. (Music)

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