DESTINY 2 | "Im not being diplomatic…" – Funny Moments

so we get their cribs now I just saw you throw blade I just go pin bald man I'm OD you I didn't touch Mile now you just least not on my screen oh yeah oh [Laughter] Jesus kaha great get off stuck on me I'm not even holy I kick Tom Greek I don't think that was the case but Tim Goods pissed off of each other I'm not your diplomatic hilarious whatever I am the Peacekeeper listen whatever you are the instigator in this relationship [Laughter] [Laughter] flying on your character like stuff that you should have done ages ago right I did your first King flashpoint what the fuck I never know the flash splinters you literally did a flash point six months ago and then never picked up the package I was able to get it from the guy in the eighties they give him because he had the package for you God thank you Dill's I didn't do anything [Laughter] sorry Greek goddamn no LaVon what did you just say Lamarque with some room we had fucking names for things because it leaves a la mark on your face well that's oh my god guys yes why who did you push me oh no way there's no way that was my father what the Maxion darts man thanks for the content guys you're the reason we're getting a video out this week

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