Digital Freedom | how STAY-AT-HOME MOM changed life building an online business

Most people want two things in life: Love
and Money… Love represents family for me as it always comes first, and having
money means to be able to provide anything for my loved ones, and also be
able to help others… I believe is the most important and beautiful thing that
exists and it’s called FREEDOM. A couple of years ago when I had my first baby, I lost my job… I became an at-home-stay mom.. and actually loved the fact that I can be
with my children right from the very beginning of their life, and also be a
present spouse for my beloved husband. I didn’t worry much of the fact that I
lost my job as I had the unemployment benefits from the state, so it let me focus
on my family for some time… But unemployment benefits are not eternal so
I was looking for a job during my second pregnancy, spent over a year looking for
it but… nor my international experience, nor my university degree helped me in
restarting the career… I also have this constant fear that if I don’t find a job
in my city I will have to go to another one and waste time 2 to 3 hours on
the traffic, spend up to 9 hours at work. Live from Friday to Friday,
constantly wait for the holidays to spend time with my family, because there
will be no other time… And also seeing my husband working hard and not getting the
results he wanted from his business made me feel guilty that I am absolutely not
able to help him… I literally fell sick of the whole situation as I was doubting myself, doubting my capacities, fearing the future… I wanted to restart my career and fill myself fulfilled, but… I also wanted to be with my family and help my
husband… I knew I had to find a solution and change my life if I want that… Luckily though, there are many ways to earn money available online. I still remember the day I realized that myself. So one day I was watching some
motivational videos on YouTube and I happened to see these guys from
Australia who shared their successful story about the financial freedom, living their life as they want, on their terms and making money following their passions. So they created their own online business and now their websites
are selling products for them 24/7. So they’re geographically free and able to
do what they want, enjoying a totally new lifestyle. So I decided to contact them
and they were happy to help me to do it for myself… They sent me the 3-day workshop series with their mentor Stuart Ross where he explains how EVERYONE with the right mindset can create an online business
from scratch. I decided to check out these video series and… I’m so happy I followed my heart and intuition as these video series… they… completely changed my
life FOREVER… Just within a couple of months after watching these videos I was
able to create my own online business, become an independent mumpreneur, and moreover help my husband with his business which is very successful now. I found my purpose in life, I do what I love and most of all I’m able to spend
as much time with my family as I want… If you are watching this video and you want to
learn how to start your own online business from scratch I’ll be happy to
send you the same video series on your email inbox, for free of course, that’s
the way I got it. I will put a button to my website somewhere below this video so
you can click on it and then just enter your name and email, and I will send you
the same video series directly to the email inbox. If you’re someone who is open
to learn new things, who is willing to invest some time and effort, in order to
have your own business running for you so you can focus on yourself and your
family I can strongly recommend you to check
out the video series. This is what I did… and honestly… it was one of the best
decisions I’ve ever made…

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