Direct Deposit – Money Education

Direct Deposit makes life easier.
Sound good to you? Direct Deposit allows your paycheck to be automatically deposited into your bank account. Instead of depositing a check in person,
your employer electronically sends it to Freedom Bank. It’s far safer than carrying
around a check that can be lost or stolen. Lots of them – besides eliminating
a trip to the bank, you get quick access; you no longer have to wait for the check
to clear; deposits are made even if you’re on vacation or sick; the ability
to split paychecks across different accounts is an easy way to save; and
you’re helping the environment by going paperless. Yes – just fill out a direct deposit form from your employer. You’ll need routing and account numbers found on the bottom of your current checks. If you need help contact or visit any
Freedom Bank branch location. Once everything is set up your first deposit should occur within one or two pay cycles Make the Move to direct deposit, making your life easier every time you get paid.

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