DISCIPLINE YOUR THINKING (One of the most Motivational Talks Ever)

how to turn my life around I think it’s the wrong way to look at what you want to have happen for you in your life my friend you really don’t need to turn anything around except perhaps your eyes and when I say that I mean turn your eyes or your focus inward what happens is that life like a tornado spins us around with all of the different obligations and belief systems ideas demands that the world places on us parents school government jobs all of these things spin us around and we get lost in it just like you could imagine if you got picked up by a tornado I mean you’re turning upside down flip it around things are hitting you from all over all different angles there are tragedies just imagine this craziness this is the life that we end up living in but there is a place where you can come back in contact with the true you with your essence with the peaceful calm center the eye of that storm you see and from that place using that same metaphor that that place of the piece comes Center I of that store because from that place you can see because you’re stepping back and you can see the whirlwind of school and basketball and girlfriends and jobs and parents and grades spinning all around you as you stand firm in your place of solitude of peace of non-movement you’re being unmoved you’re just watching so to say turn around your life in many ways people take that to mean how can I alter change out switch out the different elements of the tornado that I’m in what I’m asking you to do is to learn how to step out of the tornado do you see so turning around isn’t a isn’t a switching of the content of the tornado it is a getting out of the tornado moving inward to the eye very different also than stepping out of the tornado completely stepping out of tornado completely completely would mean that you’re not in the eye you’re separate from the tornado and the tornado is doing its thing I think that’s a lesser soulful way and what that would look like is basically someone who checks out someone who’s like you know I just can’t handle this I don’t want to do it I talked about the matrix the other day this is someone who basically says you know what I just not going to do this and I don’t know you end up traveling the world begging for food that’s cool that’s interesting I think it’s a little bit of a cop-out because if we learn how to navigate that tornado just imagine how much more powerful you are as a human being because there are the all the elements I mean they’re good they’re cool things you know making money is cool having a girlfriend is cool pleasing your parents is cool getting good grades is cool those are all cool fucking things you don’t have to put those things away you don’t get away from those things and step out of the tornado you got a step deeper in deeper into the whirlwind of your life look man you’re perfect just the way you are we’re all perfect just the way we are it’s not a matter of changing who you are or turning your life around it’s a matter of getting in touch with your essence getting in touch with the Magnificent brilliance that is you appreciating respecting that and then letting that guide your life when I say find what you love and live on your own terms it’s less of an activity is less of a outward activity and more of a inward journey of self-discovery and then letting that self as you discover it as pieces of it emerge and you learn more about yourself because really self exploration self discovery is the most it’s part of this entire thing you let it guide you guess what most of the time when you’re courageous enough to follow your heart in the beginning and perhaps for quite some time it’s gonna be a complete fuckin mess I know this that’s why I often say you don’t take the call to adventure you don’t follow your heart you don’t do the thing that your body is telling you to do because of what you’re going again you do it because of who you’re gonna become like my friend and how did you become after experiencing that dangerous moment by subjecting yourself to that experience that was dangerous because mind you stresses stress regardless there’s going to be a physiological response in your body to stress regardless if it’s you’re jumping out of a helicopter or you’re talking to a hot girl what kind of person will you afterwards and it made it you were more vibrant vital alive energetic ready to go you’re becoming stronger version of yourself because of that and what happens is that the stress is a unique type of stress and I’ve heard it described this way of course there’s stress and there’s a physiological response to the stress but there’s a different color to distress and you stress distress is a kind of nagging chronic stress where you’re constantly anxious because you can’t pay your bills or you’ll never get the career that you want or you’ll never live up to your daddy’s expectations and you go about life with this nagging distress that ultimately leads to your demise that just stresses you out and grows you older and more degenerated over time that’s where that’s the stress that most people deal with you stress is a completely different phenomenon there’s a physiological response to it in your body which is sympathetic that’s why you felt so energetic but it’s colored with euphoria because of what you’re becoming you just exercise what I believe to be the iron quality of becoming the strongest version yourself and that is encouraged and the experience was a complete mess but you’re growing you see