Discover it Miles Review

Hey WalletHubbers! Today we’re reviewing
the Discover it Miles card. So let’s get started with the top three things you
need to know about Discover it Miles. First, Discover it Miles is a travel
rewards credit card that gives you 1.5 miles per dollar spent on all purchases. And you can redeem those miles for airfare, hotel reservations and more. Plus,
Discover it Miles runs an introductory offer where a Discover will match all
the miles you’ve earned at the end of your first year automatically. So for
example, if you earn 30,000 miles, you get 60,000 miles. And that really makes the
card super attractive. Second, you’ll want to have excellent credit for the best
shot at getting approved for this Discover it Miles card. And third,
Discover it Miles does not charge an annual fee, which
means you won’t feel pressured to use it a lot just to break even.
That’s the short story, but if you can learn more or apply for the Discover it Miles card, do that online by clicking the button right here. If you’re still not sure let’s talk about some common questions people have
about Discover it Miles. First how do you redeem the miles you earn with this card?
It’s easy. You can redeem them for a travel statement credit. That means you
can use your miles to pay for any travel purchases that you have already charged
to your card. Another question people often ask is what about foreign
transaction fees? Nope. Discover is one of the few major credit card companies that
doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees on any of its credit cards, so that’s
good news if you plan to travel abroad. Just make sure Discover cards are widely
accepted in the countries you’re planning to visit.
You might also be wondering what kinds of benefits Discover it Miles provides.
The Discover it Miles card has a lot of benefits. Three of our favorites are
Discover’s highly rated customer service, Social Security monitoring, which tells
you if your Social Security number has been compromised, the account freeze
feature which lets you lock a lost or stolen card with the click of a button,
and you can customize your card with one of several design options.
Finally, is Discover it Miles any good for financing? From time to time, Discover it Miles offers low introductory APR promotions that last for a certain
number of months, but the card is not known for a low regular APR. So we do
recommend paying your bill in full every month. You can learn more and apply
online by clicking the button here. With all of that, you should have everything
you need to make an informed decision about Discover it Miles. As you saw at
the beginning of the video, Discover is a WalletHub advertiser, but that in no way
affected what I just said. This is just my honest review. See you next time,

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