Diplomatic Service LIVE | Major 1 Teaching On Speaking To The Spirit Part 2 | ECG | 25/02/19

[Applause] what you do I'm a waiter your waiter yes how follow me all right do I know you no yeah no come come come you go and are you okay kick other man pick him up pick him up stand up just just stand up just stand up do you know this man nah no no yes do you know this man I don't know him you don't know him yeah what's a waiter waiter and you a waiter thank you I just I just wanted it to do something which are in the spirits in the spirit when a god is looking at you oh yes he sings so many solutions around her life now do you know my name is Prabhu was my first name Shabbat with Shepherd it's me whatsoever [Applause] it makes it makes our [Applause] [Applause] it's moving in my life nothing is some one thing in your life nothing is moving yeah are you married no are you working no no I'm singing interview okay I'm seeing I'm seeing I'm seeing a place where the koi you fun interview I see do you know a traffic okay I am sing a place where we are driving past run to drive to try to drive you're working it out no okay let me say something with you Hey are you hearing me yes Daddy you see every time in life yes we must not allow an opening space of the enemy limitary let me say this ooh most Christians today what we are suffering it is because there's an opening some way of the enemy I understanding oneself [Applause] God wants you to please him easy God yeah me yes it is the God who movie save he is not a God who will just decide to live what we want to live and the human just to be there oh yes you must stick to his Commandments oh yes yes God is calling for an obedient church people who seek Him in spirit and in truth listen to me listen there was an issue where somebody rejected the Preakness yes Daddy yes is true with my second child reject the Preakness it was in a spirit room I am seeing your problem somebody wanted any search me into something I don't know what it is but there was an ECHL thing they were supposed you hear me I don't know I don't know I don't know what are you hear me but now the Lord said it to me that I must now because this time around you any grid eight this time they wanted to you a variance now this way a problem is coming because it's like now it is believed that you are passing through these problems because you did not accept what was supposed to be done when I tell you for you because you can't you can't even keep a relationship in the mighty name of Jesus costs you free you are delivered put the hands much knees ask us [Applause] no I want to say this you okay yes did it help me ease my way from you're from Assam bad way yes follow me I said follow me [Applause] just as I'm moving around as I'm moving in professor the people we're away from come here stand here stand here I want to talk something gently to help you okay I want to pray for you don't be scared I'm not talking about personal life okay you see [Applause] it's very very important that I pray for you okay because what I'm seeing happening around this man's life it's very important I look at you I see a man who is trying to achieve so many things but there is an attack over your life and when I pray for you God will help you thank you should we go ahead or your tears [Applause] Sanchez's s/s no moving as you're moving not s your movie I want to set this to you I see you applying for jobs here wetter hat yes did you are working somewhere before yesterday and then you stopped instead you went somewhere again instead and then you stopped instead I working now not exactly but she does a pleasant day we want to work ah he's an analyst rent way you attract apply yes the places I went in average viewing an intern what restaurant what lessons is this that you want to it's a waitress in a trade you in intern I know the location I'm saying what is the name of our in calico sandals with fish and chips in Goleta and fish and chips congratulations [Applause] [Applause] whatever you are the cord who myself Jawad sorry jehovah kumara the one who is here and the one who is there you will fetch up our toes in the name of Jesus now listeners at this hour there is a new song that the Lord brought to my attention and I gave it to my son I just want you to sing that song right now that's come here quickly God brought this song to my attention and I gave it to my son recipe hence recipe hence they begin to worship the king of glory as we sing this song [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] when you're healing in this list when you are seeing Nami is when you're moving in our ministers my shout is [Laughter] parado skeeve Radhika [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] my I my son my side why my time my team the owner recipe has when you're touching in our Mideast when you're speaking Michalis hallelujah sing louder when you're moving in this place when I hit a check sing louder when you're speaking Michelle hallelujah see again when you're moving when was speaking Bashar is hallelujah sing louder singer [Applause] my shot is [Applause] my when you speaking it's easy when you party my star when your boo what [Applause] Oh oh yeah groaning sue here this is the sewer Oh Oh we with the hands of Jesus cross the kooky [Applause] other since my moment is how you'll see some moments when you tell she in these blue when you moved my shop [Applause] praise be to God praise be to God hallelujah just look at the neighbor next to you tell them something encouraging anything encouraging if you have nothing to say don't say anything encouraging if you have nothing don't say I said if you have nothing don't hallelujah praise beat God it's another day hallelujah you see before do not I want to just do something very very very important that really is going to bring something in the spirit in life I don't say before we do that before we do that okay can we have that this this song these are the days of Elijah [Applause] Canha somebody's done if they cut the sing we're gonna sing and we have the best way [Applause] okay okay okay okay okay okay ah [Applause] Oh speedy a lot to believe sir Oh the smoke got lunch over let's go Oh Oh Oh yes big Oh how Oh there's no God not yellow Oh Oh Oh ah oh I figured that munching on the whole DiSpirito out of here hallelujah tell you'll never sit down praise be to God praise be to God you know I was sharing something with you on Friday that was most important thing to share with you and I feel in a spirit today just to hum a little bit about it then we're gonna go into prayer of warfare we have to pray today tell you never we have to pray we had a wonderful service yesterday and as as we declare things must stay quiet how many were here yesterday how I was here too and it's quite amazing to see what God is about to do in our midst all right so I wanna hand a little bit of second petitions for this fall and I hope some of you remember the measures sharing on Friday what members are shown on Friday speaking to the spirits putter – all right just 100 a little bit of that message it's very very important okay so I was sharing with you a message called speaking to the spirit Sparta – and second Corinthians 4 verse 4 there is a wonderful scripture over there which I want us to look what where the buses in whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not just stopped it since the god of this world and I was shelling with you on Friday that this world was created by God himself but he did not clear this water for his dwelling Nelda did he make this world for himself but him many the world of a reason we have so many Christians until today would think God is in control of this wall and I told you he is not God's kingdom is in not the world's Kingdom gas Kingdom is a heavenly kingdom this war was made by God for reason of her purpose and the reason why God made the world was not for himself but he made it is award for man and the matter we are talking about here was good Adam so God made everything and he made a woman and God said multiply and gore give man power and dominion over the things of the water over the things of the land under the things of the air so God didn't say I'm gonna have dominion over the things of the water God said young man you're gonna have dominion over the water over the land and over the air so Dominion was not for God but Dominion was for man if you're following a semi I'm following image 1 so the most important thing here very profound that you must understand is how did God create the world and for who did he make it for so the water was made not necessarily for himself he made this world for you and and and when he made the world he brought in a man to rule and have dominion over the earth but when Adam seen the Dominion preceded Saturn Saturn he was very jealousy with the power man half a man had the power of controlling everything in the air of controlling everything in the water and the devil said I needed this so the devil wants to do to Adam and deceived Adam and took out of Ecology what was given to Adam eventually went in the hands of Saturn so it was no longer Adam having dominion over the things of the world it was no other devil having dominion over the earth and why would God do so God saying now the devil has taken the Dominion so what would we do so God said I'm gonna send my son my only begotten Son so that whosoever believes