this distress makes you sick and dying you stress creates growth and that’s why I often say go do dangerous shit but because I know that when you jump off that cliff and your only intention is to fly before you hit the fucking bottom you’re an enemy or your vital resources to learn how to fly on the way down that’s why you have to jump you know there’s a different type of response to that cliff than a lot of people most people experience and that is they stare down that cliff their entire lives until they’re like 40 45 50 and they’ve got a call this midlife crisis this is when you’ve committed to all of the trappings notice that we’re trapping those trappings traps of the world now you got a family you’ve got a business you’ve got a career you got a boss you got casas they can’t jump dude because you’re too trapped by the trappings of the world now my book I say you still jump but anyway the point is but if you stand there you just keep looking down that get into that chasm and it begins you know you reach the edge of that cliff when you’re 25 years old guess what you’re gonna live with for the next 25 years stress kills you because you didn’t jump there’s that part of you that’s always tapping you hey dude motherfucker I told you to jump 20 years ago you still didn’t jump did you how do you feel about yourself well I’ve got $100,000 in my bank account man who gives a shit my wife’s hot that gives a shit I’ve got children to take care who gives a shit you should have jumped when I told you to jump in now you gotta live with it but that’s distress you stressed what it looked like this is fucking crazy this doesn’t make any sense my heart is telling me to do it ooh and you let go into the river of life let it carry you where it’s gonna carry him and you be okay with the challenges be okay with the failures but you will revel in you will be so overjoyed by the successes so much more than the successes of the guy who stood on the cliffs and waited all his successes are traps you can’t get away from problems you cannot get away from problems is what kind of problems you want to choose and you can choose the problem to allow the world to give you their problems with their trappings or you can jump off that fucking cliff and create your own problem and you know what though but the thing is with those problems you’ll love them a little bit more because they’re yours you take a little bit more pride in dealing with them as it’s yours and when you overcome them you not only receive what would seem as the big gift on the end of it which over here is we call that trappings what we’re here it’s really a gift it’s it’s really the universe or God saying congratulations brother you exercise your ability to grow courage to grow commitment to grow discipline and now you get the gems and gifts associated with virtue right sometimes it comes in the form of a nice car in a nice neighborhood sometimes it comes and it usually comes from feeling a peace of mind with yourself you feel good about yourself you can sleep well at night knowing but I listen to my body and listen to my heart I am doing the right thing for me regardless of what all the traps of people told me yes do dangerous ships even though the bitch might have slapped you in your face do it again and do the end and do it again fall in love again and again and again even if you get your heart broken every single fucking time learn something from each experience is that’s how your wings actually grow so you can fly but keep doing keep doing dangerous shit till the day you die one of the first things I want you to begin to do right now is to take a brave look at your life look at your life right now where it is so let me ask you some questions as you begin to look out on the future look out and on this year let’s take personal inventory what has brought you here as you begin to look at the things that took place this past year did you get out of it what you wanted did you achieve the goals that you set out to achieve what part of your life or what things that you do that you don’t want to be a part of your life are there any people as you begin to look at your life and looking where you want to go and what you want to do are there any people that might be some dead weight that you need to think about unloading because what you have found through that relationship that it’s more toxic than it is nourishing is more debilitating that it is empowering and so now you’ve got to make a decision see of many of us won’t be able to move forward because we’re not taking true inventory of our lives as you begin to look at your emotional your spiritual and intellectual development how many books did you read how many seminars did you attend how many classes that you take to begin to develop yourself professionally to improve your craft or your skill how many new things that you learn just take some personal and material just thinking just thinking just thinking beginning to know yourself what are the things about your past that has influenced you right now what’s your philosophy of life what are your beliefs things that you feel very strongly about what are some of the things that you have picked up along the way that you’ve been doing them for so long you think that they’re you that you need to begin to re-examine them and perhaps get them out of your life see a lot of things we’re doing we do unconsciously because we picked it up somewhere in life a friend of mine out of Chicago named Maria Steele I was at her house to have dinner Andrea who was born in Chicago has a tremendous