Dipset Docu-Movie "Diplomatic Blood Ties & Money"(Cam'ron,Jim Jones,Juelz Santana,40 Cal)

em rec TV minute did you ever save 10 I'm back I ain't got my show for this nigga just ran the fuck off so with Young said my nigga Woodrow who opens the DOS suicide oh and shit like that I'm Sam and I ran off to the store being at oh seven thing for those who don't know to this that oh seven seven phantom you dig every bit of all fucking four hundred thousand and I'm saying you see niggas gonna got them trays instead to Detroit where you eat at and I'm saying it's got the TVs right there man if it ain't no seven niggas ain't got them big 12 inches and I'm sayin you're diggin age of 15 inches my bag no homo my meaning you can't you can't even get these installed you got to be old seven so niggas know what it is when they see this dr. motherfucking ashtray alright ashtray for the all white phantom you dig and it's a 99-cent ashtray I'll go fuck niggas play like I'm nigga ain't getting no money got $0.99 ashtray to go home don't be stupid i'ma show y'all some shit for some freaky shit ah sorry about that this is what I do when I'll be back here I had to press the blank if my shelf and I hear ya now get my chalk or what's up please speak DVD that's how you do that right you men you see that's a DVD menu no craft menu DVD but no that is empty would you like to remain in the notepad DVD notepad menu sometimes it bug out I'm gonna get it right though once–once oh yeah telephone menu DVD menu all over the world and oh it's a cargo and the police nigga put that gun to my head now what everything it trying to reach it crap you said you know each other each other kidnap me in a stall and Chicago's another promoter I did some flashing first of all and then you have all that money I told Kevin of listen this is gonna go up okay whoa whoa no I'm gonna get some money out just I decided it's gonna go you're gonna go again like three blocks I'm telling you coming in we're gonna take this short I tell them I'm ago became I disappear into the crowd this also casual shit and get out and next day they run to the hotel now you guys sell it right good so Jim white y'all meet me just come back at the wheel we always I got the money and I'll pull up in the trunk I got this money I got it back Paula what is like it was hot like you're further further away from you know hit the corner and next day they pull up go Jim gonna consult to the do whatever I give him the cap for a life outta nowhere lock the door like you know the movies on their bike lock the doors like that you telling me with the lock that door my face forget about the car you will take me for my get out the car that's got crazy video GC 1200 Wells yo he's nearsighted or farsighted nigger somebody shut the fuck up cross slap the shit out biggest and which wasn't because he said no no your bouncer I read through it I've learnt all so they're gonna make a simple into the police they'll just be needed which is PBS everybody let's sit down for this yeah that's it fuck with this piece I'm saying it's my shit right here I want 50 fish Street thanks this son I'm saying you know Fat Joe and them did the interstates you dig I'm saying that's the thing about my jewelry – I got a bunch of Jimmy but it's not like everybody else true he might shit creative and I'm saying everything should I design I'm saying you did this 150 fish Street and I'm saying that's the exit one five one is the block saw after all my 30 dick I think a gator Nandi training or old family up there Jada hold on notice you Diaries yeah shit I'm finna officially exit with the green diamonds so now when you start seeing cuz they exit pieces and all that drills are the first one with the exit piece I ain't get it all Dukie big not cuz I couldn't look 40 because I didn't want it you didn't you see how many pieces I got you know it's just sudden I wanted to add to the collection so I said send that up you did man I'm gonna take y'all what remember when I opened the first case of right now shows out of bracelets right it was a theory behind the braces Juelz Santana the Reagan era Reagan was he was in office and I'm saying that was the biggest crack era so that's named my new album that's the parentheses it's really born and lose but built to win you dig and prevent to see the Reagan era hopeful Juelz is basically what I'm trying to say and I'm saying this is that other snake this that Cobra that that anaconda whatever the fuck you want to call them it was good we see you know what it is baby I'm saying see my man Weezy he got the four roll joints he got he got like a a blue one and just separate I said yeah I mean I got do my god rep it let me summed up in the whole state but not only did I just say I mean I want to like that you got to do it all the way baby the flagged I'm jewelry you you seriously gonna tell me to step my jewelry game or up I need to step my shit down skull gang skull hey who are you I got about five miles out pull it out nurses you're gonna do that now fucking I have a thousand of them on just one you know it's me when you see the skull head rosary these fall seven other peacemakers shaking all hands Holloman