Diplomatic Service LIVE | Major 1 Teaching On Speaking To The Spirit | ECG | 18/02/19

a final down who you got let me get the church to be the church come on just close your eyes lift your hands this is all we desire when you'll come to its presence as for you oh my so desire [Applause] Karina praising my word I'll just break out in the screener reach out in the spirit you need to be very fine [Laughter] [Laughter] that soon [Applause] you you you think of Jesus we bow before your throne we bow for you we thank you tonight for the love of your son Jesus Christ be glorified be praised no means have your word in terminating our hearts think of your words say is the love of God sprayed in our hearts through the Holy Spirit Thank You Horace speed for laughs right now father pray aspect of vessels speak to a vessels the word of life for your world is a spit and your word is life I have to wear I disappear that you may appear glorify yourself not my name but your name not to my praise but yours have your way Jesus name amen let's give Jesus a have a fresh so Jesus second said Jesus Jesus there is something big yeah but will happen tonight I receive I receive daddy you see I have made a statement last a quite the same how are people receiving what the Lord has sent the Lord has said there's something big about I received I receive it profits and a speak estate a meeting like this and there's a possibility and the son would say God is saying something big [Applause] Veracruz also predict a solve a bigger [Applause] seat Arrakis already gosh where's upper hands as well as your hands father thank you once again that we're here be glorified father be praised Annette's we thank you for your power we thank you for your love we thank your dad for who you are in the name of Jesus crusts one thing you can tell you God is with us as well on the hands clapping hands for Jason [Applause] you see that is witness tonight's oh yes [Applause] come in here coming here believe how many believe that the Lord is with us come in here can I see your hands let me just whip your hair now I just want you to make a loud noise of joy to the King of glory [Applause] what [Applause] [Applause] this under this you see we needed to be in this miracle tent for this time you can't be a miracle tense without a new request not a possum hallelujah I want you to raise up your hands and say this words he will never let me down said again he will never let me down the king of my heart be the shadow a Rara the mountain we are who is my and let the king of my be the fine side my feet da coral bodies who is my two cuz you are you go Oh cuz you are go you go oh you are you never gonna leave you never gonna let me down no no you never gone [Applause] you would never go see [Applause] wanna meet Rhino you you never gonna leave me dry you never you never you never know of my heart predefined side my feet my feet lady kicked of my heart to be the shadow error the ransom for my life whoa cuz you are and you are looking what the same consume me which you are cold to me you're never gonna let me try you're never gonna leave me dry you go Oh the singer says you are no matter what you going through not that Cody's good you'll ever taste you will never follow these swords you never follow you throw you are to never fall out of your throat you are going you Oh save us tell your neighbor next field you will never let you down you'll never never never never [Applause] as a Gloria beat the Jesus sit down sit down sit down sit down wooden hands with Jesus cross the figure we have so many people having faith tonight we have so many people having faith in tonight's who are this people who are this people [Applause] [Applause] praise be to God praise be to God now tonight's would like to address some 7 things in a few minutes but we have to we have to erase some 70 things and by the way is my wonderful week this week [Applause] if you are not born in this everybody [Applause] hallelujah I said hallelujah God is so amazing he's so great the name of the Lord is a strong tower tonight we have so many people watching us on the TV watching us on prophetic channel welcome here if I don't no one in the house to watch with you those who watch it on social media share this video now let everybody know major one is live what I'm sharing tonight is very very important I want you to say after me these words just speaking to the spirits set against pick into the spirits you see when I see there are some worlds are here in the spirit like retina I'm hearing a word [Applause] chico pepper now 10 up apple into the book of vom matheus 27 that's for the six all right I want you to read with me together one two the glory DiPalma says about the live hour Jesus cried out loud voice saying le le or Eloi Eloi Lema sabachthani that is to say my God my God why he died forsaken me and to not an a message with you in the latter share with you very important message amazing interesting if I share this message what you must know is everything which is a spiritual tonight whatever is spiritual and it's affecting you oh yes be assured that I'm gonna address it right here [Applause] no no no no I can hear somebody right here anything affecting you that is spiritual it will be addressed right here tonight speak to two people around you tell them we address your spiritual issues tonight [Applause] I can't hear you I can't hear you I can't hear you I can't hear we are dressing your spiritual now the barber says go back to scripture go back to verse hey Anna power than if our Jesus cried out with a loud voice singing Li a dilemma so bucket on which means my father why have you want four-second me now I want you to start one thing he because some of you may think that Jesus was communicating he was speaking his mother's language the world's any LMS a bucket on it is on Hebrew Jesus was a Hebrew but all the sudden he speaks a language which nobody has ever had it this speaks in your language no no no no you hear us Jesus speaks a language which nobody has ever hated the language this is le le lama sabachthani my honest analyst there were there were a Roman soldiers there they were Jews there and all this – did you hear what he said ah the interpreter was in the printer description right he said in it is similar when they were interpreting that word the Bible scholars when they were reading the Bible those who were interpolating the said it is similar to Arabic which means my God my God why have you forsaken me did you hear that but actually there is something beyond that when he said in his statement I want you to see the drum I know I've read this before so I'm in the time but when I show you what is there you'd be like no we didn't read in scripture before when he said any any Lema sabachthani do you know what happened people were confused they didn't know what you were saying now now go go go quicker this for the seven see what we're going to do see what we began to do for the seven some of those who stood away when they heard that said this man is calling for Elijah carried Osito vladakov Oh what do I choose I am a Jew Jesus was a Jew he says the words and people like no no no no he is calling for Elijah some said he saw but what did Sam say now go go quanta description go to the scripture one is Sampson immediately one of them run and took spawns filled with his sour wine and