Southern drawl after I’ve met her mother I said where did real get her southern drawl from she said my sisters came up from Kentucky they used to be her babysitter and she picked it up while in their presence Andrea still has that drawl what is it that you picked up somewhere in life that made it me might be a liability to you what fear what beliefs that you’re holding on to tenaciously that’s no longer allowing your life to work it’s not enabling you to produce the results that you want to produce in your life and you’re still clinging to them see as we go into new world there’s some old behaviors that just won’t fit what are the events what are the circumstances one of the people that have shaped you just thinking just thinking one of the things that you need to let go some things that have cost you pain that’s stifling your growth and development what are those things as you begin to look at your profession or your career what is it that you need to do to begin to upgrade your skills or your knowledge to continue for you to be competitive in the marketplace as you begin to look at yourself and ask some of these questions what is something that you’re good at are you living your passion are you living your dream what do you regard as your greatest personal achievement what is the one thing that other people can do to make you most happy just think about these things what would you do if you had one year to live and guaranteed success and anything you decided to do what would that be what would you do with your life if you had it to live over getting to know yourself what is one value one deep commitment from which you would never bulge what is one cause that you would like to become involved in to make a difference on the planet I work in the Cook County Jail in Chicago it gives my life a great deal of joy and fulfillment have you found something like that in your life that you could enjoy doing working with people I have a friend that’s working with physically handicapped people she said it’s been the most rewarding experience she’s ever had she used to be a constantly depressed individual always feeling sorry for herself it has changed her life she’s a grateful person she’s found something that she’s lost herself in what is your biggest setback failure or defeat of the past year what is it about you if someone who really knew they wouldn’t get into a relationship with you [Laughter] now don’t go tell it but once you acknowledge what that is then start working on it and changing it change that it’s easy to blame the other person but start taking ownership for where you are are you proud of how you have been living your life have you explored your natural talents your gifts by enthusiastically trying a variety of activities ladies and gentlemen a lot of us have so much talent and abilities we just put them back on the back burner just left them aside someplace never did anything with them never brought them out here used to do them extremely well in high school or college or just had a natural gift and never did anything with it what are you sitting on what gifts are you sitting on have you resign yourself to life feeling that nothing can be done to change your future or your circumstances have you been afraid to try something different because you’re afraid of how people will react to you or what they will think those are some of the things that I suggest that you begin to answer yourself now here are some things that I suggest that you begin to look at working on to develop your character some things that will give you some personal strength Webster says character building activities he says character the pattern of behavior of personality found in an individual or group moral strength self-discipline fortitude that’s what’s going to be required in order to begin to manifest your greatness now look get yourself one of the things I’m suggesting you look at what is it that you need to be in the process of doing more of a less of like being more direct so I used to have a problem of not telling people what I actually thought because I didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings saying no without feeling guilty more focused so I used to be the jack of all trades and master of none just do a lot of things one year I decided to do one thing well I looked at all of my talents and I decided the strongest one my ability as a speaker that’s the one I’m going to focus on but I’m capable of doing a lot of other things but only when I decided to focus then I begin to reap the rewards of my talent and then after you do that you can begin to expand and use the other talents that you have deciding to keep your word if you just decide I’m going to keep my word if I say something I’m going to do it regardless being more considerate more trusting more discipline being less fearful being more adventurous find something that you can look at your life that you say hey I know I’ve got a problem in this area of being late I need to take care of that procrastinating I need to deal with that not taking care of business being seriously not serious creating an imbalance of my life where I’m spending more time looking at television or having social fun and not spending enough time working on me see most people ladies and gentlemen spend more time working on their jobs and they’d spend working on themselves they work harder on their jobs and they work on themselves and whatever we achieve in life whatever we create whatever we’re able to manifest comes out of the human mind now I want you to think