doing the motherfucking video shoot my nigga know what it is Jim Joelle's freaky me in a building it smash it on Tommy do this would you call flight nigga coordination right here you did this coordination that stupid niggas might not catch see right here so you got the wallet chain it's chrome horse there's a lot of money for those of you niggas who don't know about this I'm saying see you got crosses on the right see the Bell got the crosses on the right see the sweater got the crosses on it right see the motherfucking jewelry is the crosses on the right that's how you got a coordinating I'm saying when I bring my skull shit out and I'm sinning we're gonna bring this chain out you did we switching jewelry with the clothes I wanna take it we're not killing for it means I'll be doing a video or 5050 I decided to bring out this to you did don't put that on a chain whoa it was like call me later love you crazy man now you can hear shit I'm telling you this I've been the motherfucker right now I'm talking to my mom for accounting she got my pin number finally on the black joint mr. Hayes lady but I fuck with that side with these with you that cushion all that but angle from my preferences that hey today I'm saying Washington Heights thank you I'm saying John Samantha's up did what DVD menu DVD on see that I know if you would come around and get that good clear cuz this is the cardinal me we won't down a window maybe you could you could do it from the other side see soon as I said DVD on that's right that's my nigga Jamie Foxx right there that's what I'll be watching sometimes when I be in the back for you niggas that no non I mean I'm not not watching those super Superman or no dumb shit like that I'm watching that good old ray you did gotta make it do what it do baby because that's what I do I make it do what it do man I don't claim to be the king I just do my thing Juelz Santana the best of the best and I'm saying it um like I said it's my motherfucking here I lied shit boy shoutout to my niggah findi shoutout to the whole month I'm back yeah see I ain't got the bandaid on this is unlikely for me but you know to New Year I'm doing a lot of new things and I'm saying new money new everything I don't mean the bandanas over that's still my hood clown you know just sometimes you might like but it catch me without the bandana that's how it's going down let me tell y'all didn't it and this there's another thing I wanna tell ya I don't I don't like doing this but I sense I got sense I'm hearing it's out I gotta do this like for real man only reason I'm out like this today cuz I had a Nike like thing I had to slow Nike shit I did earlier for those who don't know niggas won't know what I'm doing soon I just did this one of the biggest Nike commercials ever man they got fucking Kobe Bryant everybody mushy violets um every future nigga except for my nigga Vince Carter shoutout to my niggah Vince Carter I thought he should have been in that but you know I think it's got contracts elsewhere he was a Nike commercial you dig but I'm on there and I'm saying I got the track I did it I mean just lazy to beat a bottom line it's one of the biggest Nikes commercials ever I'm saying so niggas wanna know what the fuck I'm doing that's what the fuck Juelz Santana it's doing shit like that and I'm saying mother why you niggas is looking stupid talking silly in come on man through me are you serious that's why the day I got down everybody bring the Phantom out like that and I'm saying but that's why the day I got the Phantom out and the more fucking Flying Spur behind for real I really need to step my shit down I'm gonna give somebody to shit back and believe you me you can call my Julie's in LA and I got a jewel in Houston man all my shit is good you dick this is certified shit right here man like I ain't just say y'all send me this shit to me you take a bigger just holiness this type of shit this is all custom shit look on the back let's say fuck bush that was custom Lee made for Juelz Santana you thinking I'm saying I saw you know like all these I'm gonna show you this one Juelz Santana on the back of that and I'm saying what that say up top Juelz bottom say Santana you dig what that say on the back Juelz Santana you dig like these these shits wasn't just love saying he says Marchmont this is my shit I'm saying I'll show y'all let's go this this bitch look one song you take this off for these niggas real quick you made me man shorty this a little bit not enough for me to say your name or condone the bullshit just a little bit I won't know Irish you feel me you never gonna have no shit like this man never never you did like I said man and you see me on MTV Cribs I'm not gonna take I'm not gonna take come up with me to MTV Cribs but you see me on MTV Cribs so and that's paid for you did so I mean ain't got to be like oh you got all these good I mean he ain't got no crib don't come on so you know my shit covered baby forget that dude in a little bit no me okay now we want to smooth this slide normal normal oh shit right here and I'm saying I had this hole in the ball and but things ain't gonna get to the ball of remix video but they really