in Him only those which I believe in him must not perish so when Jesus Christ came on earth he didn't care for everybody but for those wish I believe this is why until today I like telling people someone said to me why don't we believe in you I said I don't need people to believe him so but why do they believe in your God I said they must not because the things of the kingdom and not believed by everyone that's why there's a word believers and non-believers because some must believe and the some must not folks it's not everybody who believed in Jesus when he was alive and how were they believing and have no power to convince anybody believe in me because the things of God are believed or not believed so he may choose want to believe them or you may choose to believe you they right now I just want to hear this so Jesus camp or earth only for those who shall believe did heaven only for those who shall believe so when you get born again this is what I want you understand very well today you must understand this you have come into a family wherever you are separated from this pavis and crooked world you are on the path of those people who lost the Dominion to Saturn the devil controls every person apart from those who believe in in this case you don't have the rights to be going through what the devil wants you to be going anything because here this someone asked me a question you see what I happened on Friday I was talking about it and the moment I finished the statement there was a storm and what I said I said Jesus was in the boat remember and I said that was a storm and I asked the question who sent this stone and then there was a storm over him and then he completely forgot the teaching whether it was fear orders faith how do I know you're following say prophet are following very well now understand so we must understand one very serious and important point here the devil has the power under control of the whole universe not God God has nothing to do with events happening in this world the only way for God to be involved is when a man has prayed last one Obama says in Philippians 4 verse 4 the Bible says second villages for for the Bible says that the god of this world so this world has his own God which is the devil if your phone reservation sir and following prophet here so the devil has the control of the world the only way of stopping the devil is prayer the promises for this reason for this purpose the Son of God manifested so that he may destroy the works of the devil the purposes in this world you will have trouble but be over good cheer I have overcome to the world so what you must understand is the real purpose of God of a man was to have dominion and to man sinned just like when you are born where you are where you are sitting the purpose of God could not be what you're passing through now but you have been a saint in a situation because of disobedience very very important to understand it most of you had the power got to give the power inside of you you could have said the devil get out the devil would listen to you but you don't have that power you lost it Adam rusted the devil took over what God gave man the devil took of it to do a him but the devil causing accidents causing these things and all these eruptions and all these things he's using the authority which God gave man so all the events in the world are being controlled the who watch you must understand this I'm gonna give you this to be just a few minutes from now do you know that the devil sent lightenings thunders to the left of job do you know that do you know the devil could you send the things into the family Judy do you know we're gonna go there shortly but how does the devil control the lightenings well some of you think God has the control know if you want to he can but I can tell you the devil consent of thunder and hit you this is why Jesus Christ came so whosoever believe in him must not perish but have everlasting life so when you are born again you are no longer under the subjection of the devil but you have got the power to cease to oppose to stop every activity of the enemy because you are no longer under the control of the enemy you are no longer under what's the control of the enemy the devil cannot control you anymore if your forms are following prophet and follow now the biggest problem which we have is that the devil will show you that he's so powerful but you must understand that when you are born again you have a superior power because the last enemy to be defeated its death and guess what death Jesus and you have with Jesus in your heart so there is no name completely no name for you that the devil because again instead of it because in half of around your life there is no need of that you have the superior power mercury Dorsey predicta pass where are you overflow either now watch this watch this and this one I want you to know and this is what I want you to understand this is a very very important hour together this is very very what's very very very important and I want you to have this in your mind I want you to have this in your man you must keep this in your spirit so jesus said that's my boss now let's look John 1 verse 19 let's find something before important day job 1 verse 19 what is the word of the Lord is safe ok let's start let's just start from verse 15 lesson from verse 15 for first kamas now alright so and and savviest fell upon them alright say so long story that's that from the Swan I just don't want to take my stumble reading in this chapter it's a famous story I just want to see some few verses which we can look at from there right but actually from verse 8 that's good you're gonna start finding a lot of information which are very very amazing and interesting right so verse 15 the purposes and the sabaeans fell upon them and took them away ah they have slammed the servers with edge of the sword and I only am escaped alone 230 okay okay okay okay okay go BizTalk go vest halt all right I can explain the story but I wanna explain I want to read with you and the Lord said unto Saturn behold all that he has is in thy power Oh what Jobo hands God is saying that all one job has now remove that your name then I mean jobs name put your name God is staring the devil that Oh what job has is in your power you can control it at any time they start wicked as you must understand these things because you see just to just move around see you just come in church and the worship of God matter tell her you would be more but many many matatus around do you understand because you see I understand most people be like but how how hey she prays but the way I did this thing happened to that person you must understand that devil can only be resisted you you follow you until you say no the purposes the resist the devil you will run away from you that's what the Bible say he he'll keep on coming you keep on following you he'll keep on attacking your company your business your marriage relationship you try you try to bring you down the only way is resist you know how we resist the devil come on [Applause] [Applause] now so watch this so the Bible explains some wonderful fantastic and powerful things which we just read when were editing or babbles we don't understand what the bat was saying the pump-action says God said Sutton or what this man has is in thy power very very tricky now let's go to the scripture so or what the devil has is in their power all right only upon himself would not forth their hands don't kill him the only thing I'm I don't allow you the devil to do is to carry him but everything that he has touched them now watch this so Saturn went forth from the presence of the Lord this also was one of the most interesting topic that I want to show you why what to teach you one day their conversations of Saturn and the gods they discuss about you I gotta give you several scriptures where after the Deaf was chatting with the God they actually want to bake Jesus to touch Peter jesus said that there was begging me to touch you but I'm pretty funny Jesus didn't say I have stopped him he said I have prayed what made the devil or touched Peter was not because Jesus is Jesus and he has stopped the devil ah it's because Jesus had a brain Supriya can stop Saturn and this one must know the only thing that brings go down to our situation is prayer is looking at me look what I'm passing through look look what I'm passing through look so it's good run away when I'm passing through imagine even here one is not even a worried about the wealth of job what God is wetted up about job is his life that's all he's even telling the devil touch him everything around him touch it but mati his life you think God made in this world to give you a car if the value of your life is a car then your life is worthless if the value of your life is marriage then your life is worthless because that marriage can end but the word of the Lord ensures [Applause] you are not valued by materials now your value is the life which crust purchased the price you paid on the cross I'm in a for how many following the message so I understand it so what do you what do you think and know what happening here boyfriend comes it goes and I think would love something you cannot compare the love of go to their boyfriends it's not a good issue it's your character issue how can you compare God yeah how can you compare God seriously the love of