put it on a reed and offered it to him to drink some would think he is calling for him you are not understanding it understanding service no no no he's recording for Elijah he is actually saying he wants wine I think my church is here to donate I'm trying [Applause] that's why the sky I'm not going there much two nights I would tell you I would tell you in the other day that said I would say to very soon [Applause] oh yeah yeah yeah yeah here now the Bible says are you following the Bible actually says oh you said us Ellie Ellie Lema sabachthani and it Samson oh no no no he was he won't say Wayne he has ax every head to him actually he's saying I'm a snake wine put on a ridge and put on his mouth another one says no no no no no I heard him he's calling for and the son is saying no actually he's saying my father my father why have you can you said everybody's of his own interpretation now let's continue let's continue let's continue now the Bible says what the rest said let him alone let us see if Elijah who come to serve Him but the what was Jesus they're saying some are saying he's saying my father my father way of you forsaken me and some are saying he is calling for Elijah and some are saying he's calling for wine but the what was he talking about ladies and gentlemen if he was not talking to the people who were there he was speaking to the spiritual things I [Applause] don't know whether they were dimers whether does the water spirit whether it was God but his language there was something invisible that he was communicating to there was something invisible but he was talking to a hairy misshapen querido see pray Amanda said let's see to the spiritual things then i spit your spiritual things if there is anything affecting you will speak a language but no one will understand about only you share the story I'm about to set something right now I think I love this direction rotten ah I [Applause] love this direction right now I love this direction right now I the black there you ready leonis we come oncome Alyssa this I will speak to anything that is intimidating in the spirit the problem with the people when something is giving you stress you talk to it in its language major you'll behave in a way that the problem you understand your behavior [Applause] Jesus on the cross he was not dealing with the people were crucifying him he was dealing with the devil therefore he said a statement now I choose to believe I choose to believe it was more than to say my father my father why have you now I'll give you reasons why hmm Jesus said la Li la Mesaba cotton and all people no no no his scornful idea because they hear the word la la when the hiss about Thailand they think Sabbath can I tell you something right now we we have to address your problem not from the physical side but we must speak your problem let me try to go this direction maybe [Applause] sit down are you here tell you an about me here right here leggo plenty kosuna nigga versus versus watch this watch this watch this watch this Southam is speaking to the spirits sit again your problem it is not a human being in office fighting you your problem is there is a spirit that is fighting you Jesus when He said Eloi Eloi Lema sabachthani lillah what was saying then he was talking to the spirits not to the people asking about who do you talk to [Applause] look at your neighbor retinas Eric Ovadia tell them I'm not talking to your neighbor I am addressing to the spirits now watch when Jesus said when Jesus said alloy Eloi Lema sabachthani there was confusion do you know what's gonna happen tonight when I speak some words some of your friends oh yes they'll said maybe we must give her way some will think your company for nature when you go to a house you wanna things begin to happen gotta do stop medica let me show you let me show something give another – Cedric on say a pretty god some talking to the spirits [Applause] maisha Jesus Jesus he says he says a Louie Louie Lamas Ibaka tank hey there was drama total drama some said he is calling for wine some says no no no no no he is saying my father my father why have you forsaken me and Simon Singh no no he's actually saying Allah come down there things in life which we meet on everyday basis you must understand what you're passing through oh yes what you're able to understand this physical what you don't understand is a spiritual or yes if you're in a certain situation and you don't know why you keep on passing through the same situation yes sir oh why your child is in a certain situation you pray about it your child can't change don't talk to a child anymore talk to the spirits behind your child yes daddy I'm talking to shop at around here [Applause] [Applause] if things are moving away with fun I'll be moving it's me being your manage your friend over and over and over for your marriage but there is no changes nothing happening time is over yesterday will no longer talk to our marriage anymore yes Daddy talk to the spirits behind the problem of a marriage supper – hallelujah hallelujah now I am trying I am trying to talk to my husband and his seems little bit changing I've spoken to my wife she can't change my boyfriend's are changing it's not him it's not aha this is beyond human in the spiritual now I will speak of spiritual language watches watches watches you tell your name back this is beyond human hello Mitch I want to split some spiritual statements I love nature want to speak some spiritual status jisu listen I'll leave you [Applause] bring it on daddy what is this [Applause] washes their planet which you don't know what we act in the leafless right dimmers talk too much I can't come out I'm like this or who do you think you are the wet team was challenged understand this statement for the world you must understand Dimas can speak in front of a man of God what about you if they are be challenging what do you think you are you can't cast me out now you and Adama be like wow I have made a vow I will never leave this family now my one is not this body marijuana is when the demon says I will not leave this family do you understand that you have had that right several times when I'm casting out demons they must be like I will not leave this family now understand this this person has come with the five assistants over with you four are not manifesting one is manifesting and this one that that one is saying I will not leave the family now what more with you you have come here alone if I had if you are the come with your brother your bra DiMarco to speak it through your brother and this ailment leave this family but because your family members are not here you can't you know whether there is a demon in the family or not [Applause] if your young brother was here if your elder brother was if your elder sister or your mother came here your father one of them I didn't wanna go to speak what's happening in the family this is why because you don't know what's happening then you must have a spiritual statement which it must address what is happening spiritually around you now you already understand II didn't hear this so you'll be sitting down today you don't want a white face I'm not being in high a bit of praying for things are gonna happen in the world you have been asking God to happen so you sitting down today and it's in the God I've been praying for a job I've been praying for my