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just got back from the goodwill like two seconds ago found a bunch of tools and I know there's some YouTube channels like Tonya sheets who does like jewelry hauls so this is more of like a man version of that I've never done a video like this this is a tool haul which I've been wanting a shredder so we got a shredder this was $8.99 I don't know it's like a hundred bucks it's staple those $8.99 again welcome but all the tools I put inside of it so we got three bags of bundles and we got two singles go over the singles first this was 399 buy my steel hammer I'm not a tool guy yet but I will be a tool guy one day just moved to Midland Texas I don't have a lot of tools here so I am kind of building a little tool set toolbox because I have none right now but 399 for this more than I'd like to pay but we have no hammer here for whatever this is called like a ball ball and flat end hammer made in Brazil don't know if I got a good deal on this I feel like it was okay number two we have a crescent actual crescent they call these Crescent wrenches because one of the brands is actually Crescent 10-inch crescent wrench made in the USA we paid up also 399 for this hopefully not a terrible buyer get into the three bags each of these bags was $8.99 I like briefly looked at them for a couple made-in-the-usa pieces before I bought them this is a Nicholson made in the US a hacksaw handle with like a mini broken blade on it I'm sure this by itself would be at least like $8.99 from a hardware store a little tough rusty pair of wire cutters there's no mark on these surprisingly absolutely no makers mark unfortunately little dusty definitely tacky but still would be like a dollar two dollars from a dollar store sure we got some made in the USA nice and it's metric double nice this is a good piece this is good to have Eklund Tool Company foldable metric m17 a 1 point 5 to a 6 millimeter allen key or hex key set that's nice got a husky metric this is a one point five to eight millimeter not bad husky is a home depot brand and they also warranty I think they warranty their hand tools for life so if this were to break I can bring it to Home Depot and they will or if one were to like strip or something oh it's even got it like a mag strip in there not bad oh nice an unmarked four in one suite so this probably was printed on at some point in its life but there is no more print these have nothing on them but we got two Phillips head two flathead a foreign one screwdriver I'm not quite sure who makes it but it is complete so pretty happy with this piece as well pair of pliers says GL make got a makers mark GL on it don't have a set of pliers yet so this is my first set of pliers not sure who GL is oh it's just Japan so we got a Japan print there yeah you know how a lot of the crap is made in China these days so a GL pair of basic Japanese pliers another pair of pliers this actually has a better feel to it it is a CT Co pliers made in the USA it's a little bit bigger than the GL Japan one it's got the the traction grip on the hand a busted busted up like circle nut thing there but it feels like a very solid pair of pliers so CT Co Crescent USA is what's printed on they're happy about that we have another four in one and it's complete suite this is by ace ace foreign one so I'm not sure if this is also an ace and the bases are different yeah nice little foreign one happy about that we got a unmarked Taiwan flathead it's got a Taiwan stamp there transparent clear grip just a flathead I don't know what I'd be like a flathead one not a great piece another unmarked this would be like a flathead – maybe flat-head screwdriver and that completes bag number one a lot of clamping devices in bag number two all right unmarked pair of this type of plier I don't know what this is called but it looks to me that it might go to like the same china set as the blue wire cutters now that I look at this again I can see a very faint China stamp right on the articulation right right on the center stamped right there and this one we cannot see anything but probably also made in China not very happy about this one I saw this in the bag and this one I didn't see it where it was stained I didn't see what it was stamped but it's a craftsman Robo grip I've never owned one of these before this feels really good has a great articulation as you can see made in the USA I believe craftsman also has a lifetime warranty on their hand tools so if this were to break or warp or bend I would be able to walk into a debunked Sears well I don't know since craftsman was a Sears brand maybe they're not warrantied anymore maybe I wouldn't be able to get this replaced but they used to have a lifetime warranty when the company was still around so I'm not a small little guy it's nice I like it very happy with that a very very painted vice-grip little guy it's got a Taiwan stamp on it it's kind of dirty not too happy about that one we got a husky pair of wire cutters stamped China but at least it's got the home depot warranty on so that's good a pair of artisan pliers made in the USA stamped on that arm yes sweet made in the USA foreign one just what I wanted it says a buck Rose looks just like my other foreign ones with the Phillips one and two and a flathead one into all of them are there and complete very nice happy with this guy got a little Ace Hardware stubby flat head not bad and we got another vice-grip nice this is an older craftsman won't see it marked made in the USA anywhere but I'm pretty certain that this would be made in the USA nice patina on it but everything seems to be functioning as it should happy about this guy and that completes bag number two we're going on to bag number three wire cutter to get into that all right we got a imitation Leatherman I bet you anything this is made in China yep what do you know this looks like it is made by Bell Bell makes bicycle stuff surprising that they make this tool maybe it's a multi-tool doesn't look very bicycle specific but I'm sure that this piece by itself would be probably $8.99 anyways MSRP or whatever so this would have already paid for the bag nice well these these articulate way better than other pairs got some Olympia drop forged wire cutters made in coal yeah has a nice articulation on it really nice feel like I could really cut some wire with this the Huskies got a good feel to it too but this just feels better made all the tip of its busted you can see there one of the tips are kind of busted off it kind of sucks well if you can see that but got the matching Philips head stubby from Ace Hardware oh it's a Japan an ace so I'm guessing it's an Ace Hardware needle nose pliers it's stamped Japan they're a little dusty we could use a little bit of oil but otherwise is in pretty good shape nice so we got some channel lock pliers this is a small little guy about a four to five inch channel lock pliers made in the USA this is the kind of stuff that we like to 426 made in the USA channel lock pliers feels good feels quality love it we have a pair of I can see China forged they feel cheap they probably are cheap pair of China pliers we have a pair of the original vise grip branded by vice-grip 7cr whatever that means it got some tape on it definitely solid US a vise grip tool this thing just feels good doesn't really have much rust on it everything articulates and works as it should very happy about this and last and probably least this feels like a pair of dollar store though the nut was coming off dollar store pruners these are absolute garbage the handle grips are like not even lined up it just feels like absolute trash probably read donate this to some other thrift store that was the tool haul you saw them all I paid 899 times three plus three ninety nine plus eight ninety nine to nine times three is 27 plus four is 31 plus another four we paid about thirty five dollars plus tax so like 37 dollars maybe for all of these tools let me know what you think you made it all the way to the end thank you guys so much for watching if you haven't already please give the video a thumbs up and I will talk to you in the next video I need to go wash my hands they're a little bit dirty bye

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