God with a girlfriend just broke to me I don't think God loves me shut up [Applause] the love of God can't be compared to anything come on for God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that's the most important thing that you must understand that God gave you see God can give certain the power to touch everything around you and a god set a job I mean to – Sutton touch everything touch anything you want around this man touch it now let's see what happened to Joe because some of you you keep on his saying I had any I'm passing through many problems and lost everything but when I look at your life you had nothing this variable so I'm trying to find out what everything you lost [Applause] now let me show you the everyone if somebody says I lost everything let me show you let me show you the meaning of losing everything okay because this statement you are so much you are exaggerating are you here at [Applause] the meaning of losing everything is not what you think it is not what you think when when a person says I have lost everything is completely a different meaning our anezka no description right let's go on then the barber says what and there was a day while his sons and his daughters were eating and drinking wine in the alias brother's house and they came a messenger and job and said the oxen we are plowing and the asses feeling beside them and it has sabaeans fell upon them and took them away yeah they have slender severs with the edge of the sward and I only am escaped alone to tell thee an IV there 16 give me an IV did you hear that oh his ship or his animals we are killed by people from Seba the sabaeans killed everything and spared one person to say go and be report to your master job that we have cured his oxen everything so I was spared to tell you that was a source of income of job now 16 the barber says verse 16 why he was through speaking another messenger came and said the fire of God fell from the sky and bent up the ship and the seventh and I'm the only one who has escaped it to tell you was it from God era but why is he singing the fire of God because it was allowed by God that the devil's you to do that now remember it's God who said to the devil do anything you want to do so it's not a God who is doing it when this person saw fire falling from God from heaven from up the sky is that this is God now let's continue the scripture well he was still speaking another messenger came and the same the Chadians formed three railing patties and swept down on your camels and carried them off they put their servants to the sword and I'm the only one who has escaped to tell you this the meaning of losing everything but hey papa I lost everything or Anessa discontinued let's continue while he was still speaking yet another messenger came and said your sons and your daughters we are feasting and drinking wine at the oldest brother's house when suddenly amid wind a storm swept in from the desert and distract the four corners of the house it collapsed on them and they a date and I'm the only one who has escaped when this one is talking another one is talking not what you say Papa a problem after another problem I need deliverance look at this situation this is not God's doing this is the devil as a fee job having said Horan and went into the corner and said God what's going on and said a statement I stopped this trust you me it was stopping a job they did not do that the mine was hearing the more Wes the situation was becoming as let's go let's go on let's go on the scripture and if this job caught up and tore his robe and shaved his head then he fell to the ground in worship praise be to God what was your reaction when did they when they tell you when they tell you that your child is dead job fell down and worshiped not his child that is dead all his children a date all his cameras Drina how many cameras Joe bhai do you know until today no bad thing in the Middle East he is rich more than job and do today the worth of his camels when the Babur comes for you the number of cameras he had you'll be shocked all of them died in one day children died in no any day but where are these storms coming from from the devil and you too who made your job to be lost you must have those questions who broke your relationship who is making it to be panicking again who is causing all this drama around you you have the answer now now if you have the answer the simple question is this why then is good allowing the devil to do that the answer is this world is in the control of the devil the day the devil will lose control over this world it will be the day where the Bible says there shall be no more death it is the last day when Jesus will come to reign anyone the day of rapture where the devil have no power or authority but as we speak the devil's the power over death the devil has the power he is controlling the one I told you that there's a song which sounds so nice they religiously true but it is spiritually force uh-uh how does a song song what a song you know just it has a goat or you what is it what is it I don't even know it just my own information it wasn't necessarily say foster song it was what can you behave like you know the song got a whole world in his hands he's got the whole world in his hands God is he the song says ganas with the whole world in his head that is not true let me tell you something let me tell you something God he has nothing to do with the world he has something to do with you [Applause] imagine that devil controlling the wind from the desert hitting the house the house collapsing people in the house of them died and you are saying there and look you hope but see these all these things no job and you ain't Church praying they they never discussed in the name you hey this is why Jesus said from the time of John the Baptist until now the kingdom is suffering Vance in the violent take it by force we first things to happen we first a job to be there we first financial breakthrough to be there the only way we do that is prayer you must know we are living the world with God Jesus himself said in this world you will have trouble Jesus telling us or have trouble then it's obvious who's gonna make the trouble we can't run away from it but the good news is he has overcome the world so trouble come yes but trouble is already over comes he didn't say and then I saw becoming a trouble said I have already overcome but how do we involve that overcoming power it is when a man prays when you pray do you know how much power is in prayer general much Pleasant prayer so that authority which God gave Adam which Adam lost Jesus Christ came and gave back the man so for you to eat you must speak do you know the meaning of Dominion do you know the meaning of authority there is no authority without speaking it oh why are you following the message do I have anybody who has been a soldier before always a soldier let's come over here I want to ask you a question all right I guess so join us all right you're also soldier owe us sergeant require or a soldier soldier oh okay so you're an instructor right now tell me that tell me tell me what happens in the military all right I have a background of military I have I have been at the school so just where they were being treated by soldiers now they said to me what happens cancer just do something that also to do know what happens for them to do something they may recommend no Jesus gave you authority he gives you power now how would the devil leave your house without authority without their commands [Applause] I don't like Krishna hood who love this type of Christianity we're just praying to God all the terms of father God I pray that you intervene with my finances hey you are given X Oh Zia Noah given power authority the word Authority in Greek is EXO Xia which means having the right to rule or exercising the power given for that money to appear you must speak it because even the world we are living for the mountains to appear gourd him spoke with him out let mountains be there I don't know how many terms of spoken to Montes appeared let there be rivers leather be this leather be the shop for you to to have what you're looking for it will take you to speak it out [Applause] but in the name of justice Oh God Almighty Oh father I beg you I beg I beg I beg everything I beg every I big ah is your name beg you must understand there are things we pray as an intercession okay we got intercessory prayer intercessory prayer it is a prayer which we do in order to intercept interception it is where the weapon was coming this direction but then we have their vetted it to take another direction intercession is when there is trouble coming and we say to God please God don't allow this thing to happen and God hears your prayer and stops it you don't need intercession when you are looking for financial breakthrough you must speak it you shall have whatsoever you shall say the Bible says so what are you saying father I pray I pray for financial breakthrough breakthrough you just a financial breakthrough in two days over 2000 trance you are super for financial breakthrough because according to God you didn't tell him the figure according to God you have the breakthrough according to God you have the breakthrough you're looking for you shall have what you shall say what are you saying brother bharata Cabrera [Applause] yesin oh my goodness father proven financial