get to get a really good look at this way and I'm set eat my blood hold on let me take a piss stop okay this is like we need an intermission for this shit buddy hit me I'm a like my blowing up real quick we gotta get a lighter please more like this fucking blown up real quick or maybe I needed that effect anyway that vote for Joelle is that full effect with me standing up while I look for this more fucking light no sad can't find the light now that was enough intermission let me take you up back to the live action like I said member when I showed you earlier when I first opened the box up I showed you niggas the mall fucking the colorful braces and I'm saying like I told you so coordination with this shit I'm a Harlem nigga so you know if I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it on the way come on shorty come on shorty put these on one by one for you shorty here that you didn't lock that snap let me here's the other one are we doing it was it red white blue okay call me mr. America nigga you can be mr. New York call me mr. America nigga and I'm taking over the world let me right go to watch on a nigga what's that we do the puppy world tour the whole tour there we are ye on the puppy world tour me a camel in the school let us get this shit we on scooters now we said talking to some flying bitches in the middle of the hotel and she like this after the show when we pop it now it's about I feel I feeling liquor I thought like a bumped into me but nigga nigga hit me in the back of my head I turn around and word to my mother all the whole day I was telling cam I'm keep this for me old Baker I know I'm had to stab one of these niggas out of here then nigga shut up and money nigga gotta snuff me I said like that if see I told you oh and then I've seen in the game rocket I was the next time I see no Jesse no I see then they get the speed he's need to start shooting that is the speed I was like 10 DB sniggers head like for money Crips with the meat like 10 DP thing start shooting us oh man oh we getting out of here they got that one then I seem to nigga in 55th I'm sit his puffy I know it's puffy team against a little a butter little eight but it's bustling they ass and he can just going crazy you wanna call we got Alex and I have he's going crazy but it's just me and can finish sixty niggas were bad boy and I see the nigga gonna he's standing right here they stopped going on that back and for Brooklyn shit boom everybody rushed me in the park I said aw man I was believed nigga pick me up in the air I'm hitting him then somehow I could do and I remember you know how that's when I was heavy I was I was I have you on my blood should have had the big race on oh my god I'm pulling razor everybody backed up I said this is my time to exit I got a real ice you know I used to get away with murder and I was hide like oh I got my snuff when outside outside to work apart I said I you know what I'm gonna teach I climbed up on the top of a paddy wagon and looked at the niggas like what's up on top of the paddy wagon would poison side up anyway [Laughter] boy can I see the whole keyboard CD to the homies right here we call back in this well that's something to shut the whole pork enough for you I was on top there patty where you liked was good man Yoda cops him fucking joke I pay like I wait right now you began to make them was think of you one might be a bad choice for you this season Baghdad you should have caught it while we was young young and dumb I was amazed like this was first first started that nigga started off like you don't know about me I was talking about that I said you all know about me they can't sing what we got here this Tupac one ball head yet the Versace vest on you know we don't want to talk in there like I said oh that's how they doing it in here huh I said I know how to come back next time I hope you get out this time no didn't they get frozen egg like Shh I remember the name for murder came through over John he had to sleeve like it was good these niggas partner let yo this was in the tone like your tongue that's the other tone the tunnel was one death that was one of them spots be never forget after that after I seen that it something they stopped coming to tell her everything under the Sun damn near Paris smoke thirty races gone condoms candy niggas coming in their ATT dough Vic I used to go give make a nigga fun something when I'm gonna talk about myself I'll throw your Victor stay close like I may go throwing up like don't fit come in come here that's like a front end see me grab a nigga by his head now passe negative ass head like this like nigga is you crazy fucking man let's go oh shit it used to be silly in its own no he was any was Robbin niggas in its own security was crazy if we initiate 13 years things need to be ashamed they so because somebody's thing has been his game 29 years they keep talking about I'm 10 years it and all that shit happy one no how many times you gonna say you ten years in if I'm 13 years in and you've been in the game 13 years before me it smell me uh-huh photos dump strength on your mine no woman no cry but someone in Eden Lake all other man's that did you