Detroit Demo Day Helps Detroit Businesses Soar | Quicken Loans

(soothing music) – So when we first heard
about Detroit Demo Days, we thought it was for tech
stuff and we were like, “We don’t have a chance
and we’ll apply anyway.” It was just unbelievable. I didn’t anticipate us
winning the top prize, but I knew that that was
going to be life-changing. It’s allowing us to move
on to the next level in our business. – When you think about a company like Good Cakes and Bakes, they are that local company
that has proven themselves, that’s looking to grow more locally. You know, being able to walk away with 200,000 dollars and infuse that type of capital into your business, sky’s the limit. – It’s always been a plan of ours to open up a second location, but with the funds that we received from Detroit Demo Days, it’ll allow us to do it sooner. It was definitely part of our 10-year plan and now it’s part of our 5-year plan. We’ll be able to have
a production kitchen, which means we’ll be able to offer more products and more items to people, but we’ll also be able to ship as well. You receive mentoring, you receive a whole lot of resources. It’s definitely a great opportunity for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

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