finances I've been praying for for for healing in my family but nothing is looking like coming to the way I've been looking this in store to to to happen now what should it happen there is something spiritual which can only come out when it meets a man who can speak a statement which the spirit show can hear now so Jesus when he said a lot of mass of Akutan people think he was calling for Elijah some think he saved my father where he was taking me somewhat missed one now I'm risking least after isn't one drink wine because they want to tell them that you were saying to drink wine No no watches this is a very important statement to understand so Jesus is a lawyer Loyola my circuit on there was commotion sam says my father my father why have you forsaken me and some say Elijah come down some say in his what but let us see what happened when he said that stating it they need to tell us what he was addressing but the scripture what happened then and Jesus cried out again some statements with loud voice and alluded up his speech he cried out again after crying out again so what happened 51 oh my goodness what happened just go down quickly call description what happened again then be warned the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom and the earth quaked and the rocks were split now tell me the meaning of a LOLOL Amos Ibaka tan when he made that statement there was an earthquake stones were splitting the temple inside the church the cloth was torn apart with one settlement Aloha Lamas Ibaka tan what was he talking about no no no no what was he communicating lol oi Lamas Ibaka saw you are sitting down there you are you you you're not just with the bamboo and understand away no which is interpreted my father my father who have you forsaken me but you you don't you just stop there but the purpose says it equal it says and the some thought he was calling for Elijah so don't stop where it says my father my father why have you forsaken me remember some on the simplest thought is calling for Elijah in a simplest some thought is calling forth for wine but what happened after that statement there was an ethnic w'ite stones were splitting a cloth in the temple stone when I make a statement tonight not be an expert in a spirit let's continue managed beans or begin to Street I will receive the chef this store will begin to spread I received measure of a stone that put the front of you it goes splits in the name of Jesus I will see the Watchers what happened eventually now let's go let's go let's go let's contain auntie the graves we're opened and many bodies of the sense who had fallen asleep we are res can s be a spiritual sentiments big measure cannot speak to the spirits retina big picture it's crazy how you see how you see people who believe in spirits they'll go to the graveyard and what will they do they say they're speaking to us to spirits hey process of the power more than that we can spit the spirits retina yes special every demon can obey the voice yes special tonight as a decreased element in the spirit everything will leave your family the name of Jesus hallelujah hallelujah how many following I'm gonna follow him I'm gonna follow we're following major the purposes and if those who died came back to life what are the statement alloy alloy and some of you grew up in instability it just means my father my father way of live a second mmm-hmm oh I understand it's similar to our Arabic Jesus was not speaking Arabic he wasn't he was a Hebrew he was speaking Hebrew similar to what he said if the scholars was similar to what he said in Arabic it means this the same way I have got words in my mother's language which I can speak which are similar to language but they mean a different meaning [Applause] Jesus didn't mean my father my father where he for second amino he was speaking to the spirits you have put me on the cross you have put me on the cross do you know who I am I am the creator of the universe I am in the Trinity of the Father then he made one statements there was a shaking when he said that statement how do we know he was talking to the spirits because even the spirits of the dead people obeyed him and he came back to life bitch you are understanding this statement if in God remember God was staying in the words in the temple God was living in the temple that was a temple in Jerusalem which I had a little haunted place the horror of Horrors and the outer place and God was dwelling in the Covenant books in the action in the Holy of Holies when Jesus said alloy alloy elements of Akutan God came out of that place the Vera was torn apart the dead listen to him God listened to him there was a shaking there was a confusion stones listen to him they have listened to him can I speak to the spirits retinal sweep picture tell you number one problems around you speak to the spirits speak to the spirits bring it on betcha command my thermos – they will leave your house descendant name of Jesus ray 800 play the game you can't hate but your problem has headed [Applause] how many here huh man I hear you coming ahead to never speak to the spirits speak to the spirits you see you you'll see people who who believe in spirits who worship spirits they'll go to the grave and they'll begin doing contentions talking to spirits according to them it works but here this here this according to them the worship the spirits according to them it works but when the Jesus says huh spirits did not stay in the graves the spirits which people may go and worship they came back to life [Applause] [Applause] whatsoever is troubling you you are not understanding this whatsoever is troubling you you stay here as long as it is a spiritual oh yeah do not speak to 80 do never come again I receive suspect prophet speak speak prophets quick sit down moment in my culture in the Mikasa you know I come from a I grew up in the northern part of Malawi you see there is the city the cash away when a person when a person has died right and a part of the person now there are problems in the family the say no no no no the spirits are angry now they go to the grave there's a special ceremony they perform they go with a sticky special people not anyone else then the goal that talk about with something some silver or some money or some flower I don't know what to do alright so they talk of the toggle the negotiate do you understand when they finish negotiations then they hit the grave and they don't look back the walkway that stick to their house then they put that stick up in front of me up on the roof of the house then they believe that of the pieces they said I've gone to call the spirits from from the grave Wow that's the Akasha that's what they believe in which is different with what I believe in now according to them they have communicated to the spirits do you know that Christians have been more power than that yet Christians will be sitting down whenever things going wrong they just sit down and complain they go through depression they don't want to say what to do yet people in the village when they meet a problem like that they understand we must address the spirits what much more you who is upon again tim was up lamenting you why can't we speak statements ways of power you for my neveress people kappa yes special [Applause] are you hearing me somebody there's a word I kept on hearing this settlement I'm gonna