breakthrough in two days together five thousand and as our Father I prefer good is that what is he talking about he asked for a breakthrough he got a breakthrough and he was another one come on you didn't tell him you see that's the problem you must speak what you want to happen the promises you shall have what you shall say sage sage top it speak it that proper financial breakthrough in the name of just class god of mijin one wish my father and God says all right all right all right financial breakthrough because you are not having it because God said now give him no no no no no no no it doesn't go on that way you have that breakthrough because you said it and then you didn't say how much you must know the system say did you hear that what you say is what do happen I'm gonna follow the message [Applause] what do you say something tonight now so the devil has the power over the world that's why there's the word prayer prayer is to stop the devil from controlling your family you see the devil's controlling your mother is controlling your brother's controlling this prayer comes in with no stand-up and it's in the name of Jesus Christ I command the situation to come out they must listen so much to Authority a demon will never live until you command it do you think simple question I wanna ask you do you think do you think God is involved in a demon that is complementing your challenge exactly that's why you are saved in your family so that through you can command that demon to live your son [Applause] that's why I said let's reboot again that babble says you are the light of the world because without you the world is in darkness without you your family is in darkness you are the light of your family the promises the light shines in darkness don't be surprised whether there was attacking you and where is God and I don't understand this things happening to me where is God Wow God is on his throne you know you wanna know where he is he is on his throne somebody come to me like a prophet I don't understand what's happening around you and all these attacks I don't understand and so what is God is saying that it's not God is saying it's me to say [Applause] Tigger never you have so much things to say if this a II must get crescent is 2019 because because it is a year of our pain talks as I prophesied you'll never reach the same ban to your doors open [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] imagine job lost everything that's the everything yeah camels oxen children houses farms not the way is it papa I lost everything well what did you have I lost I lost everything well if you had something you lost praise be to God on Friday will be having international business program of what restoration at least I'm gonna have some time with the International visas but but I won't understand this information how are Christians today living we leave as if God has the power of everything and we don't have to pray because you're in the nose he has got all these things and he's gonna do things in this way yep okay okay let me show you this let me show this God is said to Jeremiah he said to Jeremiah Jeremiah before you were born I knew you I said your part as a prophet gentleman was like well God said Jeremiah I've given you power to plant and to approach to boot and cinnamon was like I receive Jeremiah Jeremiah was arrested Jeremiah you went through probe serious problems then he went to God is it God this one Jeremiah said yeah this are you here this one Jeremiah said I'm gonna give you a verse just now God you have deceived me he said what because what you taught me it's not what I'm passing through job was shocked ah before I was born he knew me he set me apart as a prophet job was shocked years later problem after problem of the problem he said God you deceived me he said what he said God you have deceived me is it good you have deceived me Jamie 20 verse 6 God you have deceived me and I am deceived you see in chapter 1 or go to promises alright what's happening God said come on job I told you you have the power to plant and want to uproot to build and to destroy well you're not using your mouth alright quickly go over six and now I want you to stand up from fro fro from beright give me an IV all right and you Pasha and all who live in your house who go and X out the Babylon there you will die and be buried you and all your friends to hold your prophesied lies let's continue number seven starts the stood of Jeremiah Oh Lord you deceived me and I was once no no no no no no no go back to Jeremiah wonders for see how how what he meant see what you don't know what what Jemaine he was trying to say they're right and he'll go to Jeremiah 1 verse 4 J – fauces what come already together loudly uh-huh and good promises Wow and have a six is this not good okay what the job was Emily Thomas a sovereign Lord I said I do not know how to speak I'm only a child and what is the good answer vii all right Wow Wow Wow Oh continue continuing huh [Applause] exactly how are you how are you Joe how is Jeremiah how do you manage your things your mouth your your watch every I have put my words in your mouth which means if you meet the trouble speaking if you meet a problem demand anything around so your mouth is a key is I will rescue you how I rescue you and have put words in your mouth now watch this just watch this let's go back the scripture go back the scripture all right then it says what now that's the stain come on I want you to read aloud that come on together once we go uh-huh Wow we're too wet wet wet well c'mon say today I appoint to you what I have appointed myself ah the responsibility is in you go p– activist i have appointed you this god is very clever I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot warmest uproot now in this verse who must approach to uproot and to tear down to destroy and overflow and to beaut what must do these things all right and now go ahead mm-hmm exactly it's okay now Jeremiah is in a crisis his problem after problem after problem of the problem then he says to God God you have deceived me now alright now go back to Scripture right let's go to the verse now go back to Jeremiah 2007 then Jeremiah comes in with a complaint of God then this is what Jeremiah says [Applause] ah ah ah first one enemy even is raamaiah [Applause] it's just everyone is mocking me this is a great prophet of mine this is everybody in the plasma gorian you deceived me when you according to me you said how could you be with me shut up use your authority now the state says what is complaining is crying that everybody's mocking me all day long he says what one do they go read [Applause] you see Gemma is saying now because of what I'm passing through the one night speak the only things that I'm talking is variance and destruction Jeremy reached the level of being bored that the only thing he was talking was to kiss a country to kiss people because were so anchor this is good the only thing I'm speaking now is violence and what because of what I'm passing through is no crying he says now no no now go verse nine alrightlet's now one to the gory a ferret he wants to quit ministry now Jeremiah Isabel now I want to stop all of us who always things I guess I think I must stop these things when I am like now I'm done I'm now sleeping I'm like I'm done then they do then the wait course my bones and shut up like fire wake up Cara Navasota Kapow [Applause] do you think you think you know they're more Mississippi like I think this thing I'm a system but the word of the Lord banes like fire and I feel like I'm sick Chanyeol Irwin who didn't have a services I went to my pastor like I feel like I've seen against the gods I was feeling awkward because I am we used to prophesy [Applause] prophecy prophecies in mypos it's in my blood I feel like I must talk can I talk [Applause] now let's just analyze let's finish this message let's finish this message now so the Bible says what you know I him in a whispering tailor or every Satur poor him let's report him we hear that I hear no less who to get this one I want everybody to read one two three go read report him – hoo hoo Jeremiah people whisper we must report this guy report him for what report to human reporter what it says Dara do not tell her I do not tell you why you sit down like this on this data let's all together now go by the description now one degree [Applause] go ahead go ahead Soraka parados hey somewhat my my persecutors will stumble [Applause] oh yes oh yes major Rob Warfel the fearless general tell your neighbor you must speak now look at Jeremiah so he he is not literally German he is not he isn't not mm-hmm he said God you deceived me the symptom e-courses come on Jeremiah antigen a man changes the gear he begins to confess the Lord is with me oh yes like a mighty warrior oh yes all super security Bishop never prevail oh yes there's a stubborn fool oh yes until they add this Christmas oh yes shouting somebody hey man somebody put your hands together for the law your elder brother said you must use your mouth begin to talk don't don't complain understand this the devil has the power the devil's the power to touch you this is why there are things like okay do you know why there's a way the noin thing do you know how annoying to people the Angel of Death in or testament he was kidding every person apart from of those with the blood of the lamb on