– Yo, what’s up, it’s Brian. I’m just finishing up here at the gym and I was thinking about a lesson that I was super lucky to
get by hosting London Real and that was one from the U.S. Navy SEAL, known as Jocko Willink, and it’s a simple phrase called
discipline equals freedom. Now just think about that
one more time as I say it, discipline equals freedom. And while it was said by a Navy SEAL it doesn’t have to
necessarily only apply to physical discipline or mental discipline. It could be financial
discipline equals freedom. Or maybe parental
discipline equals freedom. But it’s this whole point that if you’re disciplined every
single day about what you do, then you can later enjoy
the freedom around that. So if you’re disciplined with your diet, then you can have the freedom
to cheat every once in a while or the freedom to use your
body whenever you want. If you’re disciplined about your finances, you can have the freedom to, say, buy something whenever you want or take the money for a vacation. If you’re disciplined,
say, with your children, then you can have the freedom
to, you know, trust them, to go do things on their own or leave them at home, that kind of thing. And it’s something that I really live by. I have a lot of discipline
in my life, I don’t know why. Every day I get up and I put on my suit, you know this is one
forms of my discipline. It gives me the freedom to always be representing
me and the brand. What I eat is disciplined,
how I train is disciplined, the way I run my courses is disciplined, the way I prepare for my guests. It’s all a discipline in there that gives me the freedom then
to do all sorts of things. And a lot of you see the freedoms, but you don’t see the disciplines. And I’m wondering for you, how does this apply in your life? What is something that
you have a difficult time being disciplined in, but if you did you would
have a lot more freedom? And what is the thing
that usually slips you up? And I’d love to see your comments below. Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most disciplined and one being the least disciplined, about soemthign that you
really want to improve in your life and what’s the
thing that slips you up. Maybe it’s drinking when you go out, maybe it’s Krispy Kreme donuts, maybe it’s spending too much money, maybe it’s not putting boundaries
up in your relationships so people walk all over
you, like a doormat. Maybe it’s that you don’t
move your body off enough, so when you do choose to move it you hurt it and you strain it, or you can’t do what you want to do. But I would love to hear
your comments below. So again, big thanks to Jocko Willink. I’m a big fan of him
and his whole mindset. And again, disciple equals freedom, it’s something that I think
about in my life all the time and you should think about in yours if you wanna take your
game to the next level. Leave the comments below, I’ll be giving you my reactions and stay strong today
and stay disciplined.

63 thoughts on “DISCIPLINE EQUALS FREEDOM ❗️Rate Yourself 1-10

  • Rate yourself 1-10 in the comments the comments below and let me know what usually makes you slip!
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  • I am 2 at going to bed early enough
    But 8 when it comes to working on video projects (Videographer/editor), I really need help with my discipline at the moment, phone as a distraction is another problem looking at no less things like FB and not important youtube. Discipline = freedom, good advice thanks.

  • I'm a 5. Just enough where I can keep a balance of a set life of conformity. But the thing is, I not going anywhere. Its about time i change that.

  • Am over weight but fit,do weight lifting ,I want to be hungry,stop giving in to junk food temptation,I want to clear out system,detox,5 day water diet,starting now,my disapline has been a2 out 10,so,,????

  • Crappy nutrition & controlling finances
    100% disciplined in the gym 5 times a week and never miss.That has started me on a path of eating better and building a savings.Not quite there yet but I’m moving in the right direction!!!!
    Jocko is a beast!!

  • Course in plan that’s what’s missing in my life I’m not programmed I use the plane 4-6 times a month for work , I could be having a normal day and then just book tickets somewhere example went from Paris to Algiers n back and in two days went to Spain n back and again to Spain and back I’m always knackered this mounts is Ramadan no travel hopefully is full of discipline fasting telling your body there’s no food for 16 hour

  • Thx Sir ! Five. I do not know how to drink alcohol. I do not reach with the better people for my body. I am looking for real person. Real good mens.

  • I have about a 2 with money and cannabis .. i have difficulty with impulses because of social anxiety, ptsd, dyslexia and possibly ADHD. All of which are un treated. Ive found it hard to maintain discipline through out my life but I’m learning more about myself and moving forward to get results a different way. Do you have any more advice for me?

  • Wearing a suit is a good discipline for you and interesting. I'm a woman and I love being dressed up and smart.

  • Off topic I know…. But thanks for having David Icke on your show! Great vids, learning a lot from your interviews <3

  • Sam Walton's Sundown rule. Its a great rule to stick to but I need to up my game as I run out of time. This leads me to my other problem I am piss poor at delegation . If I see some one doing something I push them out the way and do it myself as I like to know the jobs done properly to my standards. This is bad as I should teach people how I would like it done and let go. This way I would have enough time to get all the jobs done.