tell you now watch this can I continue Mac five verse 41 Mac chapter 5 this photo on set ten more minutes microfiber is for the one I want you to read it that one to 30 go read [Applause] okay okay okay how do you speak to ADT challenge do you know why Jesus was all attending if he knows because when he goes to the funeral he would begin to talk with the dirty people now you're imagining of all God that they did the body they then Jesus comes and the begin to chat with the dead body now Jesus comes there is a dead body come on if you are dead you don't talk but Jesus Christ comes a little girl arise there was nothing nothing like praying for the child first to come back to life then you communicating no he was talking to the spirit of the Dead each other communicating with the spirits what you don't you know your people is this according to the Bible our spirit has got the ability to bear witness no no no no nononononono Oh Roma's eight Roma's eight Romans eight verse 26 all right now I want to show you this from a Sunnah 6 then we're going to go into other verses and we see right likewise the spirit also helps in our weaknesses now the speed which is mention today is the Spirit of God that's why you see the capital yesterday all right for we do not know what we should pray for us we ought but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered verse 27 now he who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is because he makes intercession for the sense according to the will of God thus 28 and we know that all things work together for good not those who love good only there's a comedy to those who are cold according to his purpose the Spirit of God baya in terms of intercession now before before I take this study it's a 31 this one I'm gonna address just now about the spirit bearing all right I'm gonna give it this for that now let let me take you a little bit back to my father's photo on Jesus looks at a dead child and it says Talitha koum E which is translated little girl and which you can just the word your bank cut and speak one statement [Applause] I wish you can go in your own anyone in your house and award the mother which is sick and they speak one statement addressing to the spirit of sickness is the secret of Jesus was not in prayer but you were so addressing people he was always addressing spirits go back Mac fathers 41 rip louder [Applause] so what happened and then miss for the to what happened aha dalla Takumi he looks at the satellite economy when everybody was expecting you will come there and you begin to say father I buy the demon of death now now come out come out you spirit of death your spirit of death come out come out come out it has spoke one statement to the spirit that cured the challenge that spirit left the child came back to life tonight's our speak one wait important in you every spiritual warfare who live you will never come again every demon behind your money every demon demon behind your ministry every spirit behind your falling spiritual every demon behind your children oh yes oh snap out from your child would never come again if you believe shut hallelujah I may throw something you must understand their words we speak to the spirit Riku so he brother makin sure Freddy meseta so Jesus I'm hitting this cinema [Applause] nah you saw the prophecy I want to speak the spirituality voices what's coming just learnt here now listen so in the spirit there are so many things that happen do you know that do you know what wherever we are right now there are so many activities happening in the spirit only if you ask an open do you know there are so many things in the speedy room happening right now when I make a statement now demos I begin to tremble [Applause] Sokka right now Scott you see when you understand the spiritual the problem is we we live in the world that is physical and when we experience problems the physical we begin to think them analyze them in the words in the physical I hear me the Bible says anyone who is born of God his spirit of the water and of the blood physically are spiritual things [Applause] water is very spiritual verse Vanessa water is life so when you are in a second mess I sent a situational problem that you have that you're passing through you will need to understand this statement that there are things we must address them spiritually one word your spirituality your historical words one word from Jesus Talley Takumi he was not speaking to the body he was speaking to the spirit of the child and the child that was dead I paid the word and the child came back to life can I speak to the spiritual [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] sunny it study it study it what why did I say okay what the language is mmm didn't hear this one language is full of this language one knows this language well what does it mean who knows it ah it means once it means one is another language even as well as I said they can't hate I said the statement and the man was pushed to the floor who pushed him exactly you see there are things happening around you this is what the purpose is you see most of you doing the meaning of speaking in tongues you don't know and I didn't want to address my teaching from speaking in tongues no because in your mind be like okay speaking in tongues okay ah speaking tongues do you know why the purpose that the five types of Tanks the purposes if you speak in any non autonomous then the Bible says I will speak to these people in for Linton so good unknown tongues their word foreign tongues and then the Bible says he who speaks prophesy in tongues let one interpret so ever the prophetic tongues is it a book which I wrote I think you have got to book some of you about tanks then there are tanks of angels the purposes even if I speak tanks of angels but I don't have love so their tanks of angels when people are speaking tanks some speak tongues of angels some unknown some foreign some prophetic Tallis then they all worship Batangas which the purposes we should sing to one another with the songs of excitation this one is singing he's singing in tongues and you are sitting down there but you feel that the spirit is being exerted now so and we are dressing the things of the spirit when you are praying angelic attacks you communicate with angels when we speak fallen tunnels you communicate a message to anything that is falling it can be human beings that's why when they were speaking foreign tongues the purposes the people of Rome they could hear them to say this people are Jews but they are speaking our language and the verse from Ethiopia they were hearing them speaking once and they were astonished the whole world everyone among the December they were speaking their languages they we are dressing them no wonder 5,000 people got saved on that day because this man we are speaking to them in their language to understand telling them to repent telling in their own mother's language yet this men don't know how to talk of that language when the finish speaking in tongues they would not speak the language they were speaking in tongues so they were speaking because they were addressing so that does not limit us to also address any fallen spirits and a fallen activity be it demonic be it heavenly we can communicate in full name in language we can speak to a dream world a language to understand we can speak