about five things as if you had the courage to do them it will give you a feeling of satisfaction and self-respect think of five things that if you had the courage to do those things you would feel a tremendous feeling of satisfaction within and self-respect take the time to write those things down whatever they might be to you they might be in your personal life it might be in your your friendships your family relationships might be in your business I was negotiating with a friend of mine that I admire a great deal and this person went back on their agreement and I did not challenge them on it number one because of my admiration for her number two because I really wanted the business and I think she sensed that so I didn’t want to seem too picky and I was nervous about it and I was cowardly because I should have said listen that’s not what we agreed to I should have called her on that but I didn’t want to look bad it appear to be negative or risk losing the business look at five things that if you had the courage to do those things that you would do those things a lot of people say well I’ve been like this all my life I just can’t change this is the way I am dr. Harrell Griswold a psychologist and author of direct decision therapy said something he says when someone says I can’t change some part of them wants to change but the payoffs for his present behavior are greater than the payoffs for a changed behavior or his fear of change is too great ladies and gentlemen it takes courage to live your dreams it takes courage to manifest your greatness it takes courage to decide to live to decide to bring out all of your talents and abilities to decide to stretch out desire to take a chance it takes courage to be happy just to be you I saw a friend who I hadn’t seen for a long time her whole personality has changed she was an extroverted assertive person but because her husband has a fragile ego when she’s around him she caught on to him she plays to him she’s very silent she doesn’t express herself her feelings and there are many things she wants to do but before she even make a decision of what she wants to do she checks you know how will he handle this how will he see this will this be disruptive in our relationship a lot of us readjust our behavior and we end up not being who we really are in deference to relationships men and women looking at the word courage Webster says the attitude of facing and dealing with anything recognized as dangerous difficult or painful instead of withdrawing from it as you begin to look at where you want to go and take personal inventory it’s going to be very uncomfortable that’s why most people don’t do it it’s very painful to admit your shortcomings to admit your weaknesses it’s very painful to do that it’s much easier to withdraw from that and just ignore it he goes on to the courage of one’s convictions the courage to do what one thinks is right as you begin to look at yourself and look at where you want to go with your life it’s very important for you to ask yourself a question as you look at various areas of your life is what you are doing right now is it giving you what you want if it’s not giving you what you want it’s going to take courage to decide to do something differently it takes courage to enjoy yourself what are some of the self-defeating behaviors that we become involved in that prevent most people from enjoying themselves some people develop the what’s the use attitude why bother some people have the I really don’t care and they convince themselves that they don’t care and they don’t feel anything and after a while they really don’t feel anything their lives are empty some people say well it’s really not worth the hassle just too hard it doesn’t bother me anymore the fact that I’m not living out my dream the fact that I’m capable of doing more and I’m not doing it the fact that I’m content but I’m not fulfilled the fact that I’m not living my dream Tom Ruskin Randi read in a book call I want to change but I don’t know how said people go through life many times playing it safe he says that’s the secret hope that they say to themselves if I never let myself feel too good maybe I’ll never get hurt too badly a lot of people don’t ever do the things they’re capable of doing because they allow themselves to go along with the crowd following the crowd many people have things they want to do and they find themselves in relationships with people who are addicted to mediocrity and they allow their behavior to influence their behavior following the crowd many people don’t do it because of the fact that they allow their lack of self-confidence to immobilize them I remember when I wanted to go into business for years that was an agonizing thought in my mind I wouldn’t try it because I didn’t believe that I could make it of the five things that you would like to do if you had the courage to do I want you to pick one thing pick one and here’s how to set it up for yourself that will help free you and get you unstuck what is the worst thing that could happen if you do it so what’s the worst thing that can happen let’s say going into business for yourself or changing careers or getting a divorce taking some kind of chance of something that you’ve always thought about doing but you just haven’t done it for whatever reason what’s the worst thing that can happen do the worst case scenario now when you do the worst case scenario you write those things down the worst things that you fear would happen when you name your fears that put you in control what are you afraid of name