Different Backgrounds: Justin Camarena

My name is Justin Camarena. I’m a musician and I’m a mortgage banker. What did I do before
working at Quicken Loans? I did construction,
I worked at a tattoo shop. I actually moved out to Canada,
tried out for a band, and ended up doing that
and then, you know, after for that long of a time,
it got to a point where I just needed to get it together, really. So I pretty much came back,
finished school, got my degree, and then four months later,
I started working here. And I loved it.
That’s very rewarding! It’s more just being friendly
and being nice to people than it is talking numbers. But you’ll learn that part.
We will teach you. That’s what Quicken is known for. If you work hard
and you’re coachable, then you’re going to do fine. That’s really what I still say to anyone who says,
“How is it, working there?” If you put in the time,
you will be rewarded for it. [music]

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