the doorpost authorized by God go on killed the Angel of Death the Angel of Death the spirit of death was kidding every person unless there's a plant on your door we are doing now the promises do not touch my anointed the reason why we anoint you is because God said to the devil do not touch [Applause] all the day there are four the I hear your home understand that you must keep this in your spirit you must know all the bottles in your life God has allowed the devil to bring them yes if you read revelation the axis the purposes and gold gave they the dragon power to touch the senses but those who shall overcome shall be given a rod of iron it's for overcomers ladies and gentlemen the laughs you are looking for the good life you're looking for is was where everybody is for overcomers [Applause] I'm hearing me somebody the joy you're looking for the bass you looking for it was for everybody it is for overcomers that's where tonight others are sleeping but we are here we want to overcome yes study [Applause] Sarika predict a Sonic retinol others are sniffing but we in the house of the Lord why are we here because we want to overcome we were here yesterday we were here last week over here last year we shall be here Friday because he said war we shall overcome by the blood of the love but the word of our testimony [Applause] one time I was sleeping in the house and I had a knock on my door and knock and I opened the door there was nobody and I've crossed I gained the house oh I understand this tettemer and I when I came to sleep and there was another knock at the door I want to sleep what's going on here what's going on I had a going to preach I think was in April April April in 2017 I was preaching in the American American USA now hear the knock again I would go and open it's a hotel and there's nothing I and then as a maybe it's my guys who are trying to know but why there's not any person now you see what else but the corridor all right and all my guys were sleeping just like adjacent rooms and I'm gonna quit what's going on I go to my room right that that night we had moved I think six or ten airports where coming from Nicaragua you had an a trip all right so we're travel from Nicaragua and from Nicaragua we went to City was it New York from New York they trust you me how many apples were those APIs we moved that day who is 10 airports 10 10 airports yes you see it's not that we didn't want you well I had a service here I had a service here and I wanted to move from Nicaragua straight to here but when we arrived in America they say we have canceled the plane remember I am supposed to be here this is like on Friday or Thursday I want to attend the Sunday service year and they're saying we have canceled the flight I said what is this then we they said ok if you want another fried going to South Africa you must go to New York no way in Chicago now had to fly up 100 hours of those hours but many hours from from there to to to New York City we are after there we are on the line we came there in time and we are standing in line and we were in first class standing in there people are checking in I want to come to attend they said we are sorry you are late so what we have been standing here for one hour we argued with them and it never helped they said maybe should have fled to Washington DC huh exactly true and we went to Washington DC and we found a flag outro we missed of the air but that's ok this air poor they gave us the name of the airport we are rather that Airport in Washington DC saying no in fact it's not this Airport you must drive to another Airport right exactly true we went to another Airport see they said it has just left but there is another one in Miami exactly true that we went to Miami when we were half demanded I said ah we are very sorry your name is showing in the system but two of your people which only my name was showing in the system and two of them which I was moving with their names were not in the system true true listen to me that devil is real that Sunday we had to prepared I had you know God had given me a mandate to do I said to God I wanted man reversal God where are you what is this remember having slept like for two nights now just to move you from one Airport to another Airport to another Airport to another air and let go but why did you tell me this and we're moving from whatever so this night in Miami around in the morning you know I had a knock at the door I said what's this I opened the door I'm what are they so sleepy but we can't sleep because we're just there for 30 minutes maybe just to you know just to to have like to refresh because we are supposed to fly again back to New York now Emilia is something was knocking and I wanted a room like this and behold I saw a human being and this human being was laughing and see some of you you you know panic if you wanna see how this thing was looking like but I didn't if in the mines I went on a man phone there's no prayer they prayed because I know Greta is he who is inside [Applause] if we can tell you you know if if we continue the experiences we've experienced first to fist dim was appearing turn to attack us stopping our events stop it try to stop or cassettes you'd be shocked and we can to seduce the bus the world does not believe let me say this to you if you think the devil is not real think twice we are living in a world where we must stop the devil from doing what is about to do to a family and I'm and and I said nothing completely nothing because I am scared of the devil and it never said to me you will not make it you are not preaching in South Africa you will not make it those were the words that the forest said and the voice disappeared and the human being disappeared I said they don't know took the flight we took the thread again to New York City and the owner Fred which was available was via was it via was it Agana all-you-can-eat we're gonna yeah I think we stopped in Accra Accra Ghana it was via Ghana oh my goodness and we arrived at airport here around four o'clock in the evening all right and we drop stretch one day two nights don't sleeping I came was straight on the pulpit and now when I was about to arrive at the chakras I began to laugh at the devil he was laughing about you are saying I want to make it right major prefer I've become to love what the devastated therefore you a liar when I rather there whenever I just took the microphone and that damn miracles happened there was joy unspeakable you must understand that so the question gonna be by the way is God where these things are happening why is allowing us to go through this trust you me it was so stressing moving from airport to airport and where am you pepper the way is good allowing us to go through these things God wanted us to speak the weight it's not ghosts power it is to your power it was the power Adam had lost the devil but Jesus restored it back to those who believe totally by next to you or what you're passing through all you have to do speak away say something about it say something about it and sure happened and he shall happen [Applause] [Applause] are you here this is why I tell you don't don't don't talk and I'm gonna die very soon I will die you will they die and we're gonna have a very powerful funeral service don't confess death speak life when the devil was to kill you when the devil wants to kill you and he knows his feeling because you are protected he will make you to start speaking also to kill yourself he can't he can't touch you because you Jesus is inside of you so the only way to kill you is to make you kill yourself by your words by your declaration I'm gonna die I wanna die Anna yo you really die David you said I shall not die [Applause] they said I shall leave and declare their works when they confessed not King so tried every way to kill the guy but his confession sustained him his confession protected him you see when people out of there are saying things against us they are not just the saying those words but they're trying to declare that we must become what they are saying don't when people are saying ways to you they are speaking to spirits to make her become what they are saying you must be very careful you must be saying I reverse everywhere spoken against me oh yes spoken against my church oh yes what can I guess my ministry oh yeah [Applause] [Applause] you see I was I was I was in Malawi fistic of January with some of my son's here who were here all right and I mean the Malawi there and um you see I said okay I want to go to my prayer mountain to pray so I had traveled it's not about three to four hours drive from along with the capital city to the zoo zoo up north so I took him with his wife my son over there with his wife just under with his wife over there all right now I had a goal with them and as I went with them just arriving in Zuzu I had said to them let's go to pray now so it like hey I thought we're gonna go with you it was I think the first time to be in Malawi alright so they had followed me in Malawi they said okay wanna go with you to pray with you I said okay let's go just arriving at the prayer mountain I mean a mezuzah then I hear call to say that your wife has been poisoned I'm talking about last month your wife has been poisoned yeah wait okay thus thus I'm thinking about it another call there binning tires or say your church I said what do you mean oh this or that