get that far decided oh you're the five fifties back my man he came home and I'm saying you got the bends five 52 days crashed it got enough 120,000 won Oh crash it I need crash hey like you saying I cracked impress crash crash you crashed it we don't get we're gonna get this one clarified skull gang is you dig skull gang okay who are you I got about a mile out pull it out nurses you're gonna do that now fuck away didn't I have a thousand of them Warren just one you know it's me when you see the skull head rosary you dig stop playing with us man I call these my Faces of Death I'm saying she just pulled up like that I'm gangsta gangsta trust him believe like my life would kill you if I told you my life you might die better spot you they can't fuck with the kid trying to tell you man some real shit going on over there the war she does I ain't booze you design whoa I like the fucking fat huh say I've got the ghost of The Lone Ranger because of the cause with horse like talks over oh the big higher childhood boy Jim Nabors he would have to do miles burns burns burns criticized for fast-forwarded last 42 hours verse that's nice I heard you niggas licking talk about I ain't got the bright watch I got the right watch bitch hold on me show you something else bitch you lil nigga my fucking trouble bow cut school like Ferris Bueller grew up to be a drug dealer now cop Frank Mueller's bitch yeah let me tell you outside to where it wasn't a motherfucking joke just as my chauffeur you went to the joint to get some fucking food I'm mad I'm a slapping when you get back where's your grant come on don't do that to me again baby what Oh see how I'm hold on let me show you some I don't even auto because I don't do that out that's how you know I don't pull out my own brother cuz I don't even know how to work it and I'm saying but this would happening y'all niggas and I'm saying and it's not raining the umbrella would have got held nobody misses this is how I'm doing it this this is why I can't respond to you niggas money you niggas get on this level I can't respond to you niggas but if some niggas I can respond soon and when I get on yes I'm biting no home like this ain't no game Harvick doing it I'm saying they can stick niggas it niggas ain't doing it big like this is weird talk this is all paid for shit I'm sad see this this Flying Spur shit all dirty I just bought this all cuz like I said today I had a lo event downtown the nigga Kobe Bryant and home in Nike town I'm saying so you know Kobe was there was a lot of people I had to come through and do it big so you ain't gonna see the Bentley in the Phantom out too often unless I'm clever and I'm saying though about doing too much but most likely I'm in the studio I'm just working doing the fuck I do but once again juelz santana Dipset for life I'm back the Reagan era born the loose build the wind and let me tell y'all son man Dipset for life you know what it is but my new shit for 2006 I'm in 2007 I'm sorry it's Dipset skull gang on me that's my little movement I got going on skull gang street kids united by lawyers seeing Luke 8k egg booms and niggas getting it it's my nigga Jim coming right now I'm saying hey hey Jim what's good nigga I said I'm doing this come up DVD I answered the phone real quick what's good I'm gonna call you back in five minutes all right cool we've overnight at one o'clock I it's my boy Jim Jones he said he coming after their motherfucking show I got a show tonight sold you out man you know they don't stop no show wasn't nothin man yeah oh yeah what would you else you sit back down me lose that make it make it make it real Clint so you dig just so you know how that's going and all that I'm sorry okay I pretty much shows you everything that was in the box you do you want you want to do a little rundown you come back over now that's all of in each so you still got more the box still got this in I'm gonna do my mr. t shit for y'all niggas though right now good luck niggas once all Joey lose that Oh last but not least i neva show you this I'm playing candy cane for what right cuz I could do it can you shorty howl at me once again fans I love y'all man I'm not starting on y'all it's just it's blank man man he got he got me man he got me told you my new shit is I don't pop shit I show shit you did cause jewelry I mean no the clothes been big money you dig homes how you wanna do it shorty what I was saying your name cuz for those who don't know you I never want any money you dig homes how you wanna do it shorty without saying your name cuz for those who don't know you I never want them to know you for those who do you know you I don't know why they need but you did candy cane jewelry I'm saying around Christmas time there's like I get Christmas on them in around my neck is something like that alright back to being mr. team now see how you do this shorty I do a show I mean that's a dumb place is right there which flag yummy they're getting real good look at that time vote for Juelz it's all the way up DOMA let's snake lazy that eight six eight more slack when you live in Vinnitsa like that doesn't like that they used to be close no it's jewels car and honk oh