Diplomats in India practice yoga exercises

put the light and India is much more so much more than just yoga but yoga without India would not exist so of course Yoga is it's a product which you can sell everywhere in the world it's the meditation it's yoga its Ayurveda it has so many soft issues which bring the Indian culture into the forefront I think it's it's very good to do that to memorize that day like in Germany we have four million people participating in this today four million people and worldwide I don't know how many luck people will participate so it's a clever move and I think it's that's why we're here adorable to have all these yoga people around us this is very good for creating your pancreas this asana is a good for management compact your whether should be on your heels it's working very well I think Prime Minister Modi is a world leader is one of the best leaders in the world and it leads yoga and many many other fields in the world and we are so we so appreciate it so much and of course my Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likes him so much for this and for his personality

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