it write it out so you can look at it that fear what is it I’m afraid that things might work out what else let’s huh well I’ve never been in business okay what else less time well I don’t have all the help I need okay good what else less well I don’t have enough money all right good what else less what I don’t have a college degree uh what else I’m not as good as those other guys that I’ve seen up there speaking okay what else well that’s all I can think of right now okay good now that takes you to the next step what are the benefits one of the benefits of your acting courageously taking life on well part of what happened was that I felt better within myself and I had a strong sense of self-respect going into business for myself I’ve made a lot of mistakes sometimes I was down on myself I felt stupid I felt dumb because people who were in business said why would you do something like that well I didn’t know boy boy were you really dumb and I used to chime in with him yes I guess I was I didn’t know any better but the other thing is I had to say to myself but I did it I did even if I made a flop of it I did it I took the chance I took the leap one of the benefits of your acting courageously whatever it is that you’ve identified right the benefits down and then focus on them focus on the benefits not on the liabilities not on your fears focus on the benefits that which you hold in consciousness tends to manifest itself think about how good you feel think about the level increased self-respect the sense of self-worth that you feel how good you feel getting up in the morning looking yourself in the mirror because you’re taking life on the other thing is acknowledge your fears and then go into action this book it’s called feel the fear and do it anyway that’s it see I believe anybody who’s ever done anything who’s ever taken a chance doesn’t that they are not afraid courageous does not mean being the absence of fear I think that being courageous is willing to do it because that’s what you feel and you’re going to do it anyhow regardless so you’re not going to be immobilized by your fears or your doubts you admit okay I’m scared to death now okay what is it that I must choose to do go ahead on experience that fear but don’t let that fear immobilize you in what you’ve done with your life thus far is it giving you what you want is it giving you what you want when you look toward the future when you look at all this going on out here is there some place within yourself you say hey I know I need to be out there in that arena I know I can do more than what I’ve been doing I know there’s some great music that I have within me that I haven’t brought out here is that something that you begin to look at within yourself so I used to do that and I used to go to big rallies and see guys up speaking when I wasn’t courageous enough to go out there and say hey my name is les brown the motivator made me a browsable I want to talk I would never do that I just was I just be back there looking at of it want to get their autograph it would say can I can I meet you mr. mr. Wiggly oh this cannot meet mr. Zig Ziglar please tell him who are you Les Brown because I thought within myself out the door – they won’t my – go talk to these guys and go get their autographs they’d like to do what you do [Laughter] see I say if you look at your life and if you’re not getting what you want you owe it to yourself to do something differently you are if you’re on a job 85% they say of Americans go to jobs that they’re unhappy if you’re doing something eight hours a day that you don’t like it’s not giving you what you want it’s not giving you a strong feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment you’re miserable you hate to go there you’re depressed just thinking about it you’re saying they thank God it’s Friday song every week it’s giving you headaches just thinking about it on Sunday afternoon after the football game goes off if that’s what it is you owe it to yourself to start strategically working to change directions see but you know what most people will do most people will resist change most people will fight change as if change would be worse than what they’re experiencing see they know this they’re familiar with this most people will not challenge the unknown they won’t just step out there see this well see there are certain things has got to be in place they got to see it all together and like this and like that that’s not how you grow so as you look at your life you’re saying I’m not getting what I want as you begin to look toward the future begin to know that whatever it takes for you to create that you’ve got that in you you got that you’ve got genius in you you’ve got goodness in you you’ve got creativeness in you if you decide to take the initiative to change the current quality of your life I say to you that you will find that the universe is on your side that life is on your side now will it be turbulent yes would it be easy no no well you have some opposition yes will I make a lot of mistakes yes will I get hurt yes yes see a lot of people won’t try anything different in life because they don’t want to get hurt let me tell you something it’s too much pain to doc pain is everywhere you can hide under here it will come where you are really if I go back here pay to come hey les come on out it will come it’s everywhere Viktor Frankl calls it unavoidable suffering you can’t duck it but most people spend their life not wanting to deal with the pain of rejection the pain of defeat the pain of being disappointed the