or this right and I said which you can do everything else but we're not the devil's touching your wife [Applause] me oh yes and say I'm talking about last month in January you see me they had to to call for an ambulance a jet ambulance with a thing about – two daughters two doctors – or two – doctors to doctors inside and I'm like so I'm with I'm with my Sunday so they were surprised that we had just gone home into my mother's house and those food on the table about to eat and they were shocked I just left them on the table and I went to the bedroom so the F alone finished I don't know whether they left some for me I've forgotten now no yes no so they were surprised to see what has happened I wasn't on the table you see I was about to eat my food and I'm an African I don't eat using or your folks and spoons and every I use my normal hands [Applause] so I had washed my hands I had washed my hands and I'm there and I'm about to eat and then I'm hearing all these stories at once and I said God so I won the room to pray all right I wonder the room to pray I was there like two hours there on the table they finished eating so the Justice said let's all just start praying I think something is wrong so the whole house began to pray and I come out of the room and I said it's okay the wife has been a poison but God says in the Bible God says in the Bible that I am the head of the family [Applause] what what what does the purpose say who is the head of the house exactly so I told them or come here come here David exact exactly what I said I I want to teach you something about this all right what did I say what did I say to you you said you are the head Jesus is the head of the church I'm the head of my family uh-huh I have authority huh Jesus coming and doing something in my faith without my authority is like stealing and he doesn't steal it's like what it's like stealing and Jesus doesn't steal if Jesus knows I am the head he cannot come and take my wife without passing through if ice [Applause] that be bring it on daddy we hear those advantages of getting married – not the profits but two main or faith I said no no no profit here this is a fifth issue I'm teaching this because you must know the devil is I'm a prophet you say you'll be like but how how does even day wife of a prophet the devil touch touch the over the Prophet I was thinking properly do you know that Jesus in his 40 days of fasting the devil for only human right on his last day who are you don't give me Jesus and there's nothing like Jesus all juices [Applause] there is nothing like Jesus on your name watch this so as believers we must always know the devil will keep on knocking who keep on knocking our duty is to resist him I told him I said wait and I am the head of my house the Bible says I'm the head and Jesus the head of the church I said the devil cannot taking my wife without my authority as I'm not even Jesus himself cannot taking my wife a lot of authority if I am the head jesus was supposed to tell me to say I'm about to take your wife yes or no am I supposed to say yes or no [Applause] now to some of you when you hear that she was poisoned you think it actually just poison that she was walking she was like no I'm today this was a serious matter we have the video so but this is a serious matter very serious matter it was a very serious matter very serious matter we are within the videos it was a very serious issue very serious issue I haven't spoken about that I don't talk about it but when I remember part that becomes so emotional it was a very serious you know you have to call you and say to me my husband if I go you know if if you get a call she's crying and she's screaming this was serious matter and this was a poison to put in an envelope where she opens an inning from then powder comes from the inner form now oh I because when we teach you things like this when I'm doing when I'm saying to you nothing's gonna happen but like but does it but I know what I'm passing through do you know you what I'm passing through do you know what I have met in life and God gave me the grace to conquer why did he make me to be aa spiritual father because he knows there are battles that I have forth [Applause] this is my brother over here he can tell you I have lived all my life through battles he can tell you I'm not a spiritual but not physical spiritual battles now what I want to say that – this is don't think don't you think he the devil will stop coming to you you keep on coming to you but I want you today to live out of this place with this knowledge and anointing that we have the power to stop the devil and if that family we have the power to stop the devil then we will stop the devil tonight right now I'm gonna give you the last of this I'm gonna give you a last of us can I get a last of this if you people you are serious with you the spiritual warfare you cannot to be where you are by now that never tells you so many things and then you view you begin to feel sorry for yourself you have so many questions about come on Levi the image of God you are in the court said you must be in His image now if God puts you in His image and his likeness he puts you on earth then why must he also come on earth will have two images you are his representative you are his you are here on his behalf shout hallelujah someone stop murmuring stop cry stop thinking stand up and sit by tomorrow I command you [Applause] the word test ah so that again he's already acid you got the Poway saddle too are you in yet him is somebody that all right Gus is inside of you Wickham I the pump thank you mister camera [Applause] hi-yah Express image of his real honest don't allow robbers come around you and you're quiet and you're complaining and your momily and you spra know you must behave like one because you are the image of God you are the luckiest of God God he has given us the power to stop everything that is happening around that's why jesus you speak to the wind speak to the fig tree i want to spit your account to speak to bank account split your marriage split to the sickness spread to Parvati spit on every bed Letty hear the word of the Lord last this gentleman 8 verse 20 all right want it go right all right go down all right it's okay it's okay all right now let's go to Exodus 14 s 9 Exodus 49 right and we're gonna also be together Exodus chapter 40 verse 9 1 3 gory [Applause] all right that's another instructor I want to give you right now so God is saying take the words the anointing oil go and anoint the tabernacle and once come on give me the scripture and what and what take the mounting oil and Unknowing the tabernacle and everything in it consecrated and all its furnishings and it will be holding the whole finishing of the house now what is that telling you this is a tabernacle says okay if you want to be holy go and anoint the tabernacle I'm gonna tell you one time there was a spiritual attack happening in a sitting family that man was my teacher at the school so he told me he said young man I know God is using he said to me but in the house we're great because he was a believer and he was a soldier the very same time and he said to me said we have ready for the house the more we prefer the house the more spiritual attacks are happening is it I have got two children young kids who have been initiated into certain ISM and there are so many attacks happening in the house and I said I'm coming to your house this evening and I want to the house and as a few of olive oil said yes give me an oil oil in your house they gave me the oil and God gives me an instruction to unlink the door and all the windows and all the finishings in the house and to leave one window open and not to anoint that window and ass and to tell them now to say steady me to say or demons and all attacks leave through that window I said say like that and the teacher stood up and he said all demons in this house or miss virtues or attacks or problem remember all other doors every entrance is anointed and it was not like pouring the oil like on the door no justice not drop on this oil and or the window on the finishes and on the beylin it was like sumo smoke and I said say that's threatening the man said a steady me I said now going across the window he went on the cross as an anointed trust you me and do today that teacher every time I meet him you always succeed praise be to God it has profit from that time it sound who was mentally disturbed God healed never again did the problem come back they had problems of fighting with his wife those were gone spiritual attacks disappeared from that day everything changed do you understand you see the older that you have with you some of you just take it for granted that will keep that owner seriously and may not be with you in your house but over the oiler of God in your house imagine God he says anoint your house and everything in the house this is God this is not like a man growing is saying to Moses annoying thing everything anointed the finishings anoint and understanding so how we hammer the things of the Spirit don't think don't be religious like this how I pray I do things in this way know be prophetic people be led by the spirit be led by the spins you see tonight I want I wanted to give you this man descent that you must know there is a war out there and the only thing that will stop it it is prayer Jesus said this kind can come