Different Backgrounds: Jamie Davis

I’m Jamie Whitney
and I’m a marathon runner, and I’m a mortgage banker
at Quicken Loans. I’ve never really worked
in a corporate atmosphere before. I did hair for like three or four years,
going from salon to salon. I was working a ton of hours
and just felt real capped on what I could do
and where my potential could go. I just didn’t love it that much. So then I was like,
“I can’t do this for the rest of my life.” And I had a bunch of guys
come in that worked at Quicken Loans. So every time they came in,
I’d just third-degree them about their job here
and I just put in the application, and here I am! For me, I had zero experience
and I was just taught along the way how to do everything. It’s the greatest company to work for. All around, they’re going to
prepare you and train you to do what you need to do
and be successful. ♫[music]

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