  • well I've been disciplined since I was able to speak on Details,very important in anything i get involved with,and this is one thing a cant brake.it will drive me ,and anyone else crazy if I don't get details.i know this comes, from growing up with a Vietnam vet,an air born ranger to be exact,also a marine vet,plus my mother was a perfectionist to,and very detail oriented,.So it takes all I have not ask to many questions, especially with males,most these days are not detailed or pays any attention to details of any sort, so most assume Iam being rude or brash because i dont have much patience when I've asked for the details,and i get back short answers with no details or even an answer to the subject I asked for,its very frustrating ,and puts a damper on things.Now with details I am a 10 no doubt about this.thank you Brian for your time it's much appreciated.

  • That's the Best Mutli-Dimension Discipline I had ever known! Procastination Discipline is one of the most problematic discipline. Thank you very much handsome!

  • Personlyy, I can't control Adrenaline rush/FFF Syndrome, so always over react then I end up in trouble, Big ON button, Tiny Off button, and Yes Booze brings out the Devil in me

  • I’m a smoker so I’m a 1 , I have been lazy and have made every excuse not to stop. I tell myself bullshit in fact , it’s a filthy habit one habit I don’t need or want in my life . I’m taking control of my body my mind. Today I will prove that this has been a choice to smoke not a habit .
    I have made every bullshit excuse why not to stop. Today that bullshit stops , today I will stop making excuses and I will take charge of myself and give away all those bullshit reasons I tell myself and start giving myself reasons why I should be living my full potential. Life is amazing , I’m amazing , Iam the one to make those decisions for myself , I will not give my money out to an industry who does not keep one bit as to weather I die from sucking down the toxic shit….
    Today is a new day a new turning point.
    I owe myself to be the best and healthiest me I can be..
    Thank you and blessings and most of all have a magnificent day 🙏🙏🙏

  • I wanna be more disciplined in the area of productivity.. I'd say I'm a 5 on getting things done that are relevant to my own quality of perception..

  • I think I'm somewhere between 6 and 8. I begin the days with momentum of my discipline but lose the willpower by midday and distractions seep in ever so creepily. I'm torn between whether lack of more disciplinous momentum or lack of a strong 'why' caused it but I'm hellbent to figure it out and I will. Can't wait for your interview with david clear 🙂

  • I feel like I'm at 2. I have a big problem with leaving my comfort zone and Procrastination is one of my biggest problem. discipline – to practice in self control. practice- exercise for the sake of training. Training- to exercise the mind and body to achieve a high standard of efficiency. efficiency- power to produce the results that are required.

  • Fantastic talk. Than you. Self assessment: 8 and if I ask my wife it is 10. I had always considered discipline as being the ultimate “freedom – I never had to consider my diet or my exercise program. “Should I or shouldn’t I eat this ice cream, or should I postpone my training. It is never up to negotiation. I do my things, and enjoy the freedom while I am doing them as well as after. Thank you for your confirmation. By the way the word “discipline” is for most people negative loaded. Discipline is actually appropriate regulated behaviour based on knowledge instead of a life conditioned with random impulsive behaviour. a Hans-Peter

  • 60 days ago I started working out / running EVERY day. I haven't missed a day yet. Some days i go easy and some I put more work in. It's doing good things for me. I'll rate myself 3.

  • I will rate myself only 2-3 I try a lot to be disciplined but lacking in execution that's why confidence is also getting down as the year passing …and mental tiredness makes me sleep.

  • I never realized how much I used to blame others and shift responsibility. It's really easy for me to get into an "us vs them" mental state when I start thinking about the evil people in the world and how we're letting them get away with EVERYTHING. Now I look at people that aren't awake like it's my responsibility to wake them up rather than condemn them for "not thinking."

  • I need more discipline in dealing with morons. Oh man, even in this comment I called those I see as lower frequency & vibration as morons. Discipline sometimes begets discipline.

  • Physical 5, financial 9, doughnuts 2, chocolate 1, green conscious 8
    Firearms 9, American muscle 1 😉

  • i tell you the reality of my life.
    discipline is the hardest.
    but i met a man once.
    a wise one.
    patience patience patience – he said.
    i rate myself at 1.
    hell i should get 2.
    but let me discipline myself first.
    example to step to level 2 – get your meditation consistency right.
    i will climb level 10 until 2020.
    know much to do.
    thanks for sharing Jacko's message and keep up the good work.

  • DISCIPLINE is slavery….Be free …Screw rules are made for those who are evil in their hearts……..2019 people still dont know what Life is for, what is freedom….I can help….Talk to me…

  • Day 2 of not smoking cause I took control yesterday and stopped with the bullshit excuses I have feed myself , already feeling so much better

  • Does the discipline needed to complete an activity over time turn into a habit? So should it really read Good habits equal freedom?

  • Generally about 4. Relationships could do with more consideration and work. Particularly with myself, I think if that was better a lot of other things would naturally be better.
    I fear failing but I fail any way because I avoid even trying. I should just go for it.

  • Watched this 30 days ago and decided to stop smoking on the spot , it’s been 30 days since I watched this video and proud to say Iam still a non smoker..
    Was pretty easy in fact and I have never had one single craving ..
    Well done me 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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