out pay nothing prayer and fasting it is said by me being event you didn't say that listen we're trying to cast out a demon and we failed how did you do it even he said because I'm Jesus that's why I did it and no no no no no I said it's all because of my involvement it is because prayer and fasting Bitto the devil wanted you but I have prayed for you not that I have I have stopped him I have prayed all that may surrounds you can only be stopped by prayer how many same profit I want to pray tonight seriously you have to you have to I'm telling you you have you have no choice we you must stop that no sense in your life things must be checked not even tomorrow we are talking about we must stop from yesterday we have been stopping silencing making things quite and today we are coming again we are stopping on the Friday where we are speaking to the week we were stopping we must stop until we see the hand of the Lord stand up everybody stand up stand up stand up stand up send the name of Jesus Christ every situation in my life that is not changing oh Lord I stand in your presence as I'm a prayer tonight Oh Lord by the power invested in me through your son Jesus Christ I oppose every satanic arguments every demonic agenda I destroy I destroy every powerful or any demonic assignment in my life any powerful or any demonic assignment in my life aside to attack my family I sign to attack my family I delete I delete every assignment every assignment against my future against my future I remove I remove every bra every demonic block every demonic blow by the power vested in me by the power invested in in the name of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus can use Satanic agents use Satanic agents new demos you demons tonight tonight a commercial come out I command you come on every plan of Saturn every plan of Satan I frustrated now I frustrated now in the name of Jesus cross the name of Jesus Christ to get the prep begin to blow everyone began to pray we get to pray let it happen let it happen [Applause] he practically died Akihabara Rico Rico the superego Rico is shot operator Liberato people are open Rico Yatta Yatta Nicola Soubirous burrito burrito ready begin we can we pray clap your hands clap your hands clap your hands clapping hands up break up here surprise it's happening God is hearing you miracles are happening things are changing stories are changing destinies are changing business is a change da da da da da Yatta Yatta Yatta Yatta Yatta Yatta Yatta prepare prepare prepare October Jesus name we pray my karma karma karma karma karma karma cough you have no idea what's happening in the spirit realm right now they are shiftings in the spirit right now things are shifting in a spirit for you receive remember God will do nothing until one prays certainly go to do nothing nothing and to somebody has prayed to submarines private it said to me even the revival which is happening now it's a prayer of somebody if you want to revive war in your family pray bread don't think you've been your house and thing feels just ten and want a wake up in the morning and then your store as a moving well never Bria is a solution prayer is a what prayer is a solution sit down for moment this rise up your hands also sit down sit down and raise up your hands when in my my Russia is that moving is a moving let God begin to answer everything that I've been praying for I received by the grace of God whom I save I received by the grace of God whom I said I receive let there be a miracle in your life in the name of Jesus I receive letter be a miracle in your life in the name of Jesus see you let there be a miracle in your life in the name of Jesus I receive let it be a solution in your life in the name of Jesus I received is a prayer for you is a prayer with you oh yes God answers prayer right now the name of Jerry see you so predict a civilian I receive when you hear lady Nami my shout hallelujah my shoddy tile when you healing what is it that we are believing God for rias let me start with that question what is it that tonight we are believing God for do you have anything that you want to go do for you yes now before we even go there before even is set of God we are believing you for this and advance I want to bring this to attention the ear of the Lord is attentive oh yes so those who are righteous oh yes to those who fear Him this is the most important statement that you must hear tonight before we think of prayer let us also think of our relationship with Jesus Christ oh yes it is useless it is business to have God answer you and your life spiritually to remain the same right now I'm here to encourage you the walk of faith which of studies do not think receive all those hearts do not allow the enemy to the quote of your faith in Christ every error from the enemy I new transit in the mighty name of Jesus how to see if I completely paralyzed in the mighty name of Jesus I receive you'll be surprised I say you'll be surprised I receive will believe it was a believer who is believing I believe your bishop I believe there is an anointing that is moving in our Minister right now I received my goodness my goodness my goodness I hear are you here you're here we are here Peter there's so much Chris so much grace father as a result of the hence I pray that you give them a solution they're looking for Aaron see a many their spiritual lives receives strengthen the inner man I receive I pray the mighty name of Jesus cross I receive I pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I receive as were here let God who myself begin to surprise you with unspeakable joy I receive unspeakable Pfeffer who's to say receive it in the name of Jesus our receiver in the nemesis perry kaduche para kaduche para kaduche Baraka Marissa very serious para kaduche para cada shall receive Jesus [Applause] Jesus there is something that God is doing tonight it is for those who believe how many believe how many believe how many beliefs father answer your people Lord hear my prayer tonight answer your people see let them know why I call you Yahweh and she does name I pray I receive in Jesus name I pray I receive and she's a smiting him a prey I restrictive Amen clapping hands for changes [Applause] [Applause] you can't are you here are you here somebody when you have faith in crust when you have faith in God it doesn't matter what people made to try to bring you down this it doesn't matter how many demos they try to bring you down what matters is your faith or break in pieces oh we pose the enemies using against you wherever you are right now I know some of you you are believing God for a financial breakthrough oh yes some of your building garden for manage some of your believing God for healing some of it in Ghana for delivered us in your family oh yes I announced all this things will happen in the name of Jesus really see I am now see the name og receive your testimonies coming very soon I receive it [Applause] hey you be a testimony [Applause] you be a testy morning yeah you'll testify what the Lord is testify you'll be investing money you testify take what the Lord daily week where everyone is at um now what anoint people you know if your oil rats they're very important hey so I want to give you a structure and I give you an instruction I don't know where you sleep but I want you to unlearn that place that house just a little oil not even an instruction just unknowing to house we know what we're talking about and the same way that things must leave see the secret of a house it doesn't matter where that is the house where to stay or not what you must know is the house it actually symbolizes the dwelling place any least know what time you ain't in a new house and just go then just you know it's so dangerous very very very dangerous spiritually it is a very very dangerous I can give you testicles with no brother here you pray for the house and do which is much to say are you what are you using in this house very very dangerous to just end in the house and then and no rain we are living in a warfare are you understanding me and on Friday this coming Frank Friday this coming Friday we have a meeting service right and we'll be finishing our program which were building for your fare you know we'll be doing a program and I'm talking about me I guess satanic pageants every satanic force will be destroying it breaking it and those of you who can fast on Friday I want you to fast okay we must we must finish here me I was told you the devil will never stop until you tell him to very very important on Sunday we have a wonderful program it's good words my god ah answer Sunday service this one I don't know but my god Shaza he has to name gotta answer this it is the time where profit is challenging people when he says ok let us see who has a true living god when a prophet says let us see her so on Sunday I want to call my god is a call or his name has told me selling on Sunday I want to answer that's what I'm told it well thank God you have tried your God try my god on a Sunday so on Friday we have both medic service as an international business program of restoration coming from the whole wad and once again I welcome you my visitors from Europe Asia and welcome you diverse you must walk home right now every piece of oil I just want you to to our 90 people right now very very important oil wherever you are there this oil when it comes on you