pain of losing the pain of failure the pain of being criticized the pain of not being liked the pain the pain the pain that’s called life life is full of pain it’s everywhere but guess what there’s no gain without pain now if you won’t hurt anyhow get some yardage out of it because it’s the pain of regret that’s your experience if I had it to do over again that’s a pain don’t you know that someone you know I was in a seminar once and this lady’s stood up if I had my life to live over again she talked about all of the things that she would do and you can feel the pain of regret in a voice the pain of regret she still experienced pain she was trying not to experience the pain of defeat the pain of disappointment the pain of loss the pain of lack of support and she still experienced pain it was right there we can’t get around it most people are governed by their habits the fears and the opinions of others a lot of people never try anything differently because they have been convinced by people in their lives that they value that they can’t do it they’re living within the context of the opinions that other people have of them the low expectations many people doubt themselves because when they thought about doing something at some critical point in their lives somebody they respected and honored somebody they believed in somebody that they loved someone they trust it said you can’t do that and they accepted that that’s why I didn’t go off to college I had an instructor that I believed who said you’re not college material mr. Brown you’re not as smart as your brother Wesley or your sister Margaret Ann you’re not college material why don’t you try and get you a job at the post office try and do something with your hand we’ll go down to the Miami City sanitation department is he can you get a job there oh why don’t you try and go into the army I took that test mister tell us already what happened I fail I told you anybody failed army tests you really in trouble so I went down to the Sanitation Department to try and get a job because that’s what I believed was possible for me as you look at your life ask yourself the question what would your life be like what would your life look like if you decided not to care what people thought of you what would your life be like if you decided to give up some of your fears what would your life be like if you decided to become courageous what would your life be like if you decided to act on your dream if you did what you felt in your heart you know what courageous means tom ruskin and randy reid said they said that courage comes from a French word which means of the hard that how does it feel to you he says such courage you know it takes courage to live since most people go through life not allowing themselves to step out because they don’t want to let go they don’t want to be blown around they don’t want to be moved the courage to face life’s whirling wind of contradictions the courage to love yourself the courage to love for years I was afraid to love the courage to take a chance the courage to be who you are he says courage isn’t for somebody else for medals applause immoral debts courage is what at that moment feels most right for you not just situational ethics but what feels right in your heart the word of the ha what feels right in your heart one great philosopher says cowards die many times before their deaths the valiant never taste of death but once what does that mean the valiant people aren’t afraid no no no it means that they experience that fear and they move forward they move forward any how many people are dead now many people allowing their dreams to die many people applying the ideas to lie dormant and collect dusts many people have all this talent and ability that they are lying to be embedding side of them that they will take with them to their graves because they didn’t have the courage to be who they are and I say as you begin to look to all the future and manifesting your greatness it’s going to take everything in you everything in you that your life deserves the concentrated effort to begin to look at how is it that I can express more of me how is it that I can bring my ideas out here now how is it and start living with a sense of urgency because you’re here today you’re gone today life is unpredictable it’s uncertain there are no guarantees no guarantees out here at all so holding back what are you waiting on ask yourself what’s the benefit of your waiting what’s the benefit of your not living your dream what’s the benefit of not listening to yourself oh please listen to yourself you know the feelings if you start listening to the feelings in your heart and I’m doing it nam lor every day I find that my feelings I can trust them and I say to you that as you look toward the future you look at life on a daily basis if there’s something that you have been given if you’ve heard something within yourself that you know that that what you’re doing now it doesn’t fit for you it doesn’t work for you it’s not giving you what you want and there’s something else that you want to do don’t allow that inner doubt in you to talk you out of it to build a case on why you can’t have it to tell you why you’re not good enough you ignore that inner voice and all of the external voices don’t judge the pasta abilities for what you can do based upon the circumstances because the circumstances won’t determine who you are don’t determine what you’re able to do based upon your resources don’t determine what’s possible for you based upon where your life is right now where your