to a disease to a sickness to death the language through here and death you will live you are you hearing me somebody or year Sonny Jesus when he spoke one statement God loved to the world of Horrors they did listen to him stones listen to him the earth shook as if antenna [Applause] tonight I'm gonna speak words I wanted I want to challenge every demon I challenge every witchcrafts when I speak the word in the speed ramp every demon will disappear every activity who sees in the name of Jesus Christ says spiritual language speaking to the spirits when Acela Koopa soup rannian like we were super any Alleluia hey I am addressing stuff [Applause] I might be speaking to an angel uh-huh so don't put wine on the read and bring it to me don't think I'm calling for Elijah it's a language I'm communicating in the spirits Lacaze toka predicament look at your neighbor speaking in language and in language Chaka peridot Hey [Applause] [Applause] hey kozato Radhika Supriya Matus Oscar praça Kaito Kaito Kaito [Applause] say Ronnie dose to Canada they are rules DCD I do so I sorta oh yeah the season Saturday hallelujah tada Saddam Saddam Saddam see Dorothy dot Sita the more you speak to the spirits they're more spiritual Wilder will respect you and it shows an a physical or spiritual sometimes we talk to them in their language demos are not physical or spiritual we also talk to them in their language la seiderman angels are hearing right now [Applause] this is shocking when are you a in your house your brain your brain your brain and all the sudden the Holy Ghost caps your time and you'll begin to speak a foreign language and then you tell yourself to stop because you can't hear then you stop don't hinder the holy ghost you are speaking to the spiritual you are coming to get into the spirit shop Hassan Atticus Oh Dada tonight's the spiritual war to listen to us are we ready for the spiritual are we ready for the spiritual doctor people around you or three people tell them will speak to the spiritual and a spiritual listen to you [Applause] hasser Attica did I speak to the spirits don't fear them but fear them door Fiona you see somebody came to me is like oh he said to me like I don't understand to those people who speak to the spirits that even me I speak to them all that is the difference is they speak from their you know from their beliefs I commanded him from a heavenly perspective from heaven perspective from us age 16 let me show something there Rama's 8 the sixteen want the glory once the difference between those two spirits is the capital s the other spirit has good one their spirit withers of God Himself bears witness with our spirit not with our body not with you your speed is so active if you don't understand a person can come in the night and you see using magic witchcraft they can take your spirit out of you you must understand that that your spirits can move right now your speed can go to your home village and they come back as I'm preaching some of you are ready travelled right when I was preaching here you have gone to many many places on your back your spirit can travel so you must understand that your spirit is very spiritual and your body is very physical so you are not the physical you are the spiritual wussing I'm hearing your major Hammond [Applause] so we can switch statements right now your spirit to understand that's why the purposes the warning Spirit bears witness with your spirit not with you without you knowing they communicate can I speak to your spiritual anything that is spiritual around you that has been bothering all these years if it is a negative I will speak it to it it will never come again in the name of Jesus he to leave your house permanently the name of Jesus MA new Rwanda from tomorrow some things which were difficult they become so easy to do them [Applause] because your spiritual would be addressed [Applause] max Avila steady for max 734 wanted it ago read [Applause] which governs Neda three the Brahmas as well as Villa three and he took him aside from the module and poured his all right let's start a list editor from from uh from the city all right Lester from the city and when she had to come to her house she followed the demon gone out and her daughter lying on the beta rocks that's another story thirty-one and again batting from the region of tyre and sidon he came through the means of the region of the cupolas to the Sea of Galilee then they brought him one who was deep and hard any impediment in his speech and they begged him to put his hand on him exactly like you pappataci match out is it you come to a prophet with a solution how you must deliver you touch me you don't know I prefer what he must do – touch my son touch my documents hey you're God you got the hospital like doctor I'm having something smoothing in my stomach please can you can you cut here and remove it [Applause] you don't do that when you make their profits just set the profit profit he said the time to deliver you all you see you don't do a profit profit please put your hand on my head your problem isn't on your head it's only in your hands things you touch with your husband is never possible Simon I may actually come and touch your hands and leave you there he didn't even play for me well just know that your background is very complicated I don't blame you a premier background in a prophetic church you may be sitting at the back and a prophet may be here what use you is a revelation [Applause] what delivers you is a revelation now Laguna so that big encryption they brought to him who was this an had an impediment in his speech and they begged him to put his hand on him what the Jesus Christ to in return and he took him aside from the mat suit and put his fingers in his ears different from what they wanted him to do took him aside took his fingers and put them in his ears and spat and touches them do you understand but do you understand not only him some of you be like a this anointing is too much I'll do it [Applause] the band is set on him but his part it may be that he looked a certain spots this is Jesus he spots imagine the formula it's not what the parents wanted hey put your hand on him it's completely different I mean look at cinema shaking my hand like this I mean do man I know everything like this I mean clapping hands like this I'm just – man my leg like this amicus cough I measure Jesus it is what God is saying you must do at that particular time that's why that's why we can we can handle some situations when in your mind all you know you know is prayer when I have with the problem we prefer people okay well for the sick person okay bring him father we pray you never had father everything uh-huh we handle things different as the spirit leads do you know some people say give me a hand and I be like passion stomach then we'll put the man on top of his hands on his stomach somehow breathe on them say say myself of two steps and a black roughly summer cell raise up your hands put them down rest of your documents put them on the floor as it is done I do so it's according to the spirit so every time we must touch me he must touch me he must Russian is your name touch [Applause] there's something like a me I'm disappointed I've stopped going to church oh praise be to God we are here looking for seats we are really looking for city loves is it now watch this watch this