Dhamma on Air #124: Contentment & Gratitude

11 thoughts on “Dhamma on Air #124: Contentment & Gratitude

  • Your videos used to be uploaded weekly. Why are they being uploaded monthly now?

  • Great advice for dealing with past wrong deeds. I also like to give financially to the dhamma so that others can avoid personal downfall. It's a great Karma buster!

  • Bhante, I am new to your channel, but very hooked on it. All is very clearly explained, researched; These videos are an immense treasure in the world now.
    The quantum entanglement explanations were that drove me here, they show insight to a very high degree into the Dhamma. So clear, that even I could understand them. Very deeply grateful for your teachings and sharing.

  • Good to see you, my friend! The walking tower is remarkable. Thank you for sharing that experience.
    Thank you for your teaching and for answering questions so generously. May you be well, may you be free from suffering, may you be peaceful and at ease.

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