life is right now is not you that’s just what it is right now but the possibilities for you are unlimited if you’re in a rebuilding process it’s unlimited if you’re coming back from adversity and devastation it’s unlimited of what you can do that’s the capacity of human beings it doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’ve made doesn’t matter how many flops you’ve had doesn’t matter how much money you’ve lost in fact I see it only as an investment of what you learned from life not losses but investments of what’s possible for you and I say to you that once you start listening to yourself and as you begin to act on your dream as you start just trying to find your way doing what you can what you have you will start seeing things opening up for you start attracting people you say where’d it come from things will start coming together clicking for you say whoa you start brainstorming ideas will come out of nowhere as you focus on it the key to it is to begin to focus on what it is you want to do why less why is that important because as you focus on that which you want to do that which we focus on that which we give our energy to it will begin to multiply it will begin to expand it will begin to develop your consciousness and out of that comes your greatness out of that comes a commitment out of that comes a passion for life out of that comes a special power that you have in you that you haven’t even called on yet see the the powers that we have will never reveal themselves if we don’t challenge them if we don’t put ourselves in a position where we have to use them so one of the most important things that’s reading a book that’s a really interesting book called instant millionaire and the guy said put yourself in a position where you can’t retreat where it’s do-or-die sink or swim here’s what you find out you develop incredible swimming skills or swallow half the pool of life you’ll find yourself stroking on like you’ve ever seen before through the inspiration of desperation you become more creative than ever before so what is it how do we handle that whole piece through your whole self into it see most people go at it tentatively they don’t give all their stuff they don’t concentrate they don’t put everything they’ve got in them one guy wrote a book called all you can do is all you can do and all you can do is enough but he said make sure you do all you can do and if we honest this evening we know that we haven’t done all we can do so as we look at the future we can decide that from this day forward as I look at my personal relationships if I look at my professional relationships if I look at my family relationships as I look at all the dimensions of my life looking at myself mentally emotionally and spiritually I’m going to do all I can do to develop me to bring my talent out here to make a contribution to life I don’t know what you want to do here’s what I know about you you got greatness within you as you look toward the future and developing your greatness begin to know that your life is worth the effort is the easy no is it worth it yes yes your life is worth it and so it is this is mrs. Mamie Brown’s baby boy Leslie Calvin Brown saying it’s been a plum pleasing pleasure as well as a privilege thank y’all here [Applause]

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  • The purpose of life.
    Greater men and women than we have pondered this question. I’d like to ask you a question. When you refer to yourself as “I”, what exactly do you mean? Is “I” your physical body? Nah. Your body is merely a carrying case that is used to perform functions. When a person is dead, and the body remains, there is no “I”. Similarly, the “I” cannot be your mind, which is merely a tool that is used to think, reason, and plan. Your “I” must be something that controls and directs both the body and the mind. The “I” is something that determines what your mind and body will do and how they should act.
    So then, what is the “I”? This is the KEY to consciously controlling your subconscious mind. It is an important Universal Law. It is the law that will give you the POWER to maximize that 90% of your brain that is mostly inactive. Knowing what the law is will NOT help you unless you know how to make it work. AND, THAT YOU USE IT! It is similar to owning a computer without the knowledge to operate it or letting it sit unused in a closet. Let’s begin with the law, and how it relates to the “I”.
    We all must agree that there is some kind of creative intelligence that exists. There is no other way to explain the perfection of nature: the mountains, the rivers, all the plants and animals and everything that we are able to see INTERACT on this planet. We can see the orderly construction of the atom and how its particles are ATTRACTED to each other through a microscope. We can also see how gigantic bodies of mass are INTERWOVEN when we use powerful telescopes. We must come to realize that there is something that created the “system” and allows it to operate through laws that are CONSTANT and RELIABLE and CONNECTION FORMING. In other words, there is a PLAN. There must also be a planner with INFINITE INTELLIGENCE. Once again, it is not ours to reason why. Our responsibility is to take advantage of the natural laws that exist. It is to discover a CAUSE and EFFECT relationship to these laws and use them to make PROGRESS. Because all the matter that ever was is already here, we are not builders, per se. What man can do is to UNFOLD information and CREATE by assembling this matter into its proper order.