come on nigga ten Karen is hurting your neck come on man any 7s dog what's that niggas don't believe we don't wait in your salad now I'll get this shit please yeah this is this is the light date she's like that's a light venture this is the cemetery kids united by loyalty no booms and niggas getting it I'm set for life you know what it is you didn't call it bone lifestyle baby oh man t-money semi-matte t-money home I guess don't wait money not funny no boys in the hood was Goodman told you I don't play no games not unless the Lisa running around like seven stacks nothing not seven hundred seven stacks that's a light date that's what I wanna do none might shake my bitch out of seven run around spin at all you know I'm saying that please get Whitney or I'll leave you with us yeah you did he had to go change it up on him one time I told now she I showed you the coordination from earlier right I'm gonna show you we'll discuss shirt out right now we got the strong shirts go once again comb hearts big money probably more than you niggas fuckin jewelry belt buckle skulls bring out the skull heads you did told us all about that coordination baby niggas won't play let's play no to this this ain't come from no arm i stylistic cool thing you don't say freak is his own choice to come through mass spec I woke up late just I was down I was the mass spec i was in florida fluent my man was in Florida I mean you know saying but he flew back with me to New York ish mommy does what we do fell asleep like around this math fact I was boning fell asleep and they called me as soon as I fell asleep I y'all they shooting a video right now come on right now I'm like South fell asleep woke up once break down here shit automatically no sleep Zeke see how good I was looking in that motherfucking armors my home all I'm saying is he found him my opportunity to put on it's all good though just take colors and make them pop and I'm saying like you you pick a color and that's the next color we going with this with the 2007 mr. t looked like shorty never said hold on I need put all the Rings on yes shorty I ain't put all the rings on your shorty but this really look like they shorty I'm saying we thought my bandana so you should have better look at me no nigga I'm saying I mean you know what you do you pulls all this shit right close that and you say fire how much then they got all I did as you say nigga how much then they got all I did Juelz Santana the motherfucking Reagan era I'm back nigga get out of lay down deep set for life skull gang you know what the fuck it is baby you did I lied me y'all thought it was over I had to put the icing on the cake for y'all but y'all was over icing on the cake man this right here is my baby right here you dig you sink this in a Jim Jones video but it was only it was only this part of the action Shane I'm saying the first part you did had to make it into the rosary this right here I call this my face is a death enough sad how you like that how you like that shorty now you like that or vs once or vs once you think not only that I'm gonna tell you something about this chain man my mind so you only had it like this at first you turn it around like that start twisting that like that I'm saying look at it I'll add me shorty I'll add me shorty show me some of your jewelry shorty let me I want to see these birds that these niggas so caught running around with and I'm saying I bet you say some bet you don't say diplomat on it bet you don't say none of these names on the back of it that I just showed you you dig so all my fans out there don't let these niggas lie to you man Dipset we bend the truth for y'all the truth man and it ain't even about this it's all about the motherfucking could the music you didn't it's all about the motherfucking music man we make consistent real hard music man check the track record man it's like these niggas forget that's just fucked up about the rap game man all these niggas that used to be fans nanny nanny rappers and they want this nigga so many fans no more you know you love gangster music nigga you know you love Santana's town nigga you know you love me nigga I likes your motherfucking boy nigga you know what it is mr. t to you nigga all my fans man like I told you I'm back I'm here man daddy's home know all my ladies – baby you know what it is you dig the Flyboys back the one and only I'm saying I don't claim to be the king I just do my motherfucking thing but best of the best is what I strive to be so I mean I'll let you niggas sell it and just for the record I'm saying jay-z cannot push my album back you dig he cannot and I'm saying when I take my album up to Def Jam and say I want that shit to come up that's through my motherfucking album's coming out you dig shorty and I'm saying that's how I roll and that's how the fuck I get down I'm an asset to the community nigga like my man cam said Juelz is human crack in the flesh we got work on your back Nega what's good like I said man I'm not even full of bullshit man I'm here to keep fucking crazy subscribe to my TV youtube.com slash and rec TV I'm gone M rec TV it's got a movie

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