let it be a statement of favor let it be a statement of success let be a statement of healing I received may be a statement of the vamp protection I received as you want this oil let it be a statement that the layer of Judah must roll in your life in Jesus I already see you the Lion of Judah the one you have that oil is written Lion of Judah the Lion of Judah in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our servant i anoint you for spiritual warfare I receive in Jesus name I resume and Jesus name I received now and anoint yourself and say what must happen remember I told you you may pray for financial breakthrough but if you don't say you don't have ok may have a small financial breakthrough and you are not satisfied because what you have is what you say now I want you to say anything what you say as you are not yourself say what must happen in the name of Jesus as anoint myself I decree and I declare this is going to happen begin to declare mesh on it don't speak little speak big in Jesus name Amen so it shall be in Jesus name [Applause] so shall it be in Jesus mighty name I receive are you ready okay now I watch those watching on the TV where they're watching us from I will hope you're also anointed don't just watch the devil eating your mother stop him do allow the devil destroying your future stop him and how we stop him prayer very very very important on Friday were having spiritual warfare special warfare we need to put down some powers and strongholds I'm telling you I'm telling the devil is fighting he's not stopping but we will stop him he has to say has to ask you exactly so I pray they are stopping him in Jesus mighty name and she's just mighty name so all right now or wherever you are you must understand and she remember we're in a big project 21 days of fundraising today with the people who made it but just yesterday we went to unknowing to the place and I want to show you just an example over how what you want to build on that land will look like we need your support we need your financial support to do this project and I'll be showing you now just pictures can just have some pictures this is how the place look like when everything is done now let's just not you that hands may end up causing us to at least be settled and the problem is not a us the problem it is the growth of the church is growing too much I don't know what we must do now I'm confused alright so we are having people the whole world that are contributing and tonight we are calling for people tomorrow first thing in the morning whenever you do what I'm gonna tell you we want you to keep something on that tomorrow we are calling for people who can come out and support the ministry over this project with only 1000 runs the members 21 days of fundraising will be giving different instructions and asking sometimes the potato and I sometime to be hundred tomorrow we are saying those who can contribute a thousand friends please do so if you creamed love this church you can love this ministry you are supposed to show that love with works and i'm according for people at least 100 people if they can tomorrow so if thousand runs that will give God all the glory and do I have any person in our midst who says tomorrow I am doing a thousand runs do you have any personal medicine I want to see a hand up man as much as you can and don't don't do it if if the devil says don't I'm telling you if the enemy is saying don't do it don't but if the hottest split assess do it do it how many the hottest speed is same as you to do it I want I want him to wave their hand up tomorrow I'm a same prophet tomorrow I'd be a man the first person to do it I'm doing it for my church I want us to move I want me to read I want to receive in a nice place our Hammurabi will be doing that tomorrow how many all right god bless you for that you will never be the same again [Applause] all right as you do that tomorrow as you do that we don't want you just to do it just to do and stay quiet we will ask you to write your name and put that name in an inner vlog are you hearing me to put your name in a watch in an inner flock when you put your name in that inner vlog closet and you're gonna write on top of that inner rock CD okay I'll be watering that the Seabee through prayer don't bring them up to me keep it in a house after watering that's in a rope that's seed troop registration and once you do the people to put the deposit put your name on the in Europe and see which of the water linked that seed through prayer whatever financial Mina was gonna happen after that we need your testimony [Applause] we need your testimony please you're gonna come to the pasta on Sunday or any Sunday that there's a testimony and tell them that I did what the Prophet said I wrote my name on the envelope and I kept him in my house and the prophecy will be watering in the city through prayer and I have a harvest and this one has happened to me please don't hide that testimony we needed a testimony because you bring that any broke again to say this is my name in the integral right the debt on that envelope because of the watering that in abrupt through prayers I'll be praying for that inner Rob I don't have to see you you don't have to save the deeds do it privately secretly but when a testimony has happened come without any Rob the written edit is very very important 1,000 the people we are look for 1,000 people to support the move we are calling it a shifting that we are want to shift from this place to our own land were calling for a shifting if you are part and parcel of the shifting let God also shift you from where you are to another place we are calling for a thousand people 1000 runs into this project and then I stained hands up again for those people who are doing that tomorrow 1000 rounds gonna see the hands up again wherever they are wherever they are we are doing this project tomorrow don't forget to write your name put in the envelope and read CD and sear it and keep it in your house god bless you and whoever you are watching us on the TV God has said it and he has done it for you that therefore has been stopped that issue that was happening to you has been stopped keep on stopping him until he leaves you forever we will stand with you as ECG family and pray with you as the Watchers of the TV the whole ECG body we are praying for you and we are saying God is stopping things and making things to happen to your favor in the name of and all you have in your seed rest up your seat as much as you can and as you raise up your seed say these words with me having a father this is my seed is I saw my seed all these exotic otter and some my prayers in Jesus mighty name now waveless it well you see shot hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah weather sealed shot hallelujah god bless you all god bless you I love you on Friday don't forget is a spiritual affair and we are fasting on Friday we are fasting on Saturday on this Saturday I'm meeting all my shorts if you are called a steward of major one you have no right no right to miss it for anything I ask you and I beg you unless you are so busy unless you are so much occupied but otherwise I beg you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to be here love you those watching on the TV stay connected to remain protected love you and shallow the fact that that is affect dolla does not mean there is no original or genuine dollar the existence of the fakie proves

50 thoughts on “Diplomatic Service LIVE | Major 1 Teaching On Speaking To The Spirit Part 2 | ECG | 25/02/19

  • I love what i hear Major 1 preaching. His is an awesome messenger of God. Powerful prophet but why are people praying to Major 1. Major 1 seems to be saying all throughout this message to call out to God for your own sake. We need the prophetic voice but we have to be obedient to call out to God and provoke the answers into this troubled environment.. He is saying use your authority and people are commenting for Major 1 to pray for them. Cry out to God, that is why Jesus came so you would have access.

  • I can't get enough of this teaching. I want to hear it over and over again. MAJOR I LOVE YOU . ECG FAMILY, I LOVE YOU.

  • Great teaching!! The voice-to-text translations are such a joke!! I laughed so much I had to ignore the visuals in order to stay with the Teacher…😅

  • I connect to service was on my birthday I thank God for my ternal life that he gives me and i thank him for giving me a great prophet my name is Sitarara topias mpande

  • Wow….our Prophet does not need a song to prophecy!My Prophet the battles belongs to God and demons cannot stand the power of God through our great Prophet Sheperd Bushiri!ECG remain victorious!Thank You Lord Jesus for a Prophet in our time!i oppose every satanic argument,evil forces are powerless in Jesus name!we love our Prophet and Prophetess Mary Bushiri!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Thank you for teaching me how to pray prophet & this sermon is so eye opening. We are in spiritual warfare

  • Powerfully grace holy ghost power hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

  • I am all in heart connected today. I have received as joy explodes from inside -out. Thank you Mighty God.

  • They can stop you but they can't stop the move of God 👌 👏 👏 👏 loving the way u make our Jesus famous

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