watch this are you following Jesus didn't do what they wanted him to do he said no I'll Road talk to the parents palaces said put your hand on our child he never answered me there he said to me I will talk to the spirits not parents so he took him aside where those no but the bat mice's he took him aside not where the parents way he took him aside because he didn't want the palace to hear because when his say a settlement palace who respond thinking is talking to them so he took him aside put his fingers in the ears spats now go by the scripture and he took him aside from the mansion and put his fingers in his ears and spot and testing is done after putting his fingers in the ears but then he removed his hands up paddy is enough dusting his tongue in the pneumonia if this is the relation if I can touch somebody's tongue it'll be the best selling newspaper the following and this is the some Jesus that go to church every day to ocean he texts somebody's tongue spots remove the saliva on the ground hmm so Jesus now imagine you you want to hear somebody this and they bring in a person who can to talk oh you'll do story your hand father and he will this person he will this every time you leave a hunt every time you leave your hunt every time you do a hunt is your name earlier hunt [Applause] now watch this oh are you here that you're gonna see you're smiling oh are you following you following somebody now watch this now Jesus put his fingers in the ears what was is a problem he couldn't do what and he had problems with his words speech say you put his fingers in the ears touch the tongue spot a dream the scripture not the promises one and he took him aside from the module and put his fingers his ears and spots and touched his tongue settle for and did what then looking up to heaven who is he talking to wait before we continue the one who talked to is he here or he's in heaven or he's in the sky exact so you're looking up to heaven he sighed my goodness in the name of healing a person sputtering touching the ears the tongue then looking up to heaven saying who is he communicating to I knew you want your business to move order for that pray amen father I pray oh god of nature we should measure [Applause] are using Jesus is dealing with a deep one of not speaking and the demon of not hearing but look at the formula and this is God this is God he's in the theory is in the second in the Trinity father the son and his acting this very strange spotting – Evie is touching the tank looks up to heaven and say what is it talking to who you talking to imagine saying okay what is the same who can say that was a language his sight spirits listen when he sighed if ahead of him then he said what's F of Fatah go go to scripture go to scripture God the scripture then look up to heaven inside and said to him ever Fatah that is be opened which means there was something which was closed there was a dog which was cross there was a spiritual door which was crossed there was a financial door which was closed yeah [Applause] now I'm taking me there you know for this year I told myself you have you have released sentimental minute teachings but this year we're now to have to take you into spiritual maturity where you understand the things of the Spirit you will now know spiritual echolocation [Applause] you know the quantum of events you know Chuck am the spider motion [Applause] now we're into another level now speaking to the spirits he looked up you know when you're in your babble when I guess reading and so Jesus Christ said if a Fatah hey understand what was happening there it was it was under some Jesus they knew he is now completely in the spirit his fighting is doing in his spirit things because it's not him doing remember what was upon his head the Spirit came upon him his completely overtaken he's doing all these things and what happened they look up oh sorry immediately his is not after some time immediately his ears were opened and what's impediment immediately his ears were opened and the impediment of his tongue was loosed and he spoke Blin I can understand this person being you where your life is closed you need a person who can speak to the spirits around you this is why the world will never allow you to be connected to such a man there are people who are angry with you because you go to the prophets very very very angry you even wonder why I have no problem with your church have no problem with your pasta why are they having a problem with my pasta it is not a pasta issue they understand you are going to a church where a man can speak to your spiritual do you understand people go to Muslims nobody attacks them others a Hindu nobody attacking them but for a Christian be like where do you go to a prophet our weights which have you hate the look for a story now tell them story or no story I am a radical follower of my profits cake up acai berry weight not Sydenham the biggest problem here it is a having a man who can speak to the spirits around you [Applause] now let's continue I want to show something there I want to show something in there immediately as he has opened so what's the problem with you this money are fighting when I went to there my ears what opened I was delivered have you been aware I've never been there but be careful shut up between in me who have been there who has been there and you who can tell who I prophesied whether somebody likes it or not you are receiving a miracle tonight in the name of Jesus hallelujah sit down you can't say what is you can't say what Jesus they was doing in the physical you can't explain what is what I was doing removing saliva testing the ears that's in be done looking into heaven sci fi fata now if I look up and I'm speaking ok let's say let's say I'm here you all looking at me right then I tend like this to the choir then I make a statement Who am I dressed I'm addressing the choir right exactly when I look at this man and assess that image who am i addressing exactly when Jesus looked up was addressing I know people say God you must know the Bible says we fight against powers and principalities in heavenly places in the sky the problem of this man was not with him it was a demon living in the sky he looked at a demon it had closed his speech that demon in the sky had it closed his hearing Jesus looked at the demon and said P oh man let the demon that Jesus was dealing with him it was not a simple demon other situations when he got up yesterday from from from from the city he's talking about how jesus healed a child he just said to go home your child is healed as simple as that but this one he needed a specialized attention it needed an international business program the Bible says that Jesus took him what aside just this one and I need to meet you face-to-face the other one just decide to go home your child is huge but this one he didn't say like that took him that's this is touch the tongue looked up for him to say it tells you what he was seeing what did he see in the spirit for him to go like it was not a simple demon he was dealing with then he commanded it he said video or paint and a man began to talk and money began to hear do you know most of you here you have problems your problems are not with you some of you demons are in disguise some of your demons are in the mountains some of you demon when when you am addressing spirits when