Did you know you can have 120% audience retention? | Freedom! Quick Tips (2019)

hello everyone do you want to understand what your audience like watching in your videos of course you do you can actually get more than 100% audience retention on this episode let’s all about how I can examine your audience retention it can be found on your analytics page not only that we’ll throw in a few tips to keep your audience watching hey freedom what’s up my name is Nolan welcome to freedom central the home of all freedom content before we dive in with the analytics of audience retention like sub and Gong vent valve to be updated with our videos so guys without any more further ado let’s dive in the episode of freedom hey guys before we could do anything else let’s talk about what audience retention is audience retention is an element in your videos that lets you know what portions in your video your audience is still watching or dropping off you will see that there will be spikes flats and of course dips in the analytics page usually the spikes say that people are watching those kinds of clips in your videos and they like what they are watching unfortunately the drops they are most likely to skip portions of your videos but when you see the graph is flat that means that people are continually watching your videos which is good check out these graphs to understand more about audience retention in this graph you can see there is a flat graph this is actually good it means that people are constantly watching the scenes of your videos it just means you did a good job in capturing your audience’s curiosity and interest on the second graph you can see a gradual decline that is something that you need to take seriously because it just means that your audience are slowly losing interest in your videos on this graph you can see that there are bumps on your videos the bumps mean that people like that part of your video it can also mean that they have shared this part of your video as well so keep it up sometimes in some content creators the bumps that they have usually reaches more than 100 percent audience retention great in contrast to bumps there are dips dips mean that there are portions of your videos that people skip these skips means that they didn’t like the portion of that video you might need to revisit them and find out what are the things I didn’t like in that portion a sudden job means viewers are leaving your videos at a specific location it means that they don’t like your videos at a certain point they lose interest immediately this is alarming because if that happens people lose interest and that they won’t watch your videos anymore now that we know what these graphs are we want to help you out with this so let’s talk about some best practices you can do to improve your audience retention and it’s easy just make a good hook the hook usually means your first 15 seconds of the video your first 15 seconds is the most crucial part of your videos because it is where their interests will be peaked so in order to get their interests you can either one make clear and defined value hook where you show what your video is all about in its entirety – is provide a brief preview of your videos always make sure that the previa is the best parts of your videos or maybe a sneak peek where just give them a few seconds of what the video covers maybe the most exciting ones or maybe the questions that what happened or maybe a confusing scene that will get them hooked and password interrupts what do we mean by pattern interrupts pattern interrupts means that you shake things up in the video maybe you can change camera angles you can put up pop-ups and other things to disrupt the usual pattern usually people love these kinds of disruptions also you can incorporate open loops open loops are like the introduction of a series where it gives you more of like a sneak peek into the video itself we say an open loop because you ended with your viewers thinking what happens in the video now that we know how to make a good hook below will be more tips on how you can increase your watch time number one is you don’t need to start with your logo viewers really don’t get hooked with your logo well if it’s an animated video that will look fantastic and also that will be a different thing but just a general note try not to start with your logo start with the ones who have suggested a while ago your logo will be the branding of yourself or your channel reminding them that you are watching your videos number two is jump cuts have you ever watched a long static shot of a subject its kind of boring huh always try to do jump cuts in a very creative way so that you can get your audience’s interested in your videos number three is use be roles be roles are a good way to introduce your videos as it is quite refreshing to see AB strong pattern interrupts to it and get your audience hooked so guys do you think that these tips will help you get your audience retention and if not let us know down below what are the best tips to increase your audience retention comment on the comments section below I’ll be waiting share this to your friends so that they can get an idea on how to add up that audience retention before you leave guys please leave a like subscribe and long that bell so that you will be updated with our videos my name is null guys bringing you tips on how to draw your channel always remember freedom quick tips I’m gonna be seeing you guys on the next episode goodbye [Music] you

5 thoughts on “Did you know you can have 120% audience retention? | Freedom! Quick Tips (2019)

  • I got 1 video over 100% audio retention on a video of me saying the alphabet in Dutch hahaha

    This was on my second channel. Now I'm happy with anything over 30%


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