    I am going to refer to this Infinite Intelligence as the Universe. Others may prefer the word GOD. I prefer to leave the confrontation of title to the theologians, the scientists, and anyone else that chooses to enter that particular fray.
    So, what is the catalyst for creative thought and how can we put it into operation? This brings us, full circle, back to the question of “I”. The difference between a “live” person and a dead body is SPIRIT. You can’t see it, but once it is removed from the body there is no life in the body. Each one of us is made in the “image” of our Creator.
    Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? Corinthians 3:16-17
    You may use the quote given to Moses when he asked, at the scene of the “Burning Bush”, “Whom shall I say sent me to deliver you from Egypt?” “I am that, I am” was the response. In other words, I am everything and everywhere. I am omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient.
    The Universal Infinite Intelligence IS A PART OF ALL OF US. The discovery of this truth is what enables us to creatively find solutions and make progress. The issue is that it takes skill to activate this Infinite Intelligence that is inside us all. The Infinite Intelligence communicates with us through the subconscious mind. It works in collaboration with us to solve problems and mentor our thoughts. It is only activated when there is a burning desire to achieve a particular outcome. Only the deepest BELIEF ignites the charge that CONNECTS the human mind with the Universal Infinite Mind. This Universal Mind places thoughts and events in their proper order enabling us to advance the human condition. As an example, all of the components needed to create a computer have been available to man since literally, day one. It was not until they were aligned in their proper places that the components became a useful tool.
    This is the SIXTH SENSE that Napoleon Hill and other pundits speak about when referencing the need to create a burning desire to empower achievement. Why else would the Infinite Mind allow us to dream? Dreaming is how the Universe plants seeds. We are the soil. These seeds motivate us to create a burning desire (THE FERTILIZER) for a particular outcome and thus enlist the aid of the Infinite Mind (that is within all of us). It is similar to the feeling of joy I receive as a parent when my son steps up to the plate with two outs in the final inning. When he delivers the hit that drives in the winning run it feels like I swung the bat. I made contact with the ball. IT WAS I (alright we) who did it. The Universal Mind is a team player and its aim is to advance the condition of mankind.
    Let us work in conjunction with the Universe. Let us understand the CAUSE and EFFECT of the Universe’s Laws. Let us empower the Infinite Mind to collaborate and mentor us through the vibrations of our burning desires. Let us follow the clues given to us by nature (a messenger of the Universe) and be creative in our thinking and not conform to the fashionistas of the moment and their philosophies of short term greed.
    As a child, you spend two thirds of your time using your imagination. It is in our NATURE to use our imaginations. There is a CLUE there. Too often, our schools focus on conformity and ridicule creative thought into extinction. Let us celebrate that we are all CONNECTED with each other. Thus, GIVING IS TAKING. Your purpose is to find your CAUSE and make sure that your EFFECT advances the human spirit.

  • Thank u for putting up vids to motivate us who fall off the wagon, and I really appreciate that it’s adv free so we can listen the whole thing and feeling pumped out without getting interrupted! Thank u<3

  • This is the kind of shit kids should be taught in schools. OK math, literature, writing, reading, history is important but this is over the top because it about their very own lives. Maybe, just maybe, if everybody could live by their own essence the world would be a great place to live by.

  • Elliot Hulse is the best. It's like when I need him. He pops out somewhere and I listen to him and it's like I center my self again.

  • All answers are in you. You are unlimited. You are enough. you can kind peace within you. Change your focus. Change your mindset.

  • Courage is all I need to excel in life, yes grit, perseverance and determination, these lead to greatness. It’s going to be easy, no; smooth, no; am I going to fail, yes; make mistakes, yes? Courage is to continue to doing what I believe will give me the best despite the pain and disappointments I meet along the way. Truly I am inspired to continue following my dreams. Five things I deeply want to achieve in life have been written down and shall definitely achieve them. Thanks Les Brown for the encouragement. 🔥🔥🔥

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