I'm commanding demons to live I see things some of you when I look at you I see a star on your head some of this brighter some of its dim sum of you see eight stars five stars from stars and you even look at someone having a coffin on his head when I look at you in the physical you okay but in the spirit I see a demon of death when I approach you on the same a you I'm singing it yes is true enough family people just died because in the spirit we don't see your physical appearance you look so beautiful yet in the spirit you are so ugly [Applause] I'm telling you and you'll be wondering because in the spirit demos demos of megawatts ugly no one is manning you nobody and you should you even wonder why I'm so beautiful but in the spirit demos of many watts ago you did a man after one mother Thomas he is no longer interested he's long a sing the buting or singing before the gluten his eyes is gone because in the spirits that devil has painted you another color tonight our handle your situation [Applause] [Applause] highly-qualified degrees or whatever is having nice modifications leaving a separ I went to school I've got all this my civvies these are my civvies I can't get the job because physically you educated but when I look at you in the spirits that devil has maybe you completely useless your CV is useless because in the spirits the spirits have rejected that you must become successful until you meet a man who God has commanded who God has raised who can speak to spirits Sapphira shut hallelujah sit down until you meet a man who can speak to the spirits [Applause] unfortunately there very few such men fortunately you are southern daughters of such a man no problem our hundred castle Knights where are you [Applause] you see we speak to every demonic encounter to pack and go in the mighty name of Jesus here me I can give you this assignment go and set your Bible from from from from mafias all the Gospels Jesus never spoke to people Jesus 90% he spoke to spirits Jesus would point at a demon like this with the finger just like this a demo no come out he knew how to communicate to the spirits homina for how many are following right here with your hand watch your hand watch your hand watch your hand [Applause] are you following so jeiza so to speak to spirits and the spirits would listen to him the biggest secret it is on how much you pray but how much you know the spiritual [Applause] when you go home when you go home they say don't have a plan how to pray I will never down and I will pray Stan I begin to pray eventually when the Holy Ghost takes over you will find yourself sometimes on your knees sometimes the light wonder flow sometimes you find us of moving around in the house because you are not playing anymore you are communicating to the spirits not where you plan how you'll pray now tell us speak to the spirits evil spirits must leave you in the powerful name of Jesus Christ said the water spirit must do your instructions we can tell the Holy Ghost now to go somewhere and they can go I can ascend him to touch you right now and he would touch you hey can we send the whore across your house can we send the water go somewhere telling about next to you tell them we can is sander what is spit it anywhere else Sun up Sun up set up set up set up set up you wanna speak the spirits right now every spirits that is causing problems around your house every spirits that is causing problems in our family who live there right now we'll leave you right now we'll leave you right now well if you're right so now if you're right now I'm about to begin to speak words when I speak these words spirits who live your house spirits one of your family spirits one of your company hey hey hey how can you be such intelligence and be poor how can have proposals of businesses and have nothing how can be such beautiful and have disappointments like that how anything that's match in your mind they'd have nothing on the table to eat something is wrong somewhere else wait is wrong I'm about to address that area right now let's spirits who lives you the gamut of you you'll be free you leave this place completely changed man and change the woman in the name of Jesus cross clapping hands are bigger to speak right now sneak break sneaking a spirit in a spirits in a spirit in the spirit which according to ominous little church Joe finances dear children to manage [Applause] gotcha hi Bella Bianca helical Jana give me one second bah-bah Iko Iko sunny go shabby reservations reservations NASA Rico parodic Assunta Radhika she may su recipe hence I speak in the name of Jesus Christ let us spiritual world begin to transform retina now watch this all the people are on this sit down only here sit down there is something happening right now there is something happening in retinal every challenge you are facing every challenge of facing right now I speak a full stop in the name of Jesus man I declare full stop in the name of Jesus I receive grandson porticoes touch them [Applause] send the matron of Jesus in a mighty name of Jesus tonight today every problem every problem affecting any spiritual and effectively spiritually every disease every disease in my family in my family caused by spirits caused by spirits come out every poverty every poverty caused by any spirits caused by any sphere I address you now I every spiritual problem [Applause] speak thus finish speak declare to grab the grab declare notice on the account are San Diego Santa Monica's hair so Satya Manisha Lisa's idea Costa Ricans the Brigitta secretary Santa think Orozco Mary go Santa Liga Soto Mary closet Oprah he de santa casa de Jesus Jesus tonight's we are dressing a spiritual problem oh yes every special table every spiritual problem every spiritual problem all yes lucubra dream a sous-vide refuge allah to share our two solutions hey stop my gamma super Irish see mighty remove Jesus cross I wish she said of a mom myself Ramona said of a moment I address every problem right now they say Jesus also the physical man we must understand him from that angle now rest up your hands as you sit down there things are want declare and now in the spirit as I'm speaking some of you befitting the power of God touching as you know one it is the power of God that'll be moving around don't say anything this was upper hands loneliness I received this recipe hence Serato scoper idiom asunto Radigan main doors opening in EMS Cisco Auto política are chose me Asaf radhika particle main toss-up Radhika Jesus Jesus Jesus tapes Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus [Applause] dropped any hints drop-down in here drop down your hands raised him up again drop them down let's do it again raise em up father in the name of Jesus Christ we are a prophetic ministry we believe in your power the power of your only begotten Son he who died and rose again Jesus of Nazareth right now I speak to every spiritual activity affecting these people negatively rattle to hear the voice of a prophet to hear the word of a prophets to leave right now his Cobra ABMS of a in the maximum of Jesus Christ I address your spiritual world I address the spiritual problem I address a spiritual problem right now right now right now from weight started when I switch crafts people planning evil things in the same whether the mountains divine says and bless where they gathered together satanic agents demonic agents every witchcraft every activity tonight's two nights I put a name back oh I put an M back oh I put him back oh I put him back all in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus as Lucifer hence what's happening right now you'll be you'll be shot you will be shocked you will be shocked you will be shocked as I'm moving around as I'm moving around every case of yours every problem of yours is being addressed right now I said every problem of yours is being addressed later now what was hindering you to move forward is coming out what does a human in your family is coming out what does the medical business is coming out what does limiting your finances is coming out is coming out is coming out is coming out in the name of Jesus maximum of Jesus crusts hey move around wherever you are I said wherever you are wherever you are sorry SEMA delivered us semi spiritual world is at rest in Jesus name one more thing one more thing one more thing one more thing one more thing one of my team rest up you're attends and drop it down it is done now listen to this listen this do of oil who has oil oil oil who has the oil rats now quickly eh eh eh eh eh fast fast fast enough oil you have oil all right Jesus he did so many activities which was so spiritual and not that they will understand them because for you to understand what we are doing you must be like us and unfortunately is very impossible Taiana before you understand me you must be like me which is impossible so leave me alone washes this oil tonight it will be a symbol do you know why aren't you when I anoint your heads no one will know you are anointed but the spirits they know you are anointed now I know you you didn't hear this statement this anointing when we anoint you it is not a language and language to human beings it is a language to the spirits when when failure looks at you failures as I can touch this woman when you go for interview failure disappears whether the disease a decision knows layout of Judah has come on this pudding Sabbath hallelujah now this is a spiritual language which a prophet is speaking to the spirits flow they anointed material each time you look at this all you must know it is a speech it is a language the spirits whatever sit it is at once spirits who know when you're moving out of their spirit sooner I can't I can't kill this one terrible no more failure say the name of Jesus crusts whatever happened to me spiritually is pre collected right now now as what is oil i prophesy I speak to every spirits to listen to the word of a prophets wherever you will see the special advantage you will leave the house in the name of Jesus Christ I speak to angels of God I speak to the unknown till the holy spirits I speak the favor of God to the healing power of Jesus Christ each term is looks at you they must follow you in Jesus there [Applause] Sofia shall follow me blessings shall follow me in the name of Jesus Christ I go up on blessings in my life I grew up on favor in my life divine protection I call you now no evil spirits I remove you from my way right now in Jesus name now take that oil if you're watching on the TV I know what type of are you using whatever oil you have in your house right now we can't lose you we can't lose you which you must do this with us take that oil right now and not yourself I'm not yourself another soft put on your head put on a head or your forehead quick in a quicker quicker it anoint your soft make sure you wrap your hand on your forehead or you rub it on your head quick in a quickly quickly Sam I'm speaking to the spirits right now said this is a language the spirits business detrimental the spirits I am anointed I am anointed I am protected I am fearful I am healed in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus hallelujah they only feed a line of Judah and defeat align or Judah Lion of Judah oh you are dude Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] put a hangs for chasers trust Hey and defeated liar of Judah and defeated Lion of Judah at the pigeon do I Jews [Applause] do you see that Jesus the Lion of Judah the undefeated Lion of Judah hallelujah samba Kaplan god bless you god bless you having us saying I'll bring a test amount of profits let me tell you something when you live here go and split the spirits spit in tongues god bless her problem spirituality done don't talk to them their language they understand I'm hearing me son yes and we will have us a bucket on August 30 is actually the pudding for an idea others know he's looking for him but what happens the cloth is torn apart the tape they're coming back to life ethic which stones are breaking in business this says will happen supona you're gonna go into your house mmm let me sit a little bit here let me be here let me be here let me be here so that my change gets in you're gonna quit your house and speak some statements yeah which you don't understand whatever how you speak in tongues I don't when you speak those languages what you don't even know what you're talking about with one week [Applause] you will be shot you will be completely [Applause] I'm gonna sing profits it's happening already things I'm happy ha ha – sing it is happening already on Friday I'm doing speaking to the spirits but – but now I'm removing personally two people I'll be picking people and on speaker spirits I'll be moving around I'll meet you on Friday and our address your issue personal ones that will happen on Friday who says as were coming back on Friday profit talk to me speak to me on a Friday our bedrest single-issue myself personally are you understanding this data and on the Son of God and 91 service don't ever forget that it is a language will be speaking again funny son is unknown thing since I want unknown to people on Sunday it's gonna be an amazing program and amazing service ever make sure don't miss nothing this anointing program this one of a Sunday wonderful program clap your hands for the Lord Jesus Christ and all those who watch you on the TV but they're watching us from and those of you are here we may have some people tonight who's as a prophet with this teaching of tonight I want my spirits around me or spirits family spirits around our family which are not of God to obey the weight of a prophet and leave so that the name of Jesus can be glorified and I'm having this particular seed I want to saw on the behalf of my family on a sword of my children right now whether you're watching me do the same if you're here already just raised up raised up and believe God that as a psalm and sit on this oughta let it go do this quickly whether you are where you are wherever you are just wherever to have to ever to have it whether you're watching me from do that even put on account that is on the screen moving down the screen right now if God is pushing a spirit do it now do it right now in the name of Sheila's class as I give says the psalmist said I them wanting to change our spirits around me which are disturbing in my life though so what you wanna tell me thank for watching us God bless you stay connected to remain protected till I see you again love you and don't forget on Fry on on Saturday we have a wonderful partners meeting all my partners are handing over the world loves